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Jeff Hirschfield

October 22, 2005 - Chat Sponsored by 

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DreamsofKai- Tribs you l'il devil. I came in here like, duh, PPV for real?

Rorschach- at least you didn't pay... I got a dodgy webcam striptease for my money ;)

Tribs- Gotta admit, I give value for money

Rorschach- pfft

Rorschach- wasn't even any whipped cream involved

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Angel- Hi Jeff!

ILyekkaKai- heya headman!

iStan- Hello Jeffrey!

Headman- hi everybody!

Headman- Glad to be here, y'all. Sup?

clusterlizard1- the roof...

Dragonflygurl- Hi Jeff

ILyekkaKai- notta whole lotta and you?

Headman- btw, I'm naked

PaintedPony- we thought so

Headman- things are a little cold, but that's cuz I'm naked

Angel- just as long as your not shriveled :P

Headman- and oiled...

ILyekkaKai- oiled and primed..

theFrey- you guys ready? iStan is going to do this like the other chats we've done

Aenea- ok

logan- For gods sake put some clothes on

Dragonflygurl- LOL

Aenea- you get a cold

Angel- nothing?

Angel- *tosses Headman her frilly pink robe

iStan- What's iStan going to do?


theFrey- Welcome to the Lexxfans  chat.  Please in order to keep Jeff's  chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for Jeff to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. If he type W please wait, Thanks


Headman- ask me some questions or I'll put my clothes on

clusterlizard1- dont forget the slippers

Headman- and you wouldn't want that!


iStan- So, a member asks- what is it like being the naked voice of a robot head?

Headman- Istan-- I loved head-- er, being the voice of the head

Angel- Jeff, Sheila, Myrrhawa wanted to tell you thank you very much for signing the luv liner script.

Headman- Sheila is most welcome


ILyekkaKai- soooo, what are you working on at the moment Jeff ?

Headman- I'm co producing a true crime series called Masterminds

Headman- w

Headman- it's on Court TV in the states, History channel in Canada

ILyekkaKai- kewl!

Headman- The second season of my kid's show, ZIXX is also airing in CAnada


Angel- Jeff, what was your funniest or most embarrassing moment when playing 790?

Headman- Angel-- I think 791 was the funniest for me, not as 790, but writing that ep for 790

Headman- ga

theFrey- Jeff. any chance that Zixx might end up showing in the states?

iStan- More details about ZIXX please.

ILyekkaKai- ditto that

Headman- Frey-- zixx has been sold to central/south america , some arab states. It might sell to the US soon. people are tyring to make that happen

Headman- Zixx is sci fi. I voice a heroic lizard (squish inspired)

Lunatic- hehe squish inspired, so an heroic lizzard but don't get your fingers too close? ;)

Lunatic- Jeff : is Zixx being aired on Space, if not on what channel can we catch it?

Headman- lunatic-- Zixx is on YTV  Wed nights and Sat afternoons

Lunatic- ta:)

Lunatic- Space should show it too durn it, tis a scifi show after all and they did show anime before


Aenea- Jeff, we heard rumours of some "lost episodes" of Lexx, is there any chance we can someday read them??

Headman- Anenea-- there are no lost eps. Sorry

Headman- w

Headman- sorry, wrong-- there are a couple of alternate eps

Headman- they are in script form. Brigadoom and Patches in the sky. Some folks have read them

Headman- w

Aenea- I read something about eps called BrunnenH and so....

Headman- Anenea-- there are other eps that were outlined/considered. But nothing written but the ones I SAID

Aenea- ok, thank you


clusterlizard1- whats this about the fabled lexx movie?

Headman- There is no fabled Lexx movie. Sorry. AS much as we'd all like it, I've heard nothing.


Angel- Jeff, if you could have played any other character other than 790, who would it have been and why?

Headman- I would have played Xev, so I could show off my great ass too

Aenea- lol

theFrey- :)


iStan- Welcome to the Lexxfans chat.  Please in order to keep Jeff's chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room.  Also wait for Jeff to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question.  If he types W please wait.  Thanks.


 Goryn- Jeff, greetings and the best regards from Russia . Can you  say first airing dates of Lexx was exactly (when the first saga IWHS has been shown on TV first time)? It would be interesting to know, when we can celebrate 10 years.

Headman- Goryn It was fall of 1996 Lexx first aired

Goryn- What month?

Headman- Goryn-- uh, i think it was September

PaintedPony- What's more fun, writing or acting?

Headman- pony-- writing is the very best. You get to shape the whole world

logan- Jeff would you have any ideas for storyline for a new Lexx

Headman- logan-- I haven't thought of it. I don't want to unless it actually happens, y'know

DreamsofKai- Jeff, are you writing anything now?

Headman- Dream-- I've written a thriller movie, and the pilot for a youth scifi show

Headman- xmen kind of thing...


Angel- Jeff, any plans to go to the timeless destinations con in vancouver , 2006? Or any plans to do any cons in the future?

Headman- I would love to do more cons. I need an invite...

Headman- ...and a promoter who isn't a criminal...


Aenea- Jeff, what was the reason 790 got so evil in season 4?

Headman- you'd get evil after being denied sex for four seasons too...

Aenea- lol

theFrey- Poor 790

HisDivineShadow- after 4000+ years

clusterlizard1- but he had schlemi...

Dragonflygurl- LOL

iStan- What about Schlemmi?  That should be enough to last one for years.

Headman- Schlemii was okay. Didn't bathe enough though


PaintedPony- Did you ever argue with Paul and Lex over storylines and the like?

Headman- Pony-- we fought all the time. We still fight, just for fun

ILyekkaKai- lmao!


Angel- Jeff, if you could write the perfect Lexx episode, what would you have 790 do?

Headman- Angel 790 would have a Kai and Xev sandwhich, while Stan watched


Aenea- Jeff...who wrote those, ahem, wonderful 790 poetry? You alone, or together with Lex and Paul?

Headman- Aen-- If it's good, I wrote it. Ha!

Aenea- sure, I expected nothing else, hehe

clusterlizard1- lol

Lunatic- hehehee

Headman- seriously, Lex and I were about 50-50 writing 790 poems. Paul should never be allowed near iambic pentameter.

Headman- or any other pentameter

theFrey- ha


Funk- Since you mentioned alternate versions of LEXX, is there a potential redited "LEXX: The Divine Beans Cut" DVD in the works for any eps/seasons?

Headman- funk-- no, sorry


theFrey- Jeff have you been to The Rivoli

Headman- Frey, -- yeah, I know the Riv. Shot some stick there


ILyekkaKai- Jeff: What was Louise W like to work with?

Headman- Louise is wonderful. She and her hubby own a restaurant in torotnto  now

Aenea- heya, really?

ILyekkaKai- oh cool!

Headman- I see them occasionally


Headman- Patty Z sings jazz there sometime


Angel- Jeff, what was your over all favorite Lexx episode in terms of story line and your character's part.

Headman- Favorite eps... 791, wake the dead,,,

Headman- hmmm...

Headman- I liked prime ridge, though I'm kind of alone there...

theFrey- ewww

* ILyekkaKai liked prime ridge too..

Rorschach- woo, Britt Ekland :)

Dragonflygurl- I thought prime ridge was really funny

Headman- yay...

ILyekkaKai- =-D

Headman- I liked all the eps with Lyekka too...

Aenea- especially Fluff daddy?

Headman- I loved playing big boy bando

Dell- :)

Headman- Fluff Daddy. Hell yeah... that ep was better on the page, though

Headman- it came in too long, had to cut too much


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Lunatic- Jeff : what are Lex and Paul up to these days, any chance of you guys working together on something else?

Headman- Lunatic... I haven't talked to Paul in ages, Lex neither I'm afraid. As for the future, who knows


PaintedPony- Any outrageous on set stories you remember?

Headman- the whole set was outrageous.


Goryn- You heard about music-band 790RobotHead? What attitude they have to a serial?

Headman- I've met 790Robot Head. Kenny Seay. Great guy

Headman- good musician too

Goryn- Have they own site?

HisDivineShadow- and where i can get their album :)

Headman- write to Kennny at -- i think...


iStan- How did Lexx affect your life?

Headman- istan-- lexx gave me a rash that won't heal

ILyekkaKai- lol

DreamsofKai- Yeah, did that to lots of us too Jeff.

* ILyekkaKai itches


Angel- Jeff, if you could have redesigned 790 to look a different way, how would you have wanted him to look?

Headman- I would have 790 look more like Jessica Simpson.

Dragonflygurl- lol


LexxMan- Who has suggested idea about such unusual character?

Headman- lexman-- the beans= unusual characters


Aenea- Jeff----What was the most repeated scene you have to shoot?

Headman- The most repeated scene was anything with the other actors. Not with 'one take 790'

Aenea- you know which one?

PaintedPony- yeah right

theFrey- of course not


Funk- Was 790 a difficult character to get into, what with the head being so small and all?

Headman- Yeah, good think I'm 11 inches tall. No wait, that's LONG


Motoki- Whos lips were used on 790's 'mouth screen'?

Headman- those were my lips baby

Headman- with a little rubber dental dam thing over top. yum


LexxMan- Whether it was difficult to simulate for you rage and sighes full of love 790? Whether it Was cheerful?

Headman- the difficult thing about 790 was having to sit so still while being so loud


Aphrodites_Chil- Did you have any scenes cut out from any episodes that you wanted to keep?


Angel- Jeff, was it hard to play being in love with Kai as a robot head, or was it an easy um.. role to get into?

Headman- angel-- it was harder for Mcmanus. He's been in love with me for years..

Aphrodites_Chil- LMAO


Dell- Greetings from Russia , Jeff

Headman- hi dell


LexxMan- How do you met p. Donovan?

Headman- McManus introduced me to Paul

Aenea- Jeff---do you know what hes doing now?

Headman- Michael is passed out in a ditch with his pants around his ankles right now, I think

Angel- Where's the ditch locatated? :P

Aenea- lol

Angel- located even

Angel- With becks all around him?

Headman- angel-- I think that ditch is outside your place. Have a look!

Angel- *goes to see


ILyekkaKai- Jeff:  Have you been in contact with!!!

Aphrodites_Chil- no more weekly poker games?

Headman- I saw Michael 3 wks ago at a friend's stag. He was the stripper. We're going to have a drink soon

Aphrodites_Chil- we need video

PaintedPony- oh so he needs the money I guess, hehe

Headman- I whupped him at poker, too

Headman- I'll try and get that video... how much $$$$$ you got?

Aphrodites_Chil- all you want


Angel- So he was a sissy boy at playing poker, eh?

Aenea- well, chess suits him more then

Angel- Was it strip poker?

Headman- It was not strip poker, but we were all naked anyway

Angel- ah much more airy that way


theFrey- Jeff do you ever run into Ellen Dubin?

Headman- Frey-- no, Ellen

Headman- Ellen is in LA, we trade mail sometimes


Angel- Who do you see most often out of the former cast in Toronto ?

Headman- I used to see Patty Z the most. But not for a while


Aenea- Jeff---do you met any other Lexx actor after Lexx was over?

Headman- Aenea-- you mean guest stars


LexxMan- What do you think about lexx's fans at Russia ? :)

Headman- Lexxman-- I want to sleep with all the russian fans. And I mean all!


Aphrodites_Chil- are you going to be doing any projects for Paul in the future?

Headman- I have no plans to work with Paul


logan - will Lexx return?

Headman- I do not believe Lexx will return. Sorry

Aphrodites_Chil- kind of a long shot anyway

Aenea- no lexxx----the dream is over, sigh

clusterlizard1- why wont lexx return?????


iStan- How do you see your career developing in the future?  Masterminds seems a bit of a change for a talented comedic writer.  Does this mean that you're hoping to cultivate your deep and serious Margaret Atwood side as you mature in your craft?

Headman- I see my career involving sex for money

Aphrodites_Chil- good career move

Headman- I have slept with Margaret Atwood. She's not that serious, but man she's deep!

Aphrodites_Chil- from your performance in Fluffdaddy, I"d say you were going in the right direction


Lunatic- Jeff : if all options were open to you, what would be the next thrilling thing you would like to doing?

Headman- I would write for Battlestar Galactica

Aphrodites_Chil- what about Firefly, they could use you as a writer

Rorschach- they need more bondage in BSG

Headman- I would create a comedy series

Lunatic- oh yes...Firefly

Lunatic- you'd give it a good twist I think :)

Headman- merci

Funk- or make it twisted

Headman- I'd write for Firefly, sure

Aphrodites_Chil- it seems to have your kind of lovely twisted sense of humour


 Angel- Jeff, you made the best damned robot head. If offered such a job in the future would you don the dental dam again?

Headman- you bet

Aenea- 790 was a thrilling character!

Headman- thank you


LexxMan- Is the project of LEXX closed?

Headman- I do believe, sad as it is, that Lexx is finished


clusterlizard1- why won't lexx return?

Headman- nobody is putting up the money

Angel- If someone put up the money, do you think AA would relinquish the lexx rights?

HisDivineShadow- if i have a lot of money, can we start a Lexx: the movie ;) ?


Angel- television needs more of your sense of humor, it's lacking in many U.S. comedies.

Headman- thanks. There is some good stuff though, Entourage, Weeds

Funk- Lexx will always  live on in our hearts, and hopefully in reruns

clusterlizard1- we will... i think.....

Aenea- if...would it be possible?

itsPMON- American shows are retarded


iStan- So, is there an ep of Masterminds devoted to AAC?

Headman- AAC?

Angel- alliance alantis

Headman- Angel- ha! yeah.. the bastards

Aenea- so you dont like AA too?

Headman- kidding AA is fine. I just need my royalties from them


theFrey- do you think that Reality TV is hurting comedy writing?

Headman- Frey-- reality tv is on the way out

theFrey- thank god for that

Aenea- reality tv sucks


iStan- If yopu could ask one question of your fans today, what would it be?

Headman- istan-- my question. What are you guys doing without Lexx. What else are you into?

theFrey- HGTV

Aphrodites_Chil- Firefly

theFrey- :)

iStan- Sheep, mostly.

ILyekkaKai- LOST

Aenea- LOST

Angel- Guys that aren't hairy.

Headman- I like LOST

Funk- House

itsPMON- bsg

Aphrodites_Chil- it had your character in it, hehe

Angel- Lost, Surface, Alias, Charmed

Mantrid- knitting, lots of knitting. Knitting inflatable steamrollers to be exact

Aenea- lost is great!

itsPMON- sg1

clusterlizard1- house

Goryn- anime & j-rock

SadGeezer- Firefly, BGS, Tripping the Rift, Jake 2.0 - but nothing matched LEXX

iStan- Red Dwarf and CPAC

HisDivineShadow- Duck tales

Headman- battle star galactica rocks, guys

SadGeezer- oh and Dr Who

cloaked_irc- bsg!!!

Angel- Thank goodness for Lexx dvds!

Aphrodites_Chil- firefly is basically Lexx meets Blakes 7

ILyekkaKai- ooh dwarf is smegtastic!

Aenea- star trek....ahem

clusterlizard1- whacko little cockatiels.......

DreamsofKai- Tripping the Rift

theFrey- Oh and lighting candles daily before the shrine of Lexx

SadGeezer- BattleStar Galactica = BSG

Goryn- Tripping the Rift too

Headman- tripping the rift is dirty-- yum

itsPMON- sg Atl..

SadGeezer- :)

Aphrodites_Chil- the animation is spot on too

Lunatic- yah I can see you writing for them Jeff hehe

Aenea- sg atlantis, yes

Headman- me too

Lunatic- write to them man, we'll vouch for you!

Lunatic- I would:D

Aphrodites_Chil- TTR could use you as a writer, they need better one-liners

Headman- one liners r us

theFrey- BSG could use them too


Aenea- Well, you can be happy that they shown all four seasons in US, in Germany they only showed the first two season!!!!!!

Angel- We got season 4 cause sci fi tv footed the bill


Aphrodites_Chil- in Michael Donovans show 'Made in Canada ', an episode called Arcadia 3000 was supposed to be based on Lexx, what did you think about that?

Headman- I missed that ep Aphro


cloaked_irc- why didn't you write any episodes for season 3 of lexx?

Headman- Paul and I fell out after season 2, and took a 'break' until season 4

Angel- sorry to hear that

itsPMON- no wonder season 3 sucked soo much

Aphrodites_Chil- i loved season 3

SadGeezer- Season 3 was the best!

Aenea- season3 was more sreious

Angel- the twisted and dark outrageous humor did me in

Aphrodites_Chil- OOH I'm in

Aenea- serious

ILyekkaKai- delayed lol

Mantrid- I agree, series 3 was best

Headman- Geezer 3 the best? poo poo on you you

SadGeezer- :)))

Aphrodites_Chil- that's only because we got to see MM take his kit off

Aenea- yes

clusterlizard1- yep

Angel- ah yes, the holy codpiece

theFrey- Sad! you perv you

PaintedPony- among other reasons

clusterlizard1- ...

ILyekkaKai- rofl

Angel- and the little blue dress, got to see his knees

Angel- hehehe

Aphrodites_Chil- knobby as they were

Lunatic- calling a lexxian a perv is like calling a hamster hairy

itsPMON- lol

SadGeezer- But my fave episodes were rthe ones Jeff wrote in season 2 :/

theFrey- well there is that Luna

Aphrodites_Chil- exactly

Headman- Geez-- you sucking up now? Ha!

SadGeezer- yeah like Luvliner!!!

* SadGeezer - a perv! Moi

Angel- Now that was sick, and very funny.

iStan- true, too true

Lunatic- if yer not a perv then you're not a lexxian, be careful ;)

Headman- Luvliner-- another misunderstood show...

Aphrodites_Chil- one of the best

Angel- But they never showed the sheep, we only heard them bleet.

Headman- thanks

iStan- It had sheep!

Aphrodites_Chil- the lime green dildos on the wall just didnt get enough respect

Headman- I have sheep with me right now

ILyekkaKai- sheep that go baaaa...

Angel- Sheep, must be a canadian thing :P

Headman- respect the dildos, man

SadGeezer- Yep, luvliner was actually a show about family values and peace and harmony

Aenea- we worship dildos

Dragonflygurl- sheep are a British thing too

Aenea- and codpieces

Headman- pleez send more batteries

Aphrodites_Chil- In a perfect world with tons of money, what kind of show would you make?

Headman- In a perfect world with lots of $, I'd host a talk show in a jelly filled hot tub


Aenea- Jeff--- what do you think makes Lexx so attractive to us and so disgusting for others?

Headman- Lexx is an acquired taste. Lik uh... um... I better not...


HisDivineShadow- Jeff-- imagine that Lexx is going to air now for the first time, what character would you pick to play?

Headman- I think Stan would be a great one to play. But Brian was too brilliant to replace


Lunatic- Jeff : did you keep a 790 head as momentum ? :)

Headman- I don't have a 790 head.

Lunatic- couldn't keep one or you didn't care for one?

Headman- They were all sold off on ebay before I could get my mitts on em

Aphrodites_Chil- i think we know someone that has one


Etne- Jeff, in which season did you like speak for 790? In 1-2 or 3-4? :)

Angel- LOL

Angel- too bad, there's one guy that has a website that bought a 790 head and he put up the progress of restoring it and the cart

theFrey- I have one of the season one proto types Jeff, the one that was meant to be worn


HisDivineShadow- Jeff-- do you think, that the story of Lexx is perfect? Do you have any idea, how can it be rewritten?

Headman- HDS  Perfect? Hell no.  It is what it is, but I'm proud of it


Aphrodites_Chil- speaking of ebay, are you selling anything else?

Headman- I sold all on ebay that I have


PaintedPony- Which season was your favorite, and which was the most fun to write?

Headman- season 2 was best, and most fun

Aphrodites_Chil- I agree from a 790 role standpoint


LexxMan- Jeff ---My question is about XEV..... Why Xenia Seeberg had this role?

Headman- lexxman-- Xenia replaced EVa, the german producer found her

Headman- we needed a german in a lead role

Aenea- Im happy Xenia played it, she did a good job

PaintedPony- both did

Headman- I've slept with them both. Theyre equally delicious

Aphrodites_Chil- LOL


Angel- Who's idea was it to keep 790 as just a head? Were there any discussions of giving him a permanent body?

Headman- There was no discussion of giving him a body

Headman- head's the best

Lunatic- lol!

Lunatic- head is the best huh...i'll have to remember that :P

Angel- Do they know that you slept with them, Jeff?

Angel- LOLOL

SadGeezer- Jeff, why was season 4 SOOOOO different (in terms of style) from season 2?

Headman- Geez-- no idea. I was back living in Toronto . I went with the flow, y'know. I was less involved in the arc than is Season's 1 and 2


Motoki- Jeff-- Do you have a pet? What its name is?

Headman- I have a cat named Lola

theFrey- yeah a cat person!

Aphrodites_Chil- good to know

Headman- I've slept with my cat. She's as good as Eva and Xenia

ILyekkaKai- lmao!


theFrey- Jeff if people were going to send 790 tribute what would he want and where would they send it?

Headman- Jeff Hirshfield c/o the Alpern Group15645 Royal Oak Road, Encino, CA, USA 91436

logan- Jeff What sci fi shows do YOU like?

Headman- I like BSG. It 's the only scifi I watch. Unless you count Lost as scifi...

Angel- Sort of, it has some weird goings on.

Aenea- maybe because its not german co-produced?


SadGeezer- thanks Jeff, I was less thrilled with season 4 than 2 - I wondered if it had anything to do with Alliance A

Headman- Geez-- no, it did not

SadGeezer- ok

Headman- istan-- no, it was Paul's doing. Crew gets to earth. End of story

Angel- I think sci fi upfronted the money for season 4.

Headman- I think Season 4 was a good idea. Execution could have been much better

Aphrodites_Chil- it had that rushed feel to it

iStan- Wasn't S4 the US 's scifi channel's doing?


Headman- five minutes my amigos

Aphrodites_Chil- ah damn


 Aphrodites_Chil-  we've saved up a bunch of 790 audio poetry files, would you like someone to send them to you?

Headman- Aph-- thanks but no thanks. Years later I still can't get that stuff out of my brain. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


HisDivineShadow- please.. 790 seconds


Aenea- Jeff----its so great youre still interested in the fans of the show and your fans! Thank you!

Funk- Some consider Season 4 to be the Galactica 1980 of Lexx, do you think it worked as well being earthbound?


ILyekkaKai- Yeah thanks for doing this chat with us today =-D

SadGeezer- yep - ditto Aenea

Lunatic- Thanks for stopping by Jeff, we're always curious to see what you are up to :)

PaintedPony- what Aenea said

Angel- You have such a wonderful sense of humor, Jeff.

Goryn- Jeff, if you really want to sleep with all the Russian fans, welcome to my apartment when you'll be at Moscow :)

Headman- Moscow here I come!

Goryn- Headman, me and my lexxians-girls will be wait :)

ILyekkaKai- how about texas ;-P  ?

Headman- texas Babe-a-que yee haaa!

Aphrodites_Chil- oh boy


logan - Jeff were there any alternative scenerios discussed foe season 4?

Headman- not really


Aphrodites_Chil- anything you would have liked to write but didnt get the chance?

iStan- When is Masterminds showing- I tried to get the info from the History Channel site with no luck.

Headman- Ummm-- I think Masterminds isn't playing until April now on History


Headman- I must go, my friends. I miss you all. I wish we had more shows for you

theFrey- bye

Dragonflygurl- byeeeeee

Aenea- maybe someday

Lunatic- bye Jeff, take care :)

Aphrodites_Chil- we love you Jeff, good luck

theFrey- take care :D

HisDivineShadow- bye

ILyekkaKai- bye and take care!

Aenea- Thank you so much!

Dragonflygurl- thanks for coming

Angel- aww, Thanks so much for doing a chat Jeff! You're terrific!

PaintedPony- thank you so much Jeff

Motoki- Jeff-- thank you, bye bye

Goryn- we have so many questions :(

SadGeezer- Bye Jeff - thanks man!

Angel- Take care, Jeff, bye!

Headman- The fans have always been great to us. I'll never forget it

Goryn- tnx

DreamsofKai- Thank you Jeff.

clusterlizard1- bye bye


Headman- You are wonderful people. I wish you all the very, very best

Headman- Many thanks for watching. We couldn't have done it without you.


Aphrodites_Chil- keep your powder dry

Angel- And we'll never forget you as 790.

Funk- Thank you very much.


LexxMan- See you later, Jeff ;)

logan- Cheers Jeff have a nice w/kend

KAI- :))

clusterlizard1- or you

Aphrodites_Chil- the pleasure is all ours

iStan- Thank you very much for joining us today.

Dragonflygurl- :)

Headman- Cheers guys. Love love love

Aenea- we worship Lexx!

Lunatic- we'll keep on watching what you do

ILyekkaKai- xoxo   thank you Jeff!

Lunatic- so don't quit !

Goryn- we worship 790!

Headman- many thank. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphrodites_Chil- bye

HisDivineShadow- we worship Jeff

Angel- Thank you Jeff!

Del- bye


Headman- xoxoxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



PaintedPony- bye bye *waves*

*** Headman ( has left #lexxians

SadGeezer- Nooooooooo!

Aenea- sigh...hes gone

Angel- Wow, that was great! He's so funny.

ILyekkaKai- that WAS GREATT STUFF!

Funk- Hilarious guy.

Aenea- he is incredible

Dragonflygurl- yes he is

theFrey- The Head Perv has left the channel

Lunatic- thanks to who ever organized this chat (Ed. Note:

Angel- yup

theFrey- Yes thanks iStan

Lunatic- and bye ppls :)

SadGeezer- He's always a blast

iStan- That's the best chat with a nude cast member that we've had in months.  Thank you all for being here.

Goryn- iStan, really thanks

PaintedPony- great job iStan, thanks



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