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Paul, Lexx and Michael


Session Start: Fri January 24 19:37:52 2002

[20:03] <ChatMod> We start in three minutes if our guests arrive

[ 20:04 ] *** Righty has joined #auditorium

[20:04] <Lunatic> hello Righty :))

[20:04] <Praxilla> heya righty!

[20:04] <maya> hey righty!!!

[ 20:04 ] *** fx has joined #auditorium

[20:05] <ChatMod> Well...let's see... We have Michael on the phone -- he's have tech troubles

[20:05] <DawnofB3K> let the LEXX CHAT BEGIN!!!!!!!!

[20:05] <Righty> Hi Ho - The fabulous and naked Paul Donovan is here with the cuddly and fragrant Lex Gigeroff

[20:05] <ChatMod> And we're still waiting on Lex and Paul

[20:05] <dgrequeen> heya Paul and Lex!

[ 20:05 ] *** randee ( has joined #auditorium

[20:05] <opheliac-9> Ohh... HI Michael!

[20:05] <rotgut> lol

[20:08] <Righty> Any sign of the drunken Mick?

[20:08] <MadamCod> he's stuck on the phone Rightu

[ 20:09 ] <kaiofbrunneng> 114 people

[20:09] <ghoul> wow is it crazy in here or what

[20:09] <PrimaNW> heh I speak Microsoft if he needs techy help Righty LOL

[20:10] <ChatMod> Okay we have a typist who will type for Michael.  She'll log on in a minute.  We're still waiting on Lex and Paul

[ 20:10 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: +o KarlSCIFI

[20:10] <Mairwen> Michael can;t type?

[20:10] <harrisw> The dead do not type.

[20:11] <ghoul> but the dead can play the piano

[ 20:11 ] *** MichaelMcManus ( has joined #auditorium

[ 20:11 ] <ChatMod> Hi Michael!

[ 20:12 ] * Lunatic waves to MM

[ 20:12 ] <Righty> Hi Miguel

[20:12] <Sparks> hi Michael

[ 20:12 ] * MichaelMcManus waves

[20:12] <MichaelMcManus> Hello everyone.

[ 20:13 ] <Herdarkzone> Welcome Mr. McManus!!

[20:13] <ChatMod> Okay guys -- we're going to wait another minute trying to round up Paul and Lex.  If that doesn't work we'll start with Michael.  We'll close the floor in the meantime

[ 20:13 ] * Davie -84- waves to Mr McManus from Australia :)

[20:13] <Righty> Miguel - Wie lang ist dein pimmel?

[ 20:13 ] *** ChatMod sets mode: +m

[20:15] <ChatMod> They're here!

[ 20:15 ] *** ChatMod sets mode: +v Righty

[20:15] <ChatMod> Lex and Paul can you type to the screen?

[ 20:15 ] *** ChatMod sets mode: +v MichaelMcManus

[20:15] <Righty> Hi ho

[20:16] <Righty> This is Lex and Paul

[ 20:16 ] <ChatMod> Michael?

[ 20:16 ] <Righty> Yup

[20:16] <MichaelMcManus> I can type -- but I'm also experimenting with logging on through javachat.

[20:16] <Righty> Yes it is - we were in the audiorium and for some reason we can't get back in

[ 20:16 ] *** Righty ( Quit ((signed off)_)

[ 20:16 ] <ChatMod> Cool!

[20:17] <ChatMod> Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Patrizia DiLucchio for SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to tell you that the wait is over!  Beginning tomorrow night SCIFI will be airing never-before-seen episodes of the SCI FI Original series Lexx. 

[20:17] <ChatMod> In anticipation of the return of Lexx, tonight wešre pleased to be chatting with the showšs executive producer Paul Donovan, head writer Lex Gigeroff, and star Michael McManus ‹ better known as Kai.  Between them these guys have won more awards than we can list!

[20:17] <ChatMod> Brief word about the drill.   This is a moderated chat -- please send your questions for our guests to ChatQ, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on ChatQ or type "/msg ChatQ" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

[ 20:17 ] *** Righty ( has joined #auditorium

[20:17] <ChatMod> So...First question

[20:17] <ChatMod> <Rowanmay> to <ChatMod>: I would like to know if the name of Giggarotta was a play on Lex's last name?   

[20:18] <MichaelMcManus> Yes, it was.

[ 20:19 ] *** Righty ( Quit ((signed off)_)

[20:19] <MichaelMcManus> Whenever they were desperate for names, they would always use Lex's names --

[ 20:19 ] *** Righty ( has joined #auditorium

[20:19] <MichaelMcManus> because he has a good name.

[20:20] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[ 20:20 ] *** Righty ( Quit ((signed off)_)

[20:20] <ChatMod> Lex and Paul are having a problem...bear with us a sec

[20:22] <ChatMod> A question for Michael in the meantime

[20:22] <ChatMod> <Davie-84-> to <ChatMod>: Mr McManus: What was the most memorable experience that you've had in filming the many seasons of Lexx?   

[20:22] <MichaelMcManus> But I'm here!

[ 20:22 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: +o lexxerific

[20:22] <MichaelMcManus> Getting my hair cut on the last day of shooting.

[ 20:23 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: -o lexxerific

[20:23] <MichaelMcManus> It was a fantastic experience to be done on 65 hours of cable television.

[ 20:23 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: +o Lexoriffic

[ 20:23 ] <Lexoriffic> Hello

[ 20:23 ] <Lexoriffic> Testing

[ 20:24 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: -o Lexoriffic

[ 20:24 ] <MichaelMcManus> Coming through!

[20:25] <ChatMod> Next question...

[ 20:25 ] *** KarlSCIFI sets mode: +o Lexoriffic

[20:25] <ChatMod> <CorpusCallosum> to <ChatQ>: What was the original inspiration for Lexx?   

[20:25] <Lexoriffic> Karl - I have my crack pipe right here

[20:26] <Lexoriffic> Okay - I'll call you a crack whore

[20:26] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:26] <Lexoriffic> You tell me

[20:26] <KarlSCIFI> nice

[20:26] <MichaelMcManus> I think it was some kind of stoned meeting between Paul Donavan & Lex Gigeroff -- but you'd have to ask them.

[20:26] <KarlSCIFI> welcome paul - welcome lex

[ 20:26 ] <Lexoriffic> Hello

[20:26] <MichaelMcManus> You'd also have to ask Lex how to spell his last name.

[20:26] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[ 20:27 ] <Lexoriffic> Better now

[20:27] <KarlSCIFI> Sorry about the problems folks but we now have Paul and lex

[20:28] <ChatMod> Next question...

[20:28] <ChatMod> <Tyrannosaur> to <ChatQ>: To Mr. McManus> There's a rumor going around that there's going to be a spin-off of LEXX. Are you going to be in it by any chance?   

[20:28] <MichaelMcManus> I've heard that rumor -- and I won't be in it.  No chance.

[20:30] <MichaelMcManus> It's just a rumor.  No I've done my time in the wig and the rumor will have to wait for the ratings after the next 14 episodes.

[20:30] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:30] <MichaelMcManus> At the END of those 14 shows, my answer will be more clear.

[20:30] <MichaelMcManus> ga for real this time.

[20:30] <ChatMod> Everybody wants to know why there are no LEXX action figures?

[20:31] <MichaelMcManus> I think they have to ask the company that has the license to market them -- that would be a Paul question.

[20:31] <Lexoriffic> PD:  We're working on anatomically correct blow-up dolls

[20:31] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:31] <MichaelMcManus> Personally, I find the absence of Lexx figures oddly ... comforting.

[20:31] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:31] <ChatMod> <Mirazh> to <ChatQ>: Lex, what inspired you so much with the

[20:32] <MichaelMcManus> Anatomically correct blow-up dolls of the producing team, naturally.

[20:32] <Lexoriffic> There's lotsa bugs in this universe... come over some time and I'll show you

[20:33] <ChatMod> <StunnerLuver4> to <ChatQ>: Please someone tell me what the H in Stan's name stands for!!!   

[ 20:33 ] <MichaelMcManus> Ahh! 

[20:33] <MichaelMcManus> I have no idea.

[20:34] <Lexoriffic> We're not sure whether the "H" is "Hirsute" or "Heroin" - ga

[20:34] <MichaelMcManus> I have a question for you:  Did anyone see Brian or Stanley Tweedle at the sci fi convention in Los Angeles ?

[20:34] <ChatMod> Now a really BIG question

[20:34] <ChatMod> <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: What motivated the decision to change Xev's hair from RED to BLOND?   

[20:35] <MichaelMcManus> That's a Paul question if I ever heard one.

[ 20:35 ] <Lexoriffic> Three thousand years in the cooler does strange things  to hair - ga

[20:35] <Lexoriffic> As Michael will tell you - ga


[20:35] <ChatMod> Just a reminder.  Were chatting with Lexx  executive producer Paul Donovan, head writer Lex Gigeroff and star Michael McManus.  Lexx returns to SCIFI with never before seen episodes tomorrow January 25th.  This is a moderated chat -- please send your questions for our guests to ChatQ, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on ChatQ or type "/msg ChatQ" on the command line - only without the quotes.) 

[20:35] <ChatMod> <MadamCod> to <ChatQ>: To Paul, Michael and Lex....Hi there...Brian Downey had commented that Michael had impressed the locals with his navigation skills on a river boat, when you were all filming in Thailand...I have to ask...was he THAT good? ;)   

[ 20:36 ] <Lexoriffic> PD:  Yes

[20:36] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:36] <MichaelMcManus> It was my muscular masculinity that impressed the locals.

[20:37] <MichaelMcManus> Those things are hard to drive -- the torque is unbelievable.

[20:37] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:37] <ChatMod> <CorpusCallosum> to <ChatQ>: How long does it take to write or produce an epsiode?  

[ 20:37 ] <Lexoriffic> Forty-four minutes and thirty seconds - plus a little post production per episode - ... ga

[20:38] <ChatMod> <WilliamsXev> to <ChatMod>: So, whose idea was it to have 790 fall for Kai?   

[20:38] <Lexoriffic> Thr 790- Kai idea came from Chris Bould - an "English" director ... ga

[20:39] <ChatMod> <LiannaX> to <ChatQ>: Now that fliming for Lexx is over, what other kinds of projects do you hope to try?   

[20:39] <Lexoriffic> LG: I'm hoping to get a call back for the Zsa Zsa Gabor story

[20:40] <Lexoriffic> As the lead, natch - ga

[20:40] <Lexoriffic> Dahhhhhhlinkkkk... ga

[20:40] <ChatMod> <Identity6> to <ChatQ>: Michael, do you think you will be doing any American Movies in the future, or do you hope to?   

[20:42] <MichaelMcManus> It would be lovely but I think it's very long odds that anything like that would happen.

[ 20:42 ] <Lexoriffic> Testing

[20:42] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:42] <MichaelMcManus> Right now, that's what I think.

[20:42] <MichaelMcManus> But it would, of course, be lovely.

[20:42] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:42] <ChatMod> <MissJean> to <ChatMod>: Paul, in your last chat, you mentioned a Renaissance project you were working on. How is that going?    

[20:42] <Lexoriffic> PD:  I'm going to Italy in April

[ 20:44 ] <Lexoriffic> Test

[20:44] <ChatMod> You're still there

[20:44] <Lexoriffic> yup - ga

[20:44] <ChatMod> <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: Who's idea was it to have the LEXX blow up Disney World?  Did someone have a bad experience there as a child?   

[20:45] <Lexoriffic> PD:  actually it was as an adult - ga

[20:45] <MichaelMcManus> I'm not implicated in that at all.  I am innocent!

[20:45] <ChatMod> <greencolleen> to <ChatQ>: I'd like to know how Micheal keeps a straight face during some of those really incredible sceanes, like Xev fiddling with his knobs?   

[20:45] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:46] <MichaelMcManus> If they hadn't thrown out all of the outtakes, one could easily see that I don't always keep a straight face.  Although I'm not bad.

[20:46] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:46] <ChatMod> <Pandora> to <ChatQ>: A lot of Lexx fans are freaks...goodness knows I'M thankful that my bangs cover up that 3rd eye on my forehead. ;)  Did having such a fan-base challenge you to push the envelope with the writing/producing of the show?   

[20:47] <Lexoriffic> What's so weird about a third eye? ga

[20:47] <ChatMod> <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: How did Brian handle the "Fluffer" scene?  I bet there where some terrific outtakes.   

[20:48] <Lexoriffic> Brian couldn't take his hands off Jeff Hirschfield when the camera was not rolling... ga

[20:49] <ChatMod> <rotgut> to <ChatMod>: Lex, how many ship designs did you go through till you picked the one that LEXX looks like?   

[ 20:49 ] <Lexoriffic> 69

[20:49] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:50] <ChatMod> <Lunatic> to <ChatMod>:  to the Lexx and Paul : will there ever be a special with all the funny outtakes from the Lexx ?   

[20:50] <Lexoriffic> PD:  in the DVDs, yes...

[20:50] <MichaelMcManus> That's another way to get money out of sci fi fans!

[20:51] <ChatMod> As per previous chats, a pressing question tonight is:  Where did the idea for "violating carrots" come from?

[20:51] <Lexoriffic> PD:  Alex Busby - head of special effects - and he has 'unresolved issues' with vegetables

[20:51] <Lexoriffic> ga

[20:52] <ChatMod> Praxilla> to <ChatQ>: Some folks would like to know if Mr. McManus has found new management yet?   

[20:52] <MichaelMcManus> The idea came from the usual theme of anal penetration...

[20:52] <MichaelMcManus> I've turned out to be unmanageable.

[20:52] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:53] <ChatMod> <LeahElla21> to <ChatQ>: Just a comment on what Michael said about getting money from us.  A lot of us women would pay a fortune for him.   

[20:53] <ChatMod> <Koudelka-1> to <ChatMod>: <koudelka> to <ChatQ>: Micheal are you going to do more plays   

[ 20:53 ] * MichaelMcManus laughs

[ 20:53 ] <MichaelMcManus> Wow.  How much is a fortune?

[20:54] <MichaelMcManus> I may head back this way when I'm broke.

[20:54] <MichaelMcManus> Yes, I am going to do more plays.  And as soon as possible.

[20:54] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:54] <ChatMod> <Crystal> to <ChatQ>: being very new to lexx and not knowing a lot about, why was there a diffrence in personality between Eva Habermann and Xena Seeburg as Xev   

[20:55] <Lexoriffic> They didn't respond to the high voltage treatment in the same way - ga

[20:56] <ChatMod> A lot of people are asking if any of you will be attending fan conventions this year?  And if so where?

[20:56] <MichaelMcManus> I have no plans to attend fan conventions this year.

[20:57] <Lexoriffic> We'll be at the Woodside Tavern in Dartmouth for most of the year - ga

[20:57] <ChatMod> <maya> to <ChatQ>: for micheal, Did you do your own research for your scene in Fluffdaddy?   

[20:58] <MichaelMcManus> It was a collaborative effort. 

[20:58] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:58] <ChatMod> <Maritas> to <ChatQ>: Please Mr. McManus if it's true that he's going to be playing a part in a movie of the book "The Power of Dr. Del "   

[20:58] <MichaelMcManus> My people are still waiting for the contract negotiations to get un-stalled.

[20:58] <MichaelMcManus> ga

[20:59] <ChatMod> <DarkPrince> to <ChatMod>: Why did you make Vlad a women, and why did she want to kill Kai?   

[ 21:00 ] <Lexoriffic> We couldn't find a guy who could squeeze into the bustier.  And she's from Finland ... ga

[ 21:00 ] <ChatMod> <StunnerLuver4> to <ChatQ>: Lex: Do you act anything like Dr. Rainbow in real life?   

[21:01] <Lexoriffic> N-n-n-n-n-n-n- sometimes.... ga

[21:01] <ChatMod> <DawnofB3K> to <ChatMod>: Hi Michael ,Paul and Lex I think u r such amazing men, Paul and Lex what made u think up such a creative show as Lexx?   

[21:02] <Lexoriffic> There''s lotsa creative minds at the Woodside Tavern - ga

[21:02] <ChatMod> <WilliamsXev> to <ChatMod>: Lexx has some stuff that some people find offensive.  Has that ever been a problem in dealing with networks?   

[21:03] <Lexoriffic> What do y'all mean by redneck? ga

[21:03] <ChatMod> <omardigs> to <ChatMod>: Is what Brian said true about there being a lexx spin-off of Lexx in the future.  

[21:03] <Lexoriffic> Not this network fortunately - ga

[21:04] <Lexoriffic> That's up to the network - ga

[21:04] <ChatMod> <Nimboho> to <ChatQ>: I was having an argument with one my college tutors a few days ago, as he seems to think he saw Lexx 20 years ago in Germany, Is he totaly metal, or was the concept for Lexx based on a similar tv show?   

[21:06] <Lexoriffic> Lexx played first in Germany about five years ago - but we like to think of the show as an homage to "Space Precinct" - ga

[ 21:07 ] <ChatMod> Paul, Lex, Michael.  Our hour is over.  Thanks for logging on.  We'll all be watching tomorrow night.  And to our audience, thanks for your myriad of questions!  We'll open the floor in a moment

[21:07] <MichaelMcManus> Good bye to you all and thanks for having me online.

[ 21:07 ] <Lexoriffic> Danke - Tschuss -

[ 21:07 ] *** MichaelMcManus ( Quit ((signed off)_)

[ 21:08 ] <ChatMod> Thanks Michael, Paul, Lex.  G'night

[ 21:08 ] *** ChatMod sets mode: -m

[21:08] <mike-l> thanks again michael, paul, lex

[21:09] <Stanley-Tweedle> May his divine shadow fall upon us all.

[21:10] < Sparks > lol

[21:11] <thefrey> don't forget the Sadgeezer chat with Patricia Bunny Zentilli on Sunday at 4 eastern people

[21:12] <Chaz> I counted 150.. what was the highest number?

[21:12] <Studlee-Stanlee> the highest number was 152

[21:17] <WilliamsXev> Farscape is good, but sci fi should have been showing Lexx daily instead.

[ 21:17 ] *** Disconnected

Session Close: Fri January 24 21:32:20 2002

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