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Danny Phantom Doll

This is a mixed medium Danny Phantom Doll. Vinyl Doll Base, poly clay, low temp plastic, paint, cloth, moonbeam... er. No moonbeams. Sorry. I got carried away. But you get the idea, lots of different material was used making Mr. Danny Phantom.  Which mean of course that he is a DISPLAY item only. I am way not happy with the gloves. Which will only come off once... I will need to rethink them if I ever do another one. But I do like the Fenton Portal Stand. This one, in keeping with Danny's ghost form is all open and swirly looking. And the magnets in his boots mean he doesn't need a lame looking external stand. 

Danny Phantom Doll Danny Phantom Doll

Gosh does my camera suck or what?


Danny Fenton Dolls 

This is my first attempt at a vinyl Danny Fenton Doll, but I learned quite a few things that I will use when working on the Danny Phantom Doll.  And may I say right here, taking a 2D cartoon that is always drawn in three-quarter style and changing it to a 3D figurine with that can be viewed full face....   Well let's just say it's a pain.... and leave it at that. :p 

Anyhoooo, the Official Disney Kim Possible bendy dolls might have snazzy wall climbing magnet hands, but are they standing on a Fenton Portal and holding a Fenton thermos? No they are not!. Ha!  

Danny Phantom Doll

Danny Phantom Doll

Danny Phantom Doll

Danny Phantom Fenton Thermos

Danny Phantom Doll Danny Fenton Doll w Fenton Thermos

Danny Fenton packed for shipment to California.  Keeping the hair undamaged during the trip required this display-ish packaging, double boxing and... lots and lots of bubble wrap!  lol!


Danny Fenton Plush

This is my first attempt, I modded an existing doll to make a plush Danny Fenton Doll aka Danny Phantom.  I may perhaps tweak a few more things, but I am pretty much done with Mr. Fenton Plush.  

The Danny Fenton doll will have my purchased Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable dolls to keep him happy until more of the Danny Phantom team arrives. I say again, if the stupid studio's would put these things out I would be more than happy to buy theirs! Think of the time I could save. Cartoons, what would we do without them.  Okay, watch CSI, but wants to be that depressed?

Not the Correct Date, my camera is insane and on it's last legs, or lens or whatever :p~

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