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The following is a online chat set up by iStan, Gela and several other Lexxfan'ers of  Thanks to them for sharing them with us and thanks of course to the Stars. 


Lexx Cast Chat December 19, 2004 

Session Start Sun Dec 2004
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iStan - Brian downey is at an appointment right now, but should be here in an hour or so.
funket> Is Gibble coming to the chat?
Gela - I haven't heard from gibble for ages
funket> He's been busy with his band, and that show he was involved in
iStan - Gibble is busy with work and just finished the series he and his brother were in.
Karuba> I caught a bit of that show last night funket, but didn't see Gibble at all
Goblin> Gibble rocks
Patricia Zentilli at the Lexx Invasion of Dragon con 2004*PATTY_Z ( has joined #lexxchat
Ramses> hiPATTY
Mmlover - HeyPATTY!
iStan - The chat room is now going over to moderated mode.
Gela - hiPATTY!
Goryn>PATTY, hi
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GIGGEROTA - hey everyone hugs from giggy
PATTY_Z - HI ellen from patricia xxxxxxx
GIGGEROTA - hi bunny
iStan - Hello to both of you and thanks for coming.
PATTY_Z - happy to be here!D
Gela - hello lexxians, please feel free to send us questions via PM and we will copy and paste them for you here!!
Gela - that's the best way for the cast to read and answer your questions )
Gela - hello PATTY and ellen, thank you very much for coming )
iStan - to post a question type msg moderatorname question

Gela - Karuba> giggy who is the dead guy you are wearing?
GIGGEROTA - the dead guy is a cleric that I ate and skinned - no particular name, but he was tasty

Gela - goryn asked me to say hi from all Russian lexxians
PATTY_Z - cool!
GIGGEROTA - hi to all the russians

Mmlover - mayaxxx " Hey PATTY , what are your current projects?
PATTY_Z - I am going to do a musical called THE LAST FIVE YEARS next year at the manitoba theatre center it is a two hander about a relationshoip.. Really beautiful music

iStan - *Brunnen-G* I want to ask them both - Which was their favourite Lexx season?
GIGGEROTA - favorite lexx season was still the beginning when the movies of the week began

GIGGEROTA - welcome australia

Gela - risqman> To All What movies tv shows are you all working on currently? -Hi Ellen
GIGGEROTA - and just did a thriller for lifetime called Jean's Fate so been busy - very grateful let's all go see PATTY do her theater piece
PATTY_Z - yah!

* sadgeezer ( has joined #lexxchat
GIGGEROTA - welcome sad geezer
GIGGEROTA - how are you?
PATTY_Z - hi sad geezer

GIGGEROTA - hi gela working on a new series called THE COLLECTOR - SUPERNATURAL DRAMA, did a movie for the scifi network with michael shanks from STARGATE

iStan - *scifisuzi* Ellen, how long did it take to get dressed up as GIGGEROTA?
GIGGEROTA - too long, had to have a wardrobe person help me first season it was so so hot rubbery and tight had to squirm into it and they had to cut holes all over the costume because I couldn't move

Gela - Karuba> Ellen, Is Gigerotta 10percent human? Because she does end up on Fire it appears she is, but then how do you explain the tongue?
GIGGEROTA - you are very smart karuba - I wondered about the tongue too, yes part human I think never quite knew

Mmlover - Koudelka " Hi Ellen, it's Michele, How is your new series coming along?
GIGGEROTA - hi michele - we are on a break now from the collector it has sold worldwide - we are waiting to hear about germany and england and us but it is going to be france, middle east, australia, hong kong, Russia baltics eetc

Gela - Germany? That's interesting
GIGGEROTA - we will see still waiting about germany
Mmlover - I hope it comes to the U.S.
GIGGEROTA - it is being shopped around the US right now so cross your stomachs!
Gela - I will, hehe

iStan - *Brunnen-G* To Ellen - do you know where Gigirota comes from - B3K maybe ?
GIGGEROTA - maybe b3k not sure not from her mommy's tummy though! hee hee hee

iStan - *scifisuzi* Ellen, when is Jean's Fate set to air. Is there anything you can tell us about that at this time?
GIGGEROTA - jean's fate probably wont air till March April 2005 it is a thriller where two women are married to the same guy yup yup it will air in Canada the US and Europe thanks for asking scifisuzi

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for Ellen, what did you girls do while in Thailand?
GIGGEROTA - PATTY and I went shopping in thailand do you remmeber? we had a riot walking around the markets
PATTY_Z - We had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun in Thailand
GIGGEROTA - thailand was bitter sweeet because we Knew it was the end too

Gela -PATTY - Do you enjoy working in theatre more than television?
PATTY_Z - Oh I just noticed I had a question. I love working in both theatre and tv.. Tv work has been pretty slow this year in toronto for me.. But I am happy to be doing some theatre again!
GIGGEROTA - PATTY and I both love the theatre - immediate audience reaction

Gela - PATTY > which of the Lexx roles that you played (other than Bunny) did you enjoy best?
Gela - (this question was from Phil_Melb_Aust aka Flipper, btw)
GIGGEROTA - hi flipper
PATTY_Z - I enjoyed Laleen.. She was fun.. Cranky teenages teenager I miss lexx!!!!!!!
GIGGEROTA - I miss it too PATTY
PATTY_Z - cry
GIGGEROTA - we had a blast the best cast ever cry
Gela - oh well, I think we all miss lexx *sigh*
huzimmayxx - we all do,PATTY (
PATTY_Z - it was quite a unique experience
Mmlover - we all do

iStan - *risqman* Ellen (Hi it's John!) Out of all your characters in TV & Movies which one do you most identify with?
GIGGEROTA - hi john had the most fun with giggy, identify most with the character I am playing now in my new series how she fights for what she wants and wants justice in the world. I hate inhumanity so does this character

Mmlover - Cesare "PATTY, which of Laleen's quotes did you enjoy the most? It's just that I loved the way she spoke - especially "Love leaks puke juice" was a marvellous one.
PATTY_Z - love leaks puke juice was pretty great I think so too, cesare.. Hee he

Mmlover - Koudelka " This is for PATTY and Ellen, What was the most embarrassing thing that happened during filming of the show?
GIGGEROTA - when my costume fell to pieces when I came out of the water in season two and when brian downey had to grab me and he pulled off part of the rubber on the top part of my costume. so I had a janet jackson moment
Mmlover - ACK! LOLOL
Gela - LOL
PATTY_Z - hmm.. I dunno. I guess when I couldn't walk after shooting the GI aerobics scene
Gela - couldn't walk??
Mmlover - hehehehehe
GIGGEROTA - yup PATTY that was tough
Gela - tell us more ))
PATTY_Z - I mean from the aerobics.. Ahh
Mmlover - Was it caught on film?
GIGGEROTA - mine was but No one saw it might be in a film can somewhere
PATTY_Z - I kind of overdid it...i got pretty hyper playing bunny and that scene took a whole day to shoot

Gela - Ramses> Question to both Did any serious talks eventuate regarding a Lexx spinoff or movie?
GIGGEROTA - yes there were some talks and rumours about that spinoff Ramses
GIGGEROTA - but ultimately it it up to the producers and more importantly
PATTY_Z - there were "serious" talks about it when we wrapped but nothing since as far as I know.. Besides us hoping!
GIGGEROTA - getting the money from the production company which went threw tons of polical stuff, we are always hoping

PATTY_Z - is Brian coming?
GIGGEROTA - I left three phone messages for brian
iStan - Brian should be here in about 4minutes.
PATTY_Z - good! I miss Brian
GIGGEROTA - I miss brian too and have to say I am so grateful that he is alive and well after that horrible accident
PATTY_Z - I know!

iStan - *Brunnen-G* Have they watched Farscape? If yes - what they think of it? Because it is very simillar to Lexx - very very similar
GIGGEROTA - love farscape
GIGGEROTA - love the uniqueness of it and the risks they too
Gela - oh yeah, I think we're all glad he's ok now again
Mmlover - Yes, good to hear he's on the road to recovery
GIGGEROTA - yes he is on the road to recovery

Gela - sadgeezer> What was the most difficult thing you had to do on the lexx show
GIGGEROTA - most difficult thing for me on lexx was learning how to play golf convincingly as the pope in apocalexx now to knock balls at president and stanley on hard rock
PATTY_Z - most difficult thing I had to do acting wise on lexx was working wirh green screen... Pretendingn things were on fire. Etc

Chatins - PATTY You have acted on stage, in film, and of course in a television series. What are the differences and which do you prefer?
GIGGEROTA - stage= immediate reaction love the audience , the performer has more control tv more of a producers medium film more of a directors medium. Tv gets you more of an audience then stage so we get to meet people like you
PATTY_Z - I love acting in all mediums.. Theatre is great because you get to take a journey every night and you get to do it in sequence.. And the audience's energy is amazing.. But film and tv is so fun too becuase you can be a lot subtler.. And there is more of a family vibe and it's just different.. P

Mmlover - mayaxxx " forPATTY, did you prefer Bunny season or 4?

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> Question for GIGGEROTA > Ellen you did a lot of green screen work, have you been able to utilize that skill on other projects?
Chatins - Paul Donovan praised you for the green screen and the long hours
GIGGEROTA - all are major learning experiences
Chatins - I got that sense watching the gag reels

Gela - risqman> For all Do you ever see any of the old cast (Michael, Brian) anymore?
GIGGEROTA - I keep in touch with everyone brian, patricia, louise, xenia , rolf and nighel via email, michael has disappeared
PATTY_Z - me too!
PATTY_Z - I just got an email from rolf
PATTY_Z - prezzy wezzy
GIGGEROTA - PATTY and I support each other via email
Gela - please tell him to join us, hehehe
GIGGEROTA - we are happy when we get work because it is a very tough biz
PATTY_Z - yes ellen is a huge zentilli supporter and a great friend
GIGGEROTA - I emailed rolf to come on but he is busy today
Gela - oh well, maybe next time ellen, it would be nice to have him in the chat as well
GIGGEROTA - yes gela that would be lovely he would love to do it

Gela - Goryn> About Farscape We have shown Lexx to Farscape's fans, and they all become lexxians
GIGGEROTA - bring on those farscape people !Yeah

PATTY_Z - I want to do more conventions
Gela - that's great news,PATTY, do you already have plans for 2005?
PATTY_Z - 2005 is a bit of a blank slate for me apart from going to do this show at the manitoba theatre centre.. I hope to work lots!!!!And maybe finally record a cd
GIGGEROTA - I will buy your CD
PATTY_Z - you can have one!
GIGGEROTA - great let me know
PATTY_Z - I will!

iStan - *Brunnen-G* To Both of them - Can you tell us what person is Paul Donovan? - something about him - are you keep in touch with him?
GIGGEROTA - Paul Donovan is brilliant witty shy and eclectic paul is working on a new project now
PATTY_Z - Paul is great. Kind of intimidating sometimes.. But he can get really excited about shooting a scene and I love that!

Mmlover - Cesare " Ellen, who was more fun? The Queen or The Pope? And was the water in queen's bath cold or hot?
GIGGEROTA - the queen was an immense challenge physically I was wearing a wig a head piece that was so so heavy and a wetsuit the water started warm and got colder. I didn't want to get out of the water though because it was a freezing cold bunker we were shoooting in outside of Berlin
PATTY_Z - you were amazing in that scene.. So coo coo!
GIGGEROTA - thanksPATTY, so I would say queen was more challenging I had great fun in both roles the pope was delicious too

Gela - Karuba> Ellen - What led GIGGEROTA to dining on people? Sheer love of humanity?
GIGGEROTA - GIGGEROTA was just misunderstood maybe she didn't like church because in the beginning she was eating alot of clerics hee heeh ee

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for Ellen, was there any ad-libbing going on during scenes? And if so, which ones did they keep?

Gela - Karuba> Ellen, Is Gigerotta 10percent human? Because she does end up on Fire it appears she is, but then how do you explain the tongue?
GIGGEROTA - karuba excellent question always had problems with that tongue thing I think she is part human yes but a very sick one

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> for PATTY > Come on down under PATTY for a visit (xenia loved Sydney)
GIGGEROTA - love to go to austrlia
PATTY_Z - I WOULD Love to go to australia!!!!!!! thanks for the invite!

Gela - sadgeezer> Giggy and PATTY Were you ever envious of each others parts.... Erm.. I mean acting roles
GIGGEROTA - I admired what PATTY did with her roles never envious, loved my parts
PATTY_Z - I was pretty happy with my roles but I think popey was so fun too!
GIGGEROTA - I think that we were well cast
PATTY_Z - we had fun when we finally got to act together!
Gela - man
GIGGEROTA - I wish I would have been in that chesss game onePATTY, what was that called?
PATTY_Z - the game
GIGGEROTA - loved that ep great one
PATTY_Z - yes you should have been there
GIGGEROTA - that was the one I thought giggy should have been in

Gela - sadgeezer> Giggy What's it like to wear a man
GIGGEROTA - wearing a man was heavy and weird especially the head

iStan - *Cesare*PATTY, what kind of music is the CD gonna be?
PATTY_Z - the cd will be jazzy some standards and some original music..

Gela - sadgeezer can't ask PATTY about the shower scene coz he's too shy )
PATTY_Z - I might punch you again sad geezer.. He he you can ask about the shower scene go ahead.

iStan - *pigface* to all I really liked the mantrid character, played by dieter was it to work with him?

Gela - Ramses> Question to both Fans have attempted to grasp the big picture meaning that Donovan had, when creating Lexx. Some say it was the continuing cycles of life (as in reincarnationregeneration). As 'insiders,' do you have any clarification on this you would share with us?
PATTY_Z - I have no insights.. Just when I thought I understood what was going on.. I would get confused again.. Luckily my character was confused too. I do think paul liked exploring cylces though.. Life after death.. Etc.. But you would have to ask him
GIGGEROTA - ramses - fabulous question- I am sure there are aspects of that in the show but when you talk to paul donovan not all of it is conscious it is very confusing but compelling and we would just dive in
PATTY_Z - especially becuase I only joined lexx season two..
GIGGEROTA - even though I was there from the beginning, we all would sometimes be confused brian is very good and explaining this stuff

PATTY_Z - hi flamegrape!

iStan - *angelbacch* PATTY and Ellen, do you ever visit the Lexx fan sites in Internet?
GIGGEROTA - I do check the sites now and then haven't in awhile
PATTY_Z - yes! I sometimes read posts... And I have a website that james miller has made for me it is kind of out of date at the moment.. But I often check it out
GIGGEROTA - is a great way now to get to my site created by the fabulous scifisuzi she is amazing

Xenia_Seeberg ( has joined #lexxchat

GIGGEROTA - hi xenia how are you beauty
PATTY_Z - xenia!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mmlover - Hi Xenia

Gela -PATTY, we would love to read of you more often here on the bored
PATTY_Z - hallo!!!!!!
PATTY_Z - I thought you couldn't make it!
Gela - hallo und willkommen xenia )
GIGGEROTA - The girls are here
Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> Hi Xenia )

Mmlover - Koudelka " PATTY you think you will ever come back to Dragon Con in the near future?
PATTY_Z - I would love to go to dragon con again! just don't have a convention manager anymore
GIGGEROTA - none of us have convention managers, if you know of any the gals would love to do a few good ones

XENIA_SEEBERG - I tried for 3min. To get in, don't know what went wrong???
Gela - maybe because we're so many ppl in here, xenia
iStan - At least it finally went right. Willkommen, Xenia.
Gela - oh, where is she..

XENIA_SEEBERG - Terribly enough I got to say I need to leave in min. Believe me I tried...
PATTY_Z - it's okay!
GIGGEROTA - hi xenia miss you ellen here
XENIA_SEEBERG - Sven and I have to go to a premiere of a movie and give some interviews for German TV

PATTY_Z - we'll let the fans ask xenia quesitons before she has to go
GIGGEROTA - yup ask xenai

iStan - Cesare " Hi, Xenia. I wonder - which of Xev's looks did you like best - s2, sor s4

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> I loved meeting you in Sydney Xenia .. Hugs & kisses (
XENIA_SEEBERG - Is everybody doing ok???

Gela - risqman> To All the girls, We fans would LUV to see you all at a Convention together, any possiblity?

Gela - Ramses> Xenia, what projects do you have planned for 2005?
GIGGEROTA - we need someone to help us do that

iStan - *Brunnen-G* I want to inform Xenia that we are trying to help her to bring Lexx back... And she is not alone in this fight --- More info httpwww.scifi.comlexx bboard
PATTY_Z - yeah!I would love that
GIGGEROTA - xenia are you in germany for the holidays
XENIA_SEEBERG - thank you everybody who is trying to help to bring Lexx back!
XENIA_SEEBERG - Yes Ellen I am in Germany with my family and Sven, my Grandpa is still not doing too well...
GIGGEROTA - ah I am sorry didn't know about your grandpa then good you are there with him
Mmlover - Sorry to hear that, xenia, hope he'll be alright.
Gela - Ramses> Xenia, sincere blessings to your grandfather and you

Gela - funket> What scenes made you squirm? Were there scenes you were asked to do that you were so uncomfortable with you asked to have them rewritten?

GIGGEROTA - hi blacklady
PATTY_Z - hi blacklady

Gela - dreams_of_kai> Xenia I am so happy to finally talk to you live

iStan - *Audician* to all, Greeting form Czech Republic. What do you think about make LEXX musical, like in Brigadoom. There are not much sci-fi musicals, it would be a blockbuster.
PATTY_Z - I would love to do a sci fci musical..
GIGGEROTA - me too, scifi musical we can sing and dance our hearts out
GIGGEROTA - what a great idea

Gela - greetings from northern germany, xenia ;)
GIGGEROTA - are u coming back to la xenia

Gela - paintedpony - Xenia, Is it true that you and some of the cast had a get together just before the convention in Sydney and you talked about a new Lexx project there?
XENIA_SEEBERG - I loved Sydney, hope to be back there with everybody in 2005. Wonderful people and great convention. Everything went just perfect and everybody was so happy.

Gela - any more plans for german tv, xenia?
XENIA_SEEBERG - Thanx yes, it will be nice for him. 2005 might be in a British Horror movie, starting in March...
GIGGEROTA - sounds great, are u coming to LA?

PATTY_Z - hi frey !!!!!!!
GIGGEROTA - hi frey

iStan - *XS4Xevr* Xenia, When can we expect your next CD?
XENIA_SEEBERG - My next cd will probably come out in March 2005, cause we are working on an album

Gela - what role would you like to play in such a scifi musical, ellen andPATTY?
XENIA_SEEBERG - sci-fi musical sounds great, i'll be there in a minute!!!
PATTY_Z - I would love to play any role.. But I want a big song and dance number!

Gela - Xenia, Is it true that you and some of the cast had a get together just before the convention in Sydney and you talked about a new Lexx project there?

XENIA_SEEBERG - thank you so much!!!
Gela - Ubertoaster> Xenia - can you give us any more info on the horror movie?
XENIA_SEEBERG - Sorry I need to go to the premiere with Sven now, to do those silly interviews, I wish I could stay longer.
GIGGEROTA - honey miss you please email soon
Mmlover - Goodbye, Xenia, Thanks for coming! Nice to see you.
Gela - thank you so much for being here, xenia, I hope we can keep in touch!
PATTY_Z - Bye xenia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chatins - Bye Xenia, we love you!
GIGGEROTA - love you honey
iStan - Thank you very much, Xenia.

Gela - Karuba> Ellen & PATTY - Was Lexx more the creation of Paul Donovan or Lexx Gigeroff or Jeffrey Hirschfield?
GIGGEROTA - karuba it was a group effort all contributed

iStan - *thefrey* This may have been asked.... Are any of you going to be working with Paul D this January or Feb in Halifax on the Boriga project?
PATTY_Z - Nope.. Sadly there is no role for me in paul's project
GIGGEROTA - brian downey is scheduled to do the borgias the womens parts are probably going to come from england

Gela - and hopefully you'll be here for another chat in 2005...

iStan - *XS4Xevr* Xenia, which movie premiere are you and Sven planning to see today?
XENIA_SEEBERG - Please everybody feel free to send your questions to my web-page, I'm getting better at getting back to all of you. It just sometimes takes a little time!!!
GIGGEROTA - bye honey
Gela - we will, xenia! )
Gela - tschüß und viel spaß auf der premiere!
Gela - und danke daß du hier warst, es war uns eine große ehre!
XENIA_SEEBERG - Bye PATTY , bye Ellen, love and kiss you always miss you, have a great Christmas everybody!!!!!
GIGGEROTA - miss you too xenia
PATTY_Z - bye xenia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
XENIA_SEEBERG - See you again in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PATTY_Z - hi sven
Mmlover - Bye Xenia, take care an thanks for coming!
XENIA_SEEBERG - i'll tell him!!!
GIGGEROTA - hi to sven from me
XENIA_SEEBERG - Ok tschüüüüüüüüüssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!
Gela - tschüß xenia!!!!

Gela - Cesare> Ok... Hugs for PATTY and ellen - and question - have you already got christmas presents for everyone in the family...? -)
GIGGEROTA - I got xmas presents for most people but didn't buy cars yet for all the fans hee hee he
PATTY_Z - I have sent presents to my family in nova scotia.. But still more to go
Mmlover - LOL

iStan - And Brian Downey should be here shortly.

iStan - *funket* Have the Lex cast considered collaborating on a music CD... Rights difficulties aside, a Happy Lexxmas CD with all the cast would be great.
PATTY_Z - that's a good idea!
GIGGEROTA - great idea about the cd I am in, we all sing, we should do that
PATTY_Z - we wish you a merry lexxmass
GIGGEROTA - very cute lexx mass

*** Xenia_Seeberg ( has left #lexxchat

Gela - Karuba> PATTY and Ellen - Was working on the Lexx any different from other television shows you have done and if so, how?
PATTY_Z - lexx was different because we were more of a family, we hung out together after shooting etc
iStan - Hmmm... What sort of family?
GIGGEROTA - the work is the same preparing for a role but very few shows are that unique and that risk taking so it was unusual, loved it miss it
PATTY_Z - disfunctional of course.. Like all families

iStan - It's too bad we can't do audio on this chat.
Gela - oh yes that's true, istan
GIGGEROTA - audio would be great istan

Gela - what was it like to work with michael?
GIGGEROTA - michael is eclectic and mysterious and a very very good actor
PATTY_Z - michael was always professional
Mmlover - He is definitely very talented.
GIGGEROTA - michael mcmanus can be interesting to work with at times but always professional

iStan - *Brunnen-G* To both of them What do you think of the Lexx ship?
PATTY_Z - the lexx ship was cool! I wished there were more rooms.. I liked shooting on the bridge in season four when I had the key
GIGGEROTA - love that lexx ship wish I would have been on it more never got to play on that much

Gela - Flamegrape>PATTY, have you done any jazz singing lately?
Gela - oh...I pasted this but it was already answered
PATTY_Z - I recorded a demo cd and I have a gig in january at a private function

Gela - Flamegrape>PATTY, how's Louise?
PATTY_Z - louise is doing great.. The restaurant is set to open new years eve as far as I know
GIGGEROTA - PATTY and I are going to go to ther restaurant
Gela - did she open a restaurant?

iStan - How would either of you continued to to develop your characters over time? Would Bunny become less hoppy or Giggy less hungry, for example?
On Queen W
GIGGEROTA - I would become hoppy and bunny would become hungry, hee hee hee, queen west yes,not my queen but queen the street
PATTY_Z - I think Bunny would find more confidence and stand up to people even more.. I have many ideas for her.
GIGGEROTA - giggy would become a classy woman and rule the world hee hee he
PATTY_Z - giggy and bunny would start a clothing line
GIGGEROTA - yup that would be funny as long as the clothing didn't have heads attached to it
Gela - Ramses> Was there any particular actor/actress who was difficult to work with? If necessary, you don't have to list their names...just their odious behavior. :D

Gela - what do you mean with "interesting to work with"? ;)
GIGGEROTA - Michael mcmanus has his moments but it all comes from being a great actor
Gela - that's an interesting can't get into more details, can you...?
Mmlover - He did an excellent job playing the dead guy, he really gave the character...character.
GIGGEROTA - michael likes to discuss acting moments that is what I mean gela
Gela - ohh....ok...thanks for explaining that, ellen )
GIGGEROTA - somepeople just go and do it he goes thru discussions but everyone has a different way of working

iStan - *Cesare* Have you ever encountered the actor who did voice of Lexx (Tom Gallant I think but I'm not sure)? He equipped the bug with so much charm...
GIGGEROTA - never met tom would have liked to
PATTY_Z - tom gallant is a lovely actor from nova scotia.. Also a singer I believe

Gela - scifisuzi> Question for Ellen andPATTY, if you could choose to play a role in Stargate, would you want to play part of the SG team, or one of the aliens, and why?
PATTY_Z - I would play any role on that show really! I would love to do more sci fci
GIGGEROTA - I have been very close to getting on stargate
GIGGEROTA - I just did a movie with Michael Shanks
GIGGEROTA - I would play ms's lover

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust>PATTY my love where is Louise's restaurant? (city)
PATTY_Z - Louise's restaurant is iin Toronto and it is called CHEHOSKI

Mmlover - Koudelka " Has Michael ever play any practical jokes on the set or to the cast?
PATTY_Z - can't think of any practical jokes he played

Gela - Painted Pony Have there ever been any people from the cast or crew you didn't get along with? And if so, why?
GIGGEROTA - got along with everyone
PATTY_Z - no one was a real pain

Gela - Ramses> What is Nigel Bennett doing these days?
PATTY_Z - I think nigel is doing lots of theatre
GIGGEROTA - yup nigel is doing theater and enjoying being a daddy
PATTY_Z - yup
iStan - Nigel is acting in a play today actually.
PATTY_Z - that';s right a christmas show I believe

Gela - Karuba>PATTY and Ellen - If working on the Lexx was like working with a family, who was Mom? And who was Dad? Nasty little cousins?
GIGGEROTA - everyone would give you a different answer on the family ting
PATTY_Z - more like a huge group of sisters and brothers and the big papa being paul donovan
PATTY_Z - hee hee
GIGGEROTA - but I would say giggy was the papa bunny was the baby and xenia was the mama and stanley was the biggest baby he hee hee, michael was the distant weird cousin

iStan - *Brunnen-G* toPATTY - What do you think of the actor who plays the president of USA? Rolf Kanies
PATTY_Z - Rolf Kanies played the president and I LOVED working with him. I know I sound sickeningly positive but he really really was so har dworking and giving and we worked very hard together to try and make it work
GIGGEROTA - Rolf is amazing

Gela - I hope brian will join us soon, poor patty and ellen have to type a lot, hehe

iStan - *thefrey* Hello Ladies, are you still using Paul Simmons and Newton Landry as your contact points for mail and packages?
PATTY_Z - yessiree
GIGGEROTA - Yup newton landry for me
PATTY_Z - you can write to me c/o paul simmons management

Gela - Terra> Hi ......Have any of you watched Nigel's more recent movies on the Scifi channel?
GIGGEROTA - Haven't seen Nigels' latest movies but have seen some on network where he plays lawyers and old reruns of thefabulous forever knight
Gela - oh he's also very impressing on german tv, ellen, his way of acting is just impressing )
PATTY_Z - he is a great actor
GIGGEROTA - yes he is very powerful gela I want to work with him more, we have great chemistry he is very sexy in an interesting way
GIGGEROTA - and a great guy
PATTY_Z - he has a website too
Gela - he will love to hear that, ellen )
GIGGEROTA - will email him and ask him
PATTY_Z - I think it is

Gela - Ramses> what of Lex? What projects are set for 2005 for him, if any?
GIGGEROTA - lexx giggeroff? Not sure
PATTY_Z - I have no idea what his plans are in 2005

Gela - Rorschach> For Ellen How did you get involved in the Napoleon Dynamite movie? (it was great, by the way)
PATTY_Z - I didn't realise you were in napoleon dynamite! I hear it's great!
GIGGEROTA - Napoleon dynamite - are you ready for this- came because of lexx, It is huge
GIGGEROTA - The producer of nd is a huge fan of giggy and pope and queen and phoned me up and asked me to do it
Mmlover - That's so cool, ellen!
GIGGEROTA - I thought why not - only a week out of my life in a small town of 400 people called Preston Idaho
PATTY_Z - that is cool ellen I wish someone would call me up and offer me a role! I am waiting....
GIGGEROTA - and now it is nominated for an independent spirit award in los angeles and is nominated for the top critics award for best comedy all ove rthe world

iStan - *thefrey* is there any chance you guys will get to see Rolf while he is in Canada this winter?
PATTY_Z - I won't be in halifax this winter I don't think..
PATTY_Z - but maybe he can have a stop over here in toronto

Gela - Brunnen-G> to patty - What do you think of the actor who plays the president of USA?
PATTY_Z - I already answered that Brunnen G.. See above.. He is amazing

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for Giggy, I saw that movie and it was hysterical, any chance that will lead to others ?
GIGGEROTA - yup very cool my mother didn't recognize me in my purple polyester outfit
GIGGEROTA - the ND Producers will be doing other movies so hopefully they will hire me. Very quirky

Gela - <Phil_Melb_Aust> Can I rock bunny to sleep ;)
PATTY_Z - aw... Of course you can
GIGGEROTA - Rock abye litle bunny

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust>Patty and Ellen do you own any pets?
GIGGEROTA - no pets unfortuantely on the road too much, but I love animals do you have pets phil?
PATTY_Z - I have no pets...too difficult as I travel lots too
Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> Yes Ellen, I own a Kelpie and Staffy cross dogs, Digger is the Kelpie and Dayna is the Staffy (named after Dayna out of Blake)
GIGGEROTA - love those kind of dogs phil

iStan - *angelbacch* How was it to work with Minna Aaltonen? I'm curious to know, because like her, I'm from Finland too. )
GIGGEROTA - didn't work with minna ? Did you Patty?
PATTY_Z - minna was really nice but kind of private, I had no scenes with her or anything but she was around. She and Michael were good friends. She is beautiful
iStan - *angelbacch* private.. Yeah, that's what Finns usually are

iStan - *funket* Is there an truth to the rumours to your knowledge that The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and now known as Prince was to play Prince originally?
PATTY_Z - ha haa no truth to that rumour
GIGGEROTA - no truth to that prince rumour

Gela - how often did you both hear michael speaking german? I know he learned it during the the end he seemed to become quite good in it
PATTY_Z - yes, michael was very good at german and very proud of himself.
GIGGEROTA - Michael loved his german he is doing a play or did one in germany in german very very good that he did that
PATTY_Z - cool! I didn't realise he did a play in germany. Good for him
GIGGEROTA - Loved it
Mmlover - Wow, cool to hear!
PATTY_Z - they do great theatre there
Gela - he did a play in germany? I didn't know that...all I know is about a short movie called "alle lieben ihre kinder"
GIGGEROTA - ah yes he did a play that was rumoured anyway

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for both girls What happened to the little dog Goose that bit Michael in Fluffdaddy?
GIGGEROTA - goose not sure?
PATTY_Z - she belonged to the accountant at lexx. I am sure the dog is in halifax somewhere
PATTY_Z - cutie

Gela - Ramses> Ellen, you were in Forever Knight quite awhile back. What was it like working with those actors (aside from/including Nigel)?
GIGGEROTA - I am still very good friends with geraint wynn davies loved that show as much as lexx
GIGGEROTA - Did two of them. Wish they would bring it back

Chatins - scifisuzi Ellen are you exciting about being in Gatecon in July?

PATTY_Z - I have to go soon guys and gals, so if there are any more questions for me.... I have about more minutes.. Lol
Chatins - PATTY I have lots of questions but I think your boyfriend would object to most of them.
PATTY_Z - he he what kind of questions?

Gela - *Karuba* PATTY & Ellen - Is Nigel as powerful a presence in person as he is onscreen?
PATTY_Z - nigel is really mellow and gentle in real life
GIGGEROTA - nigel is a force of nature
GIGGEROTA - he is a very charismatic man
Mmlover - Cesare " Nigel always reminded me of Christopher Walken a lot... Insignificant, I know - my way to tell I really really loved his performance...

Gela - dreams_of_kai>PATTY please keep us up to date at your site!?
PATTY_Z - I will.. Bug the webmaster to get it up to date. I love hearing from fans
Gela - Karuba> Yes please Patty keep your site up-dated. It would be great to get the CD when it comes out.

iStan - *thefrey* To Patty, when we get the room and the plane tickets for you are you still wanting to come party with us in Atlanta one year soon?
PATTY_Z - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am there!!!!!!!!!!!!

*istan kicks chatins out of the room

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for Patty, theres tons of film stuff going on in Texas, lots of studio offices here, COME DOWN HERE ! Heh
PATTY_Z - I would love to.. Need a green card though...

Gela - Ramses> Michael mcmanus was also in a Forever Knight episode. Was there talk during the filming of those eps about the genesis of Lexx? Just wondering.
GIGGEROTA - no talk about lexx then

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> i'll pick ya up at the Melbourne airport Patty ;) he

iStan - *Brunnen-G* To Patty - If we are in some of the lexx passageways and we look up - what we could see ?-- because the camera have never shown us this

iStan - Concerning your careers, where do you both see yourselves in ten years (starring in the Lexx movie perhaps?)?
PATTY_Z - I hope I am still working and I hope I have some kids by then!

GIGGEROTA - goryn sebastian spence is sexy funny and gentle / I also just worked with him on my new series THE COLLECTOR He is dynamic, Love him

PATTY_Z - I have to go soon but you can always email me at
GIGGEROTA - Patty i miss you honeuy

Mmlover - mayaxxx " for both girls Did you ever watch Made in Canada where they had scenes of the Lexx cryopod set?
Gela - Ubertoaster>Patty - were any of Bunny's outfits your idea? )
PATTY_Z - yes about made in canada and yes about oufits.. We had fun choosing her clothes..
PATTY_Z - still to this day I sometimes see clothing that bunny would love in some cheesy store..
GIGGEROTA - love made in canada - yes saw those scenes = paul donovan's brother michael produces taht

Gela - funket> Thank you Patty for taking the time to chat with the fans. Long may Bunny hop.

iStan - *Frey* to Ellen When is your new show going to send you to a con so we can visit with you? Do we need to bug your producers?
GIGGEROTA - yes need to bug the producer
GIGGEROTA - but I am planning barring work to do GATECON IN JULY 2005
Mmlover - Cool, hope to see you there!
Gela - that's great news )
GIGGEROTA - Yes bug my producers right letters to no equal entertainment in vancouver

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> Thanks heaps Patty love ya *hugs & kisses*
PATTY_Z - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bye
PATTY_Z - I miss you too ellen, speak to you soon

Gela - byeeeePATTY, thank you very much for being here )
iStan - thank you very much,PATTY.
PATTY_Z - you are so welcome! Thanks for inviting me :D
Gela - Ramses> Take carePATTY. Thanks for being here for us. D
Chatins - bye Patricia!
Mmlover - Bye,PATTY, so nice of you to come!
PATTY_Z - smt023
PATTY_Z - anytime
iStan - Don't be the bunny.
PATTY_Z - I promise to post more at
PATTY_Z - bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gela - we hope to have you here again another day )
***PATTY_Z ( has left #lexxchat

Gela - we're still waiting for brian... any more questions for ellen? )
GIGGEROTA - Guys i just left anothe message for brian i hope he is ok
GIGGEROTA - Not answering his phone
iStan - He had to go to an appointment about an hour and half ago.
GIGGEROTA - I have another ten minutes so please email me more questions
GIGGEROTA - I did speak to brian a few days ago, and he really wanted to do this chat
iStan - I talked to him two hours ago on the phone and he said that he would be here.

iStan - *angelbacch* Ellen, was there a reason why Giggerota was so interested in Stan, not for example Xev?
GIGGEROTA - oh I had some fun times with xev, what you don't know is I was supposed to do queen opposite xenia but she was sick
GIGGEROTA - the script was written for the two of us very sexy
GIGGEROTA - so brian was written into the script instead

Gela - Risqman asked a while ago, do you have any hobbys Ellen? (sorry Risqman had to edit this - gela)
GIGGEROTA - I love movies, eating chocolate and spending time with family and friends

Gela - <Goryn> Ellen, I would like to thank you and all other, who has sent letters with the condolences in Russia after events in the beginning of autumn. It is very important for us. Only Lexx-stuff so care about fans and other people in all corners of the world
GIGGEROTA - goryn I was so devastated by that, I still can't believe it, I never will stop thinking about that. I care a lot, my father is russian

iStan - How did you get into acting Ellen?
GIGGEROTA - I got into acting because I was a shy child so my parents put me into ballet classes and I fell in love with performing on stage
GIGGEROTA - I wasnt' as tall then, and we would do shows and I loved the audience reaction then I did alot of theatre musicals, like Patty I sing and dance too and then did tv etc

Gela - <Karuba> Ellen - Canada seems to produce some interesting programs and movies but is low on quantity. Do you have any ideas about what our Canadian industry might need to produce more things like the Lexx?

Mmlover - mayaxxx " you're the only non-permanent cast member to be in all seasons of Lexx, you should be considered a Regular
GIGGEROTA - yes I call myself a recurring character mayaxxxx
GIGGEROTA - mayaxxx I was in from the beginning so I saw all the changes, and paul donovan always wanted the giggy presence in different bodies and guises, what a great concept to play different characters with diff looks but have some of the same traits

GIGGEROTA - yes they need more money from government funding, we have the talent definitely but they don't spend money on production values like a buffy the vampire slayer does or an angel did. Those shows look great. Can u imagine if lexx had that kind of money and look how well it turned out

Gela - Ubertoaster> Ellen - did Rolf and Brian suffer in the scene(s) when you were hitting golf balls at them?
GIGGEROTA - yes they did more because of the extreme heat
GIGGEROTA - it was so so hot we shot that scene in thailand at an old temple, it was over a hundred degrees and humid and it would rain then get sunny, so it was weird weather. The golf balls hitting them were done in post
Gela - hehehe

iStan - I'm on the phone with BD right now. He's trying to get on.
GIGGEROTA - ah great tell brian I miss him

Gela - paintedpony> Ellen Is Dubin a Russian name?
Gela - <Goryn> Ellen, I know about your father. By the way, our surnames differ all on one letter. My surname - Gubin )
GIGGEROTA - hi gubin, yes dubinskaya something like that back back back

Gela - scifisuzi> Ellen, how long did you have to practice hitting golf balls before you shot that s
GIGGEROTA - I trained for about a month but on grass not on hard old stone
GIGGEROTA - so I didn't expect that and the temple walls were very narrow so lots to maneuver

GIGGEROTA - is brian on?
Gela - he's talking to istan on the phone right now, ellen
GIGGEROTA - good maybe he is trouble getting on
GIGGEROTA - I don't want to desert the fans untill he can take over

Gela - funket> Ellen, from your whole body of work, what role did you find the most challenging?
GIGGEROTA - most challenging would be a stage role where I was onstage talking fo rtheree hours straight in A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN
GIGGEROTA - Tv role most dificult would be earth final conflict I had tons of dialogue in that and the producers wanted it to be word perfect

iStan - *thefrey* ellen what do you want Santa to bring YOU for Christmas?
GIGGEROTA - I want to have a big partyfor all the fans at my house! For xmas
Gela - that would be a VERY big party then, ellen ))
GIGGEROTA - yes a big party gela, great food
GIGGEROTA - I love to eat just like giggy but FOOD ONLY
GIGGEROTA - chocolate and bread yummy

Gela - Karuba> Ellen - what do you like to watch (on t.v. Or movies) when you kick back and relax?
GIGGEROTA - comedies, romantic ones and sometimes scary movies, all kinds

GIGGEROTA - gela how is brian doing? I have to leave in five, please remember fans that if you have any questions you can email me
GIGGEROTA - at, I answer every email
GIGGEROTA - ask people who have emaled me. So don't hesitate to email

Chatins - I think istan may post some Q&A for Brian.
Gela - he's still talking to brian on the phone

Gela - Cesare> Ellen, is there any role or type you would like to get a chance to play? Like - I dunno - first victim of the killer in a giallo thriller or so...;-)
GIGGEROTA - love to play opposite liam neeson jeff bridges viggo mortensen
Mmlover - Good choices ;)
GIGGEROTA - it would be great to do a lord of the rings type trilogy

iStan - Okay. BD is ready for questions.

Gela - Karuba> Ellen - do you have any keepsakes from your time with the Lexx, get to keep any costumes?
GIGGEROTA - yes I do, I have the popes visor and ring. Someone bought giggy's outfits. I have all the original scripts notes production notes, I have call sheets. I keep a huge file and I have pics still that no one has seen. I add them now and then to my website. tons of pics I took with my camera
Gela - that's great, ellen, we look forward to read your news and hope you'll participate in our discussions
Gela - you can use the chat client for that, ellen, we will redirect it to the other chatroom later )
GIGGEROTA - ah great thanks gela

GIGGEROTA - brian are you on???
GIGGEROTA - I miss you, are you ok

*** istan82( has joined #lexxchat
Mmlover - Brian is on the phone with istan. And is ready for questions.

GIGGEROTA - ah he is doing it on the phone??
Gela - yes, as he can't log in right now
GIGGEROTA - any last minute questions for me ellen have to go
Gela - Please ask us questions for brian now too )
GIGGEROTA - ah say hi to brian tell him I miss him and hope he is healing rapidly
Gela - paintedpony Brian, how are you now?
Mmlover - Koudelka " Hi Brian, I hope your feeling better..
GIGGEROTA - I hope brian is ok?

Gela - risqman> Ellen Have you ever thought about writing for any type of media (Book, TV etc)?
GIGGEROTA - risqman nope not writing but maybe producing a sci fi movie
Gela - Karuba> Ellen - thank you so much for taking the time time to chat with us!
GIGGEROTA - your welcome
Gela - Ramses> Goodbye, Ellen. Thanks, and I can't wait to see more of your work! D
GIGGEROTA - thanks guys, happy holidays. Dont forget to go to and check out all the latest, it changes rapidly
GIGGEROTA - hugs to you all love you and thanks for everything
Gela - angelbacchae> thank you Ellen for this nice xmas present to chat with you!
Gela - Cesare> Bye Ellen. Merry Xmas and happy new year.
GIGGEROTA - and buy cult times there is an a rticle about me doing mutant x in this current issue
GIGGEROTA - your welcome
Gela - dreams_of_kai> Thank you for coming Ellen.
Mmlover - Goodbye, Ellen, Glad you could come. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Chatins - Bye Ellen. Good luck in California!
GIGGEROTA - you are in good hands with brian, thanks , love you
***GIGGEROTA10(~giggerota@ Quit (Goodbye )

iStan/Brian - i'll be typing for Brian.
iStan/Brian - Sorry it tool mr so long to get here... First some physio, then some technical craziness !!

Gela - Phil_Melb_Aust> Brian greetings from Australia. I send all my best wishes after your attack and want you to know that even though some of your fans are a world away, we love ya heaps

iStan - *thefrey* Brian, what part will you be playing in the Borgia's
iStan/Brian - A very pious man, Cardinal de Mella.... Quite the opposite of dear old Stanley

iStan/Brian - *funket* Brian, what was the most difficult scene for you to play in Lexx?
iStan/Brian - Obviously the kissing of the ladies.

Gela - ok now we have brian on the phone...any more questions for brian?

Gela - Brunnen-G> To Brian - If we are in some of the lexx passageways and we look up - what we could see ?-- because the camera have never shown us this
iStan/Brian - Overhead there was always a large floating head of Paul
Mmlover - LOL
Gela - LOLOL
Chatins - Brian, you must be feeling better!

Gela - angelbacchae> Brian, in Brigadoom, was it your decision not to sing?

*** istan sets mode -m

Ramses> phew.
thefrey> : )
Chatins - OK the chat is open!
Ramses> hehe
funket> hmm
Ramses> Brian, thanks for joining us. Hope you are on the mend.
Gela - yes that's the best way now
Ramses> lol
thefrey> Yes, glad you are feeling better Brian.
iStan/Brian - It was my decision. I decided that there is a limit to torture.
paintedpony> Whose torture, yours or ours?
funket> Glad to hear you're on the mend.
Karuba> Brian - how is the recovery coming along? Are you done all your surgery now?

iStan/Brian - We're in unmoderated mode. Post your questions directly.

Ser-J> Brian do you like have sex with you self or with 790? It is very interest question!!!

thefrey> Brian do you have any idea who will be playing the Borgias?
iStan/Brian - One of the main actors is a British actor named Brian Blessed, who has played in a number of Kenneth Brannagh films and will be doing one afterwards. I am the only Canadian actor with a significant role.
iStan/Brian - Casting was done in Italy, Spain, and England.
Mmlover - Great, Brian.
Ramses> @@.
iStan/Brian - Thanks for all of the nice wishes.
thefrey> Well congrats then, ;D I can't wait to see it.
funket> Brian Blessed is a fine actor, wonderful in Black Adder.
Ramses> i've been told I'd make a great Borgia. D
funket> Is it the Borgias, I'm so disappointed, I thought it was the Borg.
Goblin> heh heh
Ramses> ...or Erzebet Bathory.
Karuba> LOL, funny funket

Mmlover - Brian, any upcoming projects that you've worked or will be working on?

scifisuzi> Brian, just wanted to send my wishes for a fast recovery. My dad had his jaw broken in several places years ago, so I can imagine what you look like. I wish you the best, and hope your holiday is relaxing and with little pain.
Phil_Melb_Aust> Brian "you are THE man

Ser-J> Stan do you like have sex with you self or with 790? It is very interest question!!!
mayaxxx> Ser-J, please
Ser-J> it was a joke))
Ser-J> I love lexx
Ser-J> sorry for a question

Gela - Brian, are you going to attend any conventions next year?
iStan/Brian - I'm negotiating with someone who is going to do the first sci-fi convention in Newfoundland. Other than that it's still a little earlier.

Ramses> Brian, do you have anything else lined up, after the Borgia project?

iStan/Brian - Wednesday past the surgeon told me that the healing was what he would expect six months down the road.
iStan/Brian - So i'll be able eat my Christmas dinner rather than drink it.
Mmlover - Ahh good to hear your on the mend.
funket> lol
mayaxxx> great, it must be tough to be on a liquid diet, I can just imagine the pain
Cesare> I tried to think of some interesting question, but my brain refuses to work properly... So... Greetings and hugs for you. It's great to hear that you'll be able to enjoy your christmas dinner...-)
angelbacchae> that's great to hear Brian!
* dreams_of_kai hugs Brian
dreams_of_kai> Glad you're doing so well!
iStan/Brian - More solid food.
Cesare> I was lucky enough to win a bottle of la fee absinthe in a contest, so I promise that the first glass i'll drink i'll think of you and wish for even speedier recovery, brian...-)
iStan/Brian - Thanks dreams_of_kai. Hugs all around.

Mmlover - Brian, What memoribilia have you kept from the show?
iStan/Brian - Underwear. I've kept underwear and gifts that i've received from cast members.

XS4Xevr> 04No Questions but just wanted to say Hi! Brian!

Ramses> pardon my lateness, but what happened with this accident? Auto accident? When did it occur?

mayaxxx> Hey thanks for making those tapes of the eps and outtakes available, very nice of you to do that

paintedpony> How much weight have you lost during the past weeks?
iStan/Brian - Funny story. As I was getting ready to leave the hospital the dietician said that if I lost more than two pounds a week for two weeks I was to call her immediately. Second day at home I weighed myself. I'd gained 1pounds. However, now I'm ten pounds underweight.

Brunnen-G> Brian are you keep in touch with Paul Donovan - And do you know if he wants to make a lexx sequel - if not a movie then a book or something?
iStan/Brian - I keep in regular touch with Paul, and he has moved on from Lexx. He wants to do other single projects- one-offs. Although he is considering making the Borgias a series.
Cesare> I hope that the Borgias will reach czech republic, too...
Goryn> and in russian

funket> Brian, juts want to pass on my appreciation for you taking the time to join us.

Ubertoaster> Lost my broadband connection - made it back on dial-up... Had to be here to wish Brian all the best for his recovery.

dmx_RR> Someone know where can I download games?
mayaxxx> try a game chat room
dmx_RR> yes but I don't know one...

Cesare> Brian, was there any scene that was particularly difficult to shoot because of actors still cracking up? Though I can imagine there were more of them.

funket> Brian, were the any written scenes in Lexx where you thought, hell, I can't do that!
iStan/Brian - Yes. All the scenes that happened to occur between a.m and 1p.m.
iStan/Brian - We had lots of discussions about script content and intention.
iStan/Brian - Differences of opinion did arise.
iStan/Brian - But nobody ever refused to do a scene that was a reasonable scene.

Mmlover - Brian, What was your favorite epsidode in Lexx? I"ve seen some of the dailies and it seems that you all had quite a good time filming.
iStan/Brian - Hmmm. Because of the nature of the scenario a lot of material in Season 2 and in Season 4 was really fun. A difficult question to answer because we did a lot of block shooting. That means on any given day we might shoot bits from different episodes in random order.
iStan/Brian - My favourite thing to look at is the outtakes and the Season wrap reel.
Brunnen-G> I watched it - it is very funny
Ubertoaster> back in a bit...

paintedpony> Brian, do you still see the other cast members now and then?
iStan/Brian - I see more crew members than cast members because there are very few cast members in Halifax and a lot of crew members live here.
iStan/Brian - I haven't seen or heard from Eva since we wrapped Terminal at the beginning of Season 2.

Phil_Melb_Aust> Brian have they caught the bastards who attacked you?

thefrey> Word is you did not enjoy the bedroom shoot on water as much as the writers thought you would. Supposedly, they wrote that scene to make up for having poor Stan always locked up in some painful position. Is this true? D
iStan/Brian - First of all, people had asked 'Will Stanley ever get laid?'
iStan/Brian - We wanted to have Stanley overlaid. Now, the downside of shooting that scene occurred near the end when I had women sitting on my back. Three is not better than one.
Ramses> i'll be(t) that was excruciating at times to film.
flipper> lol
funket> I thought Stan was laid back in the "movies" *"Squeals" with delight*
mayaxxx> nope, not until Boomtown
Ramses> lol funket.
funket> there was the flashback with feppo and Smoor
Ramses> shamey shamey
Cesare> What about White trash?
Ramses> but he got them back. :D
funket> Indeed, Stan's the man!
Goblin> and Love Grows lol
Cesare> :-)
Ramses> or Love Grows.
funket> Yep :)
Ubertoaster> yeah! Shock
Ramses> oops.
angelbacchae> not forgetting Nook.. :)
Cesare> Trip was the best though..:.-)
Goblin> lmao

*** Phil_Melb_Aust is now known as flipper

Brunnen-G> Brian have you ever met Marty Simon - and if yes - what do you think of him as a person?
Brunnen-G> cause we do not know many things for him
Ramses> that's a good question, BG
Brunnen-G> :)
iStan/Brian - I met Marty a number of times. He's a very bright man, very articulate, talented, and a very, very sharp businessman.
iStan/Brian - We get along really well.
iStan/Brian - I'm the only one of the cast who still sends him Christmas cards.
Ramses> aw.
iStan/Brian - Bruce Mcdonald sends me subscriptions to upscale magazines.
Brunnen-G> ))

Dragonflygurl> What was it like been a chess piece in the game?
Goryn> :)
* Ubertoaster loved that episode
funket> And, having not since the Game, this goes out to anyone... Which piece on the board did he play? not seen
Goblin> Black Knight
Ubertoaster> balck knights
mayaxxx> Knight
funket> thanks
Ramses> yep
Ubertoaster> Neither of them died! O)
Cesare> He proved to be a very useful and significant piece if I remember well..
Goblin> such a great eppy
Cesare> Am I right Brian? -)
Goryn> Stan - the real man! (equipment included)
iStan/Brian - Very uncomfortable. We had to stand on boxes and put our heads through a hole in a plywood platform. Try being a bowling pin sometime.

paintedpony> What's more fun Brian, chatting via istan or direct mode? :-D
iStan/Brian - Well, this way I get to have two forms of conversation.

scifisuzi> 11Brian, were you able to keep your #red cap?
iStan/Brian - I have a #hat. I don't wear it all the time.

funket> Brian, were you a prankster on the set? Any memorable gags pulled by anyone?
iStan/Brian - There usually wasn't time for gags.
funket> I understand, a tight ship.
Goblin> didn't 790 have a gag? ;P
iStan/Brian - Very tight schedule and always something happening on the floor. You didn't want to screw up someone's concentration. That didn't mean we didn't have fun. We told jokes, played with lines- things necessary to stay sane.
paintedpony> too bad this stuff hasn't survived on tape

Ramses> multitasking.

Mmlover - Brian, When is the newfoundland con happening that you spoke of earlier, and any plans to do any in the U.S. in the future?
iStan/Brian - I'm not certain of the dates for the Newfoundland con but I will post the dates as soon as I know. No firm plans for the U.S. at this point.
* Ubertoaster notes sanity and Lexx don't necessarily go hand in hand...
Goblin> and as for sanity and Lexxians...
Goblin> heehee

funket> Hey Mantz!
mantra> hey :)

dreams_of_kai> Brian, were any of your plans disrupted because of your accident?
iStan/Brian - The plan to eat solid foods was definitely disrupted, and some travel plans. But nothing major.

scifisuzi> Thanks to istan for Brian's great website http// (I visit it often) and thanks for everyone involved in setting up this chat! You guys rock!

funket> SO did you often improvise (sorry if this question was asked before)?
iStan/Brian - We improvised only when it made sense because of physical circumstances on set or because the scene needed a cap. Or wqhen in the speaking of the written word it made sense to make the flow more natural.

funket> We're all happily dyslexxic.
dreams_of_kai> But doesn't the insnity of lexx help save our sanity?
* Ubertoaster concurs
Goblin> define sanity
funket> Sanity is an irrational reaction to the world we live in.

bigdaddy> can anybody post the chatlogg ?
vixen> it'll be on the bored

flipper> you sure looked hot in ya white suit brian
iStan/Brian - It was about 3degrees celsius. Who wouldn't be hot?
flipper> hehe I mean't hot as in sexy
Goblin> lol

Ramses> Brian, will there be a Lexx spinoff or Lexx movie? A final answer, please, as we have heard much and have been directed to post this question to you. D
iStan/Brian - Unlikely in this universe, however...

Ramses> mkay, thanks.
Mmlover - Hey flipper ;)

iStan/Brian - Any more questions?

Cesare> Stan, oh Stan, yep, he's the man, the brave and famous captain Stan, he's got Lexx, but has no sex, oh poor poor captain Stanley. Happy hour oh happy hour when Brian joined us on the chat, happy hour oh happy hour, this hour is ooooh sooo haaaappyyyy... Sing it to him, istan...;-)
dreams_of_kai> Whatever happened to the graphic novel?
vixen> lol
flipper> I was going to blow ya a few kisses mm but I know ya was modding
Mmlover - So I heard
Mmlover - Any special holiday plans, Brian?
iStan/Brian - Again, I hate to repeat myself- solid food.

iStan/Brian - It's a pleasure and let's do it again some time sooner rather than later.

bigdaddy> Brian, is the Character Stanley like u in real life ? *gg*
iStan/Brian - I sure hope not. Fun to play, fun to play with, but you can't take him home to mum.
Mmlover - lol
funket> lol
bigdaddy> gg
Goblin> lol

Ramses> Take care, Brian.

funket> Brian, do you think they made a mistake in killing off the Bugbomb character?
iStan/Brian - Mechanical devices do fail.
funket> especially when they're bombs.
Ramses> bugbomb lost its head.
funket> And now it's dead!

XS4Xevr> Brian Xenia says she's nothing like XEV. Is she really?
Brunnen-G> XS4Xevr good question
Dragonflygurl> That's what's good about been an actor you don't play your self but somebody else
flipper> Xenia has so many wonderful idiosyncrasy's the same as Xev
iStan/Brian - i've never sen Xenia turn into a reptile and roll across the floor.

thefrey> yes please take care Sir, and I hope your New Year is better than the last. D
funket> Thanks for the chat!
Ramses> adieu, adieu...parting is such sweet sorrow. Take care everyone.
flipper> lol
bigdaddy> Hey Brian, at the last chat in knuddels, u were kicked again and again, is it fixed ?
funket> bye
Stan/Brian - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
dreams_of_kai> Thank you for coming Brian. Get better soon and happy holidays.
Cesare> Good night, sweet dreams and merry x-mas, Brian.
iStan/Brian - Thanks right back to you all.
Goblin> Hugs!
Brunnen-G> 13Brian XS4Xevr as a person
Ubertoaster> cheers, Brian... Thanks for turning up...
bigdaddy> Yes Thx Brian, nice to read u...
angelbacchae> Thank you Brian, take care and Merry Christmas!
Brunnen-G> bye Brian
Dragonflygurl66> Season greetings
XS4Xevr> Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes!!

iStan - Stanley Tweedle has left the building.

Mmlover - Thanks for coming, Brian. A very merry Christmas to you!
bigdaddy> lol
Brunnen-G> ))
paintedpony> take care Brian, thanks for your time!
bigdaddy> many presents to u
Gela - thank you very much brian for being here )
Dr-pepper> merry x-mas & a happy new year
* Sound request can't find ''
iStan - great timing, RIII DIII
funket> welcome R!!!, you're fashionably late.
Mmlover - Hey RIII
bigdaddy> when will be next time ?
Brunnen-G> please someone SAVE THE CHAT LOG
Mmlover - It's all over now, RIII, hehhehehee
RIII> Yeah, unfortunately couldn't get here sooner
Gela - I saved it
Brunnen-G> and post it in lexxfans
RIII> of course - thanks.
* Ubertoaster needs to read the transcript... Missed a few bits getting disconnected
Gela - oh well...RIII, it's sad that you couldn't be here earlier
RIII> The old tank wouldn't take the program,
Brunnen-G> great gela
funket> I missed quite a bit of it myself, unfortunately.
Gela - I have the full transcript here, I used Excursion script and it automatically logs everything
Goryn> Brunnen-G, i'll translate it and post on russian on my site
Rocco> What a cool guy.
RIII> Thanks gela. I'll catch up.
Mmlover - too bad RIII
Gela - yw
funket> Very witty, brian is.
Brunnen-G> ))Ok wonderful
RIII> Yep. Too bad
Cesare> Next time, RIII...
RIII> I thought about you all though, and I'm glad so many got to enjoy the chat.
iStan - Thank you all for coming out today.
Cesare> Brian is a sweetie...-)
Gela - OK...thanks everyone for being here, and thank you very much for your questions! We enjoyed this very much and we hope you did too.


Again many thanks to iStan and Gela at for arranging this chat. 

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