Dad shoveled the front walk this morning. This was taken at about 8:00 a.m. As you might can see, it is still snowing. 

Dad's car buried in snow. 

Our cars huddled at the bottom of the driveway, please note this driveway has been cleared three times already. Once by me at 5:00 p.m. the night before, and then twice by the nice lady next door who has a kick ass big gas snow blower. She did it at O'dark-thirty this morning and about 5:00 a.m. And still it is totally covered and up to 24" in some areas where the snow drifted off the house. Yes, I totally understand that the nice lady is crazy, but this is a GOOD crazy. :D Apparently she *REALLY* likes using her snow blower.... I am not about to complain. ;) I see many Applebee gift certificates in her future. 

The road in front of our house. :D 

View from the backyard, sadly about two hours later the middle pine in this picture snapped off. I heard an enormous crack, looked around and watched it fall.  It was a loud! I heard it sound of the crack over the noise of the snow blower.  

The old apple tree in my neighbors back yard, this is why theStupidSpouseDog get's to visit with the local deer almost every night in the fall.

View from the back of my house. Pretty huh. I told theSpouse this view is why I want French Door put in the bedroom.

The five foot that theSpouse shoveled this morning for his dog. Blaze, which is the name of theStupidSpouseDog, ran out, stopped when he could go no further and then turned to look at my husband like he was insane. I can't blame the dog, what did theSpouse expect? Even dumb dog is not dumb enough to tinkle right in front of the door!

Ten minutes later, note that the snow is higher than the blower on my wimpy little electric snow blower.

Much higher!

John and Blaze view his new snow run.

"Ummm, dad? I can't reach the grass." Blaze is over 13 years old, and has a bad back. He doesn't jump up on the couch anymore, let alone climb up this kind of a mess.

I shoveled these darn cars out yesterday at 5 p.m. and again last night at midnight.

Rats. Well this is going to have to wait until this afternoon, my feet were getting cold and Wimpy the Snow Blower was telling me it was time to rest. :D

Sunday February 7th, 2010

Well it was real cold last night and we now have that Sparkly Sugar Snow on top of everything. As my GF says, "Everything looks better with a sprinkling of Glitter."

It is very bright this morning with the sun glaring off the snow.

I had no clue as to what to do with the snow at the top of the driveway. There was so much snow, if I snow blowed it, it would have covered the neighbors driveway. So we left a square of it in the driveway and the drive approach to give us a place to pile snow. NO SNOW BLOWING INTO THE STREET! Which I totally understand, but yet.... what the heck are you suppose to do with the stuff? Good thing we have a wide driveway. 

The sky is a gorgeous blue this morning. Perhaps that will comfort me when I go out there to dig out the street drain. The drain is just below our driveway, so if I don't clear it.... when this mess starts to melt.... yepper. Solid sheet of ice across my drive approach. Ah well, at least if it will be pretty while I slave away in the cold. :D

Thank heavens this is all finished. TheFather dug out the storm drain for me while I started working on the back parking pad. While he still can't get on the grass.... I did uncover a small strip of it for theStupidSpouseDog at the edges of the parking pad. Only bad thing? It did start spitzing a few snow flakes just as we finished. On the plus side? TheSpouse is no longer fussing at all about buying a snow blower. :)