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Nothing could be easier, but the trick to using a starter letter is that it is just that. Never send it with out making some changes or adding some text!  

The SEND TO NAME and STAR REQUEST name will of course need changed depending on  who you are writing to and what you Lexx Star you are requesting.  Don't forget to switch up the bio's a bit if you use them.  Because it is amazing how suspicious people become when they get identical letters from lots of different people. 

What kind of changes you ask? Well instead of being ‘very interested’ in attending dragon con, you could be ‘definitely’ attending, or ‘hoping to be able to make it’ ect… Instead of ‘dearly love to see a few panels’ you could ‘be excited at the chance to meet WHOEVER’ or ‘hoping to get WHOEVERS’s autograph and picture.’ Ect…  

Anyhow, here are a few starter letters for you. The names of the Dragon Con Contact people, the Bio's of the Lexx Stars are at the bottom of the page.   

Generic Sample #1

Dear Mr. Tackett,

I am very interested in attending Dragon Con, I looked over last years offerings and there seemed to be a lot going on. The only thing that was missing was Lexx.  

I am a huge fan of Lexx and would dearly love to see a few panels and some of the cast at Dragon Con.  After all no one is cooler than Nigel Bennett  I loved when he played Prince on Season three and four. If you have any suggestions of who I should contact about this, please let me know. I am really looking forward to having a great time with my fellow Lexxians at Dragon Con 2003.


Thank You,

P.s. He also stared in Forever Knight



Generic Sample #2

Dear Mr. Tacket,

I have heard that there may be Lexx stars and events at Dragon Con 2003. I am a huge Lexx fan and that would definitely put Dragon Con on my list of places to go this summer.

I hope that Brain Downey can attend. I would love to meet him. He is my favorite character from Lexx and would be a great addition to your convention.

I can’t wait until the guest list goes up. I want to see if  any of the Lexx Stars are attending, so that I can order my tickets as soon as possible.


Sample From Mark M (Blueguard2)


I am planning on attending DragonCon over Labor Day of 2003. I have been a big fan of science fiction for over 35 years! Among the shows I love are Babylon 5, and Farscape, but I especially love Lexx. Hope that Lexx will be well represented at DragonCon in 2003. I would like to see invitations issued to Brian Downey, Xenia Seeburg, Michael McManus, Nigel Bennett and especially Ellen Dubin.

Ellen Dubin, currently featured in Sirens of the Cinema #4 has an extensive appearance list in Science Fiction/Fantasy genre shows including the following: Forever Knight, Earth: Final Conflict, Lexx; Tales from a Parallel Universe, Tammy & T-Rex (with Denise Richards), and Lexx: The Series.

And more recently she can found in these current shows: A Wrinkle in Time - Nov 2002, Adventure Inc. and Area 21

Ellen is one of the most engaging stars ever, really devoted to her fans, and a very positive person. I know she would love to come. She can be reached at the following address: Ellen Dubin c/o Newton Landry Management 19 Isabella Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1M7 Canada Her publicist is: ed wanostromassoc@hotmail.com Thanks for reading my suggestion for a great guest! Don't forget to feature Lexx at Dragoncon!



Dragon Con Contact Info

email the director of guest services John Tackett -  jtackett@bellsouth.net 

email them in their general box dragoncon@dragoncon.org

Fan Track Coordinator - Cat Mitchel  marsattk1a@aol.com 

Or send a letter to pellaz@attbi.com  subject: 2002 Comment File saying how disappointed you were that Lexx was not officially represented in 2002 (doesn't matter if you were actually there or not) and how you hope things will be better this year.

One other area you may want to try is a LETTER.  They seem to count for more than emails, they show you are really serious. Of course I always send a email and a letter, I edit my email a bit and then snail mail it. By the time it gets there, your original email will have been counted and processed, so it may let them know you are really, really serious. And sometimes they are handled by different people, so that works too. Be brief, be nice and make sure they know how much you are looking forward to attending. If you have already booked your room or made plane reservations let them know that too!

Dragon Con is Dragon*Con
PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321 
We can CALL THEM. 770-909-O115 m-f 9am-5pm est.

Lexx Cast Bio's

Brian. Downey - The Captain of the Lexx Stanley H. Tweedle and an accomplished Jazz musician

Michael McManus - Lexx the Movies, Lexx the Series, Forever Knight and The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. 

Xenia Seeberg is not only and actor but also a singer.

Ellen Dubin -  Credits include Giggerotta the Wicked, Queen, G. G. Rota and Pope Genevieve the First on Lexx. Other credits include guest spots on Earth: Final Conflict, First Wave, Highlander: The Raven, Forever Knight, Robocop: Prime Directives, Tracker, Relic Hunter and as a cast member of the upcoming TV series pilot Area 23.

Patricia Zentilli -  is just so darn great and has had had Roles as Laleen, Brunen-g newborn, and Bunny (for two seasons), Beyond Beleif, and Earth Final Conflict. 

Nigel Bennett has been a principal on Lexx, Prince and also has Forever Knight appeal. You might mention that if you want to push for him.

Lex Gigeroff  Writer and actor with many roles on Lexx as well as numerous other shows.

Jeff Hirschfield  writer and actor of many roles and seasons on Lexx. Also head writer for 'Punkee Zee, Galactic Dectective' A scifi show for young kids. Also contributed to the writing of 'I was a sixth Grade Alien (S2 another youth Scifi Show) and The Outer Limits, Series VII, Episode Flower Child



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the series are the property of SALTER ST FILMS &
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