Kai's Komic Kontest

Where are these Props From? 

 Hanging with Michael McManus, in connection (kinda) with Figdress of Ebay fame, are proud to bring you the fun new game called... Guess the Prop!  What will I win you ask? Well I will put your nick under the prop pic you correctly identify to let the world know that you are a Lexx Trivia God. 

Good Luck!

This is from Super Nova. This jacket was worn by the Brunnen-G General in "Super Nova". When Stanley
was walking through the room with all the "memory disks" hanging with the slices of the people from Brunis. When Stan touches one of the disks a scene appears of a general giving a medal to a soldier (the memories belong to this soldier) honoring his success in a battle during the Insect Wars. Per Samuel Ullum

This is from 3.04 boomtown. it is upside down. There are several mounted on the walls of the banquet area with candles on them. best seen when Bunny and Kai are loading food on to the moth. per Toad Lady



This is from 2.19 Brizon. He asks "Where is my case" (while on the bridge for the first time) and Kai picks it up and says "Right here." per Toad Lady



Entrants from Contest 1

BugFlashlight is from Walpurgis Night 4.07  - Figdress


Pretty Key is from Brigadoom 2.18  - Lizard



Organ Jar is from Brison 2.19  - Greenlight - Winner Contest 1 


Hammer is from Boomtown 3.04  - Greenlight


Gas mask is from 4.23 - Lyekka Vs Japan - Nipht



Communicator from 2.13 Twlight - HDS (Note wings are upside down) 


Dress from 3.11 Girltown - Oo0XeV0oO


This is the Protoblood container from 4.08 Vlad - Stormsweeper 


This is the Back of the Cat suit that Lyekka wore in 791 - Stormsweeper 


This is the Prong that Brizon was going to use on Stanley in 2.19 - Cat (Changed from Mandrid to Brizon per the sharp eyes of Swinedog Tweedle)





Kaptions 33 thru 36


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