Hanging with TheFrey

Lexx 4.14 - Prime Ridge

This is a poster I saw hanging in Halifax while I was there in October. According to the fine print at the bottom, while in Prime Ridge, where the crew apparently settles down, they decide to make ends meet by getting ATM machines to spit out money to the tune of $$400,000.00.  I suspect that 790 has something to do with this.  They also mention that Stanley has escaped from a mental institution and is responsible for the deaths of two guard there. Other info on the poster:

Scars and Marks - Can be recognized by the fact that he always has a number 4 on his hat

Remarks - Always complaining about something.

The Halifax Poster


Darczone's picture from Jeff's site.

But what surprised me is that when I saw this poster is the feeling that I had seen the picture before.  Recently I was on Jeff's Lexxian Picture Post and saw this picture being attributed to Darczone.


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