Kai's Komic Kaptions 4


"Fell off a sandworm AGAIN! Damn, that's the third time this week!" - Logan55

"Up here I can really think about life's biggest questions. Like how can diet Dr. Pepper taste just like regular?" - emma_peel

"Fifi, I can see your house from here." - Rytalin

"Rosie glow my *ss! I'm being burned to a freaking crisp! - thefrey

"*thinking* Oh, gawd, I shouldn't have eaten that third burrito."  - trillian

"Prince/Kai: From up here, I am Prince of all I survey!    From Below: Well, from down 'ere, all we survey are yer Princely privates! 'ow 'bout some knickers yer 'ighness?" - BC

"hrm.. now if I could only remember the words to that 'The Wheel' poem." - NinaX

"Prince/Kai: Argh! We be off to find treasure beyond the Red Hot Sea. Steady she goes Mr. Fifi... chips ahoy! *Thinks* Now if I only had an eyepatch..." - CrankyTemplar


"*sigh. . . * The others just don't understand,  sometimes being dead is just such a bummer. . . ." - YakkyJackie

 "*singing*   I try to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes but Boys. Don't. Cry."  - Rytalin

"Your determination is admirable, Xev, but the dead just do not appreciate the value of a good ""hummer." - Sarcasmagoria"

I wish they would give me better conditioner for this damn hair. LOOK AT IT! It's so lifeless...erm...Oh yeah..nm." - trillian

"I love this hairstyle. I mean, do I have a sexy neck, or what?" - StormBorn

"I'm sorry Mommy, I promise never to do that nasty boy thing again..."  - cyfigirl"

"darn, I can't find my zipper in this outfit again." - NinaX"

Kai: Yes, I did kill the first guy, but I have *NO* idea where the other two corpses came from." - CrankyTemplar


"My butt is cooked and stuck on the wall." - emma_peel

"Fifi:  To the right just a bit - now down - a leeetle to the left. Yeah THAT'S the itchy spot" - Logan55

"I'm feeling fried, how about you FiFi?" - trillian

"{cue music}  How d'you do I...see you've met my...faithful haaaandyman..." - Sarcasmagoria 

"Dude, I'm tellin' ya; this thorn is way more bitch than Venice Beach even! I mean, duuuuuude, we're cut and buff! Come hang with us, we'll hook you up, man! Seriously."  -BC

"Fifi: No really Man, I Swear I see little green smurfs running up and down the pole!  Kai/prince:  No way. I tell you it's the shrooms, they screw with your brain!" - NinaX

"Fifi: Happy Bob's Comet Day Stan, only this time, you get a free trip off the city." - CrankyTemplar


"Holy crap, I can't believe they just stormed the damn plane and dragged me off! (I wonder where they're holding Nigel?), I won't go to Iceland, Dammit! Just untie me you fanatics! I'll sign your bloody autographs! *sob!*  gawd, I need a cigarette! (**dedicated to the MM/NB UnCon fans :) - BlackCloud - Winning Kaption Session 1

"*grunt, pant*  All right Paul . . . urgh . . I'll sign the season four contract . . .  just unlock these d*mn restraints!" - thefrey

"I hate career day! " - Logan55

"Will you get that beam out of my ear?? It's gonna give me a fungus or something!"  - Rytalin

"Word to Ya Mother!" - emma_peel

"CHARLIE HORSE, CHARLIE HORSE! gah!" - trillian 

"F%#@*!! HOUDINI!(where's that gaddamn key!) Forget the immersion tank! FORGET THE IMMERSION TANK!" - BlackCloud

"Kai: So you expect me to talk?   Ajudicator: We don't expect anything expect for you to die and for it to be a cheap funeral.   Kai: I am dead.   Ajudicator: Then we'll make you more dead!" - CrankyTemplar

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