Kai's Komic Kaptions 5

"No Stan, we don't want to share a cab" - YakkyJackie

"Me and the bot head are going to follow the Dead for a while. - emma_peel

"I think I found your problem, pal. The transmission's shot. You'll have to leave it here for a few days while we order the part." - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai: Uh...Stan, could you leave? Me and my love machine are having an intimate moment." - XevZev

"Kai:  Come on, you gonna pay the 50 bucks for this thing, or not?  Stan:  No way! I said I wanted head, not ROBOT head! - AristaStarfyr

"I would ask you to come along,Stan,but I only have enough cash to get ice cream for me and my buddy." - canuk

"I'll take an uber-sized protoblood shake, nothing for the robot head, thanks!" - primanw

"Stan: Kai what are you trying to hide? Kai: Why nothing Stan. 790: Nope nothing at all." - PhantomWolf

"Kai winks his eye at Stan and says: Hello there cutie what do you say about a threesome? Stan: Eeeh?" - Majsan

"Kai: Psst! Hey buddy! Wanna meet my robot head?" - dgrequeen

"Gay-schmay, Stanley. Who cares?" - StormBorn

"Come on, Stan! Are you gonna go cruising for babes with us or not, dude?!?" - Pandora00

"Kai: Dude! Stan, I saw this hot chick walkin' by, and I said to myself , Dude, this is the right girl for him!   Stan: Really?! Where is she?!  Kai: Ummm... dude, my bad, man! I knew I forgot somethin'! I guess no *ss for you tonight, huh?" -  Nika

"Michael: Bri, for the last time, man... If I don't get my money, there are gonna be some serious problems, and, frankly I'm not the one for confrontations!  Brian: (singing) Hey, Mikey... baby I gotcha money, don't ya worry!" - Nika

"Hey Stan , what did I tell you about hitting on my robot head?" - Identity6

"...and the Baby Bear jumped up and said..Goldilocks!!..Dammit Stan, why didn't you think of that before I started the story, now I'll lose my place!!" - mayaxiong


"*Kai thinking* She's right, they are a nice set, but doing a snuzzy-wuzzle to them might mess my hair, besides Stanley would talk."  - theFrey

"Zev:  So what now, Kai? ..Kai? Uh Kai?   Kai: Zzzzzz....(Michael snoring away)   Eva: Oh for crying out loud! He's asleep again!!   Paul: Alright, cut! (picks up the bullhorn) Michael WAKE UP!!!  Michael:  AH! hey,what,uh...oh shit..." - LyeCoatha

"Like so many of the living, apparently the dead *do* look a woman straight in the chest when talking to her." - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai: I don't care HOW many Tic-Tacs you used! You breath STILL smells like trash. Back me up here Stanley..." - XevZev

"Aww, Man! I hope she doesn't find out that I just lost my chiclet in her cleavage. Maybe I can fish it out before she notices....." - AristaStarfyr

"Kai ogles at Zevs chest and asks her, Zev are those two real?" - Majsan

"Kai: No Zev there isn't anything on your face. " - PhantomWolf

"Kai: Maybe if I close my eyes and ignore her, she'll think I'm sleeping and go away. Ah, damnit, she's still there." - BioVizerKard

"Zev,I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10" - "canuk"

"Kai: Hmmm. WonderBra?" - dgrequeen

"Yeah, Zev, I'll call you. Sure. Absolutely." - StormBorn

"Kai thinking: **Sheesh, Zev, back off already, willya?**" - StormBorn

"Cut it out, Zev! Quit poking me with those things...you could put an eye out, geez!" - Pandora00

"Hmm, machine gun jubblies. How'd I miss those?" (With all due respect to Mr. Austin Powers) - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai: Zev for the last time I don't date cluster lizards!" - Identity6

"Eva thinking to herself as Michael dozes: Hmmmm, I wonder what kind of mascara he's using these days...Maybelline or Cover Girl?" - mayaxiong


"I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about Zev. The dead do not *pout*.  - thefrey

"Oh fercryin' out loud, Kai, if you're gonna be such a BRAT about it, I'm sorry I said your hair made you look doofy. Okay??? Sheesh!" - Sarcasmagoria

"(Zev trying to get Kai to have sex with her) Zev: Come on, give it to me Kai!   Kai: No.    Zev:  Give it to me!!   Kai:   No!   Zev:  KAI!   Kai:  NO!   Zev: You know, I'm half Cluster Lizard. I can sit here ALL DAY...NOW GIVE IT TO ME!!! " - LyeCoatha

"Now Kai I know dead men don't have a bed time but you do have Cro time." - Foxy

"Eva:  Please, Michael, it's only one more shot before we break for lunch.  Michael: *pouts* Forget it! It's HOT in those cryopods! *scoffs* Cryopod my butt! I'm not going in until there's a cooling system installed. Now, where's my Dasani water, dammit?" - BlackCloud

"Zev: ""It's ok Kai. It happens to every man SOMEtime..." - XevZev

"Zev:  Come on, Kai, it doesn't even WORK anymore, for crying out loud!  Kai: I don't care. You're not going to put this out in the garage sale! It's my absolute favorite Cryo-pod! I will not have a female just up and sell it for parts!" - AristaStarfyr

"Kai,you have to have a shower.  Kai: No,I do not and you cannot make me!  Zev: Yes,I can,Kai.  Kai:  Oh,ya? You and whose army?" - canuk

"Zev:  I said I was sorry, Kai! It was an accident, really! The bottle slipped!  Kai: You used almost *all* of my proto-shampoo and now I have very little left." - primanw

"Zev: Come on Kai stop sulking Stan is the Captain and you are the assassin.  Kai: But I want to be the Captain.   Zev: Now now, take it as a man and say after me 'Stan is the Captain and I am the assassin.   Kai: No I won't.   Zev: If you don't you wont get any protoblood.  Kai *mumbling*  Stan is the Captain and I am the assassin." - Majsan

"No, Kai, I *like* older men--really!" - StormBorn

"My butt is NOT frozen to the cryo-pod" - rave

"Kai: Zev, what did I tell you about being sure of your need before you re-animate me? Zev: I am very sure of my needs! Now how do I open this thing so we can try a new position? Kai: Uhhhhhhhh not again, we did it twice already and I have a headache." - Identity6

"Michael sulking: All that theatrical training for this....   I mean.... who ever heard of a Shakespearean actor having to do lines like.. 'The dead do not poo. ?!'" - mayaxiong


"Not only do the Dead, not float, apparently they don't fly too good either." - theFrey

"Kai would be perfect person to cast for MTV Jack*ss." - emma_peel

"Holy crap, Stanley, did something crawl up in you and DIE?" - Sarcasmagoria

"I have saved their ass' countless times. But never did I ever believe their STUPIDITY would have me jumping, FREE FALLING off the LEXX!!! Ooh, when I get my hands on those two!! ...Ewe was that a bug? ARRRGH... STANLEY!!!" - LyeCoatha

"*Singing* Here I come to save the DAAAAAAY!" - BioVizerKard

"Kai: ""WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Bungee jumping is FUN! (Kai looks up) OH SHIT! I FORGOT THE COOOOOOOOORD!" - XevZev

"I'm getting AIR SICK! Can I get off this bar trip, now? PLEASE!?" - AristaStarfyr

"790 in the squawker to Kai: Kai why did'nt you put on the parachute? Kai: Parachute what parachute? Nobody said anything about a prachuuuuuuuute." - Majsan

"Kai: BOOO!!!! Bet you didn't see me hiding up there!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" - dgrequeen

"Lets see... happy thoughts, happy thoughts... d*mn, how much farther to Never-never land?" - panda

" Hold me up,.. that's it, I'll wave my arms a little.. now cue the wind... WAIT..NOT THERE, GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME JEFFREY!! OOOUUCCHHHH!" - mayaxiong


 "Generic hairspray? Xev, have you taken complete and total leave of your senses?" - theFrey

"Kai: Hey, Stan?  Stan: Yeah buddy?  Kai: You fly is open." - XevZev

 "I don't care if you're half cluster lizard, it's disgusting to eat brains anyway." - StansJennix

"I have an overdue library book from WHEN?" - canuk

"Whaa....??? I'm DEAD?!?!?!" - dgrequeen

"What was that? I couldn't hear you. The glass *tap tap.*....What? Hello? What were you two saying a minute ago?.....Why aren't you talking to me? What's so funny? Fly? What fly?...WHAT barn door? I don't HAVE a barn door that's been open for the past 4 months! WHAT ARE YOU SNICKERING ABOUT!..." - AristaStarfyr

"Waitaminnit, you put *WHAT* in my protoblood??" - Sarcasmagoria

"No, Stanley, the dead do *not* get blue balls." - StormBorn

"Cranky?!? What do you mean, cranky? The dead do *not* wake up cranky!" - Pandora00

"You did what to my cry-o-pod???" - PhantomWolf

"Kai: The dead do not have sex with Zev." - LyeCoatha

"Kai: The dead do not have sex with Zev." - LyeCoatha

"You want me to what?... And how does that work, exactly?... Is that humanly possible?... Oh, oh my... Stan, that's far more than I ever wanted to see." - rave

"What the hell are YOU looking at?" - Identity6

"Kai: I missed something... Xev: Yes?. I was Zev and now I'm Xev.  Kai: Well, you're still a tramp and the dead STILL no not want you." - Zevchan

"Who did you say was watching when my costume fell off? Tour Group, What tour group? They said they saw what? But I thought I put that back in wardrobe. No, I have NOT been taking it home at night.!!" - mayaxiong

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