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This is a list of the Cast and Crew Info I have to date.  If you have and address or link that I am missing, or find one that is outdated please email me

If you are requesting a reply or autograph, please remember to add a self addressed envelope with your request. Also the return envelope should have the proper type of stamp on it for the country you are sending it to. So, if you don't live in that country, you will need to use an international answer coupon. You can pick one up at your local post office.  Also if you are sending a package, make sure to mark it very clearly as a gift, so it doesn't get balled up in that duty payment thingy.


photo courtesy of Patricia Zentilli

Patricia Zentilli

Official/Semi-Official Web Site - http://patriciazentilli.com/

Snail Mail - Patricia Zentilli
C/O Paul Simmons Management,
174 Bedford Road
Lower Level,
, M5R 2K9

email - PatriciaZentilli@aol.com

Interview - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/pat-z-01.htm 

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/pat-z-02.htm 



photo courtesy of Patricia Zentilli

Rolf Kanies

Official Web Site - http://www.rolfkanies.com

Rolf Kanies C/o Goldschmidt Renate Landkammer
Damaschkestr. 33
10711 Berlin

email - rolfkanies@hotmail.com

Interview - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/rolf-1.htm 

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/rolf-2.htm 



photo courtesy of Ayrton http://www.ayrtonsuncon2001pictures.homestead.com/

Lex Gigeroff

Official/Semi-Official Web Site - http://theobgcommunique.blog.ca/main/

Snail mail - Addy available upon request… 

Email lexgigeroff@thefrey.com 

Interview -  http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/gigeroff-01.htm

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/gigeroff-02.htm 

 Notes: Gigeroff does not have an email set up for fans, but he did kindly allow me to set up a forwarding/bounce email address for him at . It will automatically forward any messages to his personal email account.


  Jeff Hirshfield

New - Jeff Hirshfield - New

           Official/Semi-Official Web Site - None

Snail mail - Jeff Hirshfield
c/o The Alpern Group
15645 Royal Oak Road
Encino, CA, USA

Interview -  http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/

Chat - Jeff 2002, Jeff 2005 


  photo courtesy of Ms. Zentilli

Chris Bould

           Official/Semi-Official Web Site - None

Snail mail - Chris Bould
54 Bickerton Road,
N19 5JS,
United Kingdom

Email cbould@hotmail.com

Interview -  http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/bould-01.htm 

Chat - None Yet sadly 



photo courtesy of Ms. Dubin's presskit as given to Sadgezzer.com

Ellen Dubin

Official Web Site - http://www.scifisuzi.com/ellendubin

Email giggerota100@aol.com

Yahoo Group  <--NEW!!!!

Snail mail - ELLEN DUBIN
c/o Newton Landry Management
19 Isabella Street
Toronto, Ontario,
M4Y 1M7

VidCaps of Ms. Dubin in 'Wildfire 7, the Inferno'

Review of  Ms. Dubin in Tamara

Interview -  http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/ellen1.htm

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/ellen2.htm 




Official Web Site - http://www.LouiseWischermann.com 

Snail Mail - Future Fab.
c/o Brad Denton
211 Finchdene Square
Toronto , Ontario
M1X 1B9 - Canada 

Email lyekka02@hotmail.com 

Interview -  None yet sadly

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/pat-z-02.htm  

Note: this chat link is when Ms. W. popped in during Ms. Zentilli's chat



Photo courtesy of the Eva Habermann Fanclub

Eva Habermann

Official Web Site - http://www.eva-habermann.de

Snail Mail For Autographs Only - Eva Habermann Fanclub
c/o Jens Schmigowski
Kapuzinerring 30
59457 Werl

Email info@eva-habermann.de

Interview -  None yet sadly

Chat - None yet Sadly 



Xenia Seeburg Photo by Michael Bernhard  courtesy of Ms. Seeburg's site

Xenia Seeburg

Official Web Site - http://xeniaseeberg.biz/home/ 

Snail Mail - Xenia Seeberg 
C/O Pyradyne
1278   Glenneyre Suite 305
Laguna Beach  92651

Email xeniaseeberg@xeniaseeberg.biz

Interview -  None yet sadly

Chat - None Yet sadly 

This really great pic of Brian Downey is apparently is from a site called iconsf.org, which I can not find a link for. But gosh is it a nice picture!

Brian Downey

Official/Semi-Official Web Site - http://www.briandowney.biz

Snail Mail - Brian Downey
PO BOX 46035
B3K 5V8

email - thaidowney@hotmail.com 

Interview - None yet sadly

Chat - http://www.sadgeezer.com/lexx/interviews/brian-01.htm


The LEXX names, characters and everything else associated with
the series are the property of SALTER ST FILMS &
TiMe Film-und TV-Produktions GmbH in association with
Screen Partners and the SciFi Channel.  All rights reserved.

Originally posted June 8, 2002

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