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Invades Dragon Con 2003





theBrother at the airport thinks it is way to early for this nonsense. 

 Season 1 Xev graces the Friday night Mixer.

Trying to talk over the speakers from h*ll at Champions.

a second too late to get a really great pic of the Stan hat attacking Vandarian 

Michele C blocks a touch down pass to Jeff

Jeff chats


HDS looks demented :D

Bailey listens.

 Jeff and Gimmepoch chat


Brian glares at me for calling him 'Mr. Downey' 

Brian greets the crowd

Valdron holds court. 

Brian Bubbles.

Bailey watches the antics.

 Leigh and Bunny create antics.

HDS and Mandara get reaquainted. 


Saturday morning Mike_l and BeBopChic help at the Fan Club Information table in the lobby. *sigh* our signs would have looked so much better elevated.... unfortunately our local people got press ganged and didn't make it to the lumber store. 

Mike poses menacingly with the Kailing and the pin holder.... 

 While HDS and Tree just pose.

The first Lexx panel in the Regency Ball Room. 

Patrick worked the mic for the fan questions.


I snuck up to the front and annoyingly blocked peoples view for a few moments while snapping a pic or two.

Cardtrick (Travis) 

Petreak (Patrick) at the Little Blue Planet Bash. 

Fans mingle...

and sit.

Lots and lots and lots of door prize goodies that Aleck brought us, compliments of our friends at Acorn Media. 

There was enough for everyone got a major gifty and a some season 3 post cards that even Brian had not seen. 

Pat and Dee

Dee and ILyekkaKai


Brian clutches the two bound volumes of Valdron's Lexx book, which he presented to him at the party. Gimmepoch gets all Prince-y :)

Duel TV's showed Lexx promo's and Brian's shorts (not those ones!! people minds out of the gutter please!) and selections from Jeff's PunkeZ kid show, while we chat and mingle. 

    Bebob and.... the Dress! Whoooo hooo.

Patty and a recovering Lloyd arrive. 

Aleck, FX and Ted chat at the Piano bar.

The crowd admire Valdon's book.

 Leigh watches the promo tapes.

Sunday Tree lets Michele borrow her Xev outfit while she lounges around in her comfy Stan outfit.

 Michele, Tree and Captain Jack 'HDS' Sparrow. 

Tree as Stan.

 Captain Sparrow gets his marching orders from Captain Stan!


"Yes my luv, of course my luv, what ever you say my luv. 


 Trini laughs while reading chapters from Valdron's Book.

The cups that were in the Cast goodie bags. 

More pics as people give them to me. :D

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