Kai's Komic Kaptions 52

Speaking Parts Sadgeezer Addition


I swear, I just wish I could land a part where the hair dressers paid attention to me once in a while. - theFrey

Paul:  HAS ANYONE SEEN XENIA!?   Lex:  She's in the back with Michael.  'PAN CAMERA OUT' - LexxLurker

Oh.. yes, just a little faster! More to the left.. umm... yes, oh yes that is hitting the spot baby! ( MM says to himself as he scratches his back against the door frame )  - TweedleGurl790

Gawd, please let that 'Finally! Some news about McManus!' thread stay lost from the revamped Lexx.com board! - Trini_T

MM breathes a frustrated sigh:  Must I always be surrounded by idiots who don't understand my.....my.......ARTISTIC VISION!!!!!!    I'm a professional dammit, what a freaking role, next I'll be a waiter in a restaurant; or even worse wearing some gawd-awful wig.  I need a role that defines me.... that leads me to explore the inner me.....  I need a cigarette.  - mandara k 

            '1...2...3...4...' Michael plays hide and go seek with the hairdressers on the set of Speaking Parts. He obviously never finds them. - streudel

Aaaaaah Bisto!" - nursewhen

When I grow up I want to be just like Fabio - Logan

            "How do you spell relief?"  - Logan

            "You drool while I dribble. Ahhh..."  - Logan

A distraught MM recovers after his failed broadway audition. It truly was a bad Hair day.  - Logan

MM: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... - purple_unicorn
Crisis at Mr. Chows: I cannot BELIEVE the awful table that she is offering me! And what was that snide remark about a shirt looking like it came from Old Navy!? It's Dolce en Gabana and she knows it. - lizard
            NO I WILL NOT do a lighting check until SOMEONE checks my cover up and runs a comb through my hair! I look afright!!! - LBLEXX

  Thank gawd for Rogaine - Logan

            Behold the human mop! - Logan

Ahhhh, season 4 is ~finally~ over. I can start my band. With hair like mine, I must have a band. - Lois_Lane




*** Many thanks to Lubka for allowing me to snerch her great pics for this page. ***

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