Kai's Komic Kaptions 51


You know, you would think that craft services would at least TRY to help us get him to the next location shot. - theFrey

Brian, are you sure this is safe?  Brian: Sure it is. Me and Michael saw it last night on a movie called Jack Ass. - Koudelka

Xev: Stanley, are you really buying this "the dead do not walk on the grass" bit? - Sassy Assassin

Stop grumbling, Stan.  We could use a second one, and anyway he was cheap. - Wordsmith

Xenia: I swear Brian I'm getting tired of Michael trying to run off the set before the show is done! If we have to tranquilize his butt one more time and drag him back to the set just one more time...... - Koudelka

Stan: Next time I want to ride in the buggy MOMMY! Kai: Ahah pttt. - OwJon2

Hey kids!!!   Try the new blow up Kai doll.  It's Kaitasic.  Blow up Kai doll shopping cart sod separately - Crow

Damn these hurricanes! They got the last Divine Assassin in the store! - PeridotEyes

Kai:I know that the dead don't feel pain but I'm pretty sure that my leg is dislocated. - Acox1217


Huh? What part of the dead do not snuggle under a blankie, do you not understand? - theFrey

Kai: Ok, one more bedtime story.....then it's straight to sleep, missy! - Sassy Assassin

MM: Uh, Xenia... Where's you other hand?!? - Raven495

You and the Sci-Fi logo did *what*? - Wordsmith

Kai: The dead do not feel pain but that doesn't give you the right to stick that where the sun don't shine honey. - Quash

Xenia, are you sure you want to flash this junior chipmunk scout troop?  - Cheddar

I would but I'm allergic to wool.- P_T_Bando


'All right, all right, I'm getting up.... geeeze you'd think a funeral home would be some place that the dead could rest in peace. - theFrey

Kai, it's for you.  Someone named Inigo Montoya wants to have a word with you about his father. - Wordsmith

Shut off that F****** alarm clock! - OwJon2
Xev: Kai GET UP we have to make it to the day after Christmas sale at walmart...Stan:Half price protoblood - Liev4life

Kai: Although the dead do not feel pain, that Sci-Fi logo stuck in my leg is rather annoying... - Theri 

Crap, he's awake! Stan hide the clippers.- P_T_Bando

I didn't think that the dead could get hangovers. - Acox1217

Sh*t! I told you we'd wake him up! Ruuuuun!-DizzyD

I have had it up to here with your 'Five O-Clock' shadow that appears by noon!  It's time for a really close shave actor boy! - theFrey

Michael: Geez, Xenia, did you have to have souvlaki, garlic bread AND onion rings for lunch? - Sassy Assassin

Zev: For the LAST time! 790 calls you; not vice-versa. Do you have any ideal just what these long distance, peek-hours, roaming charges cost me! Huh! Can you hear me now!?! - Raven495

Hey! mister technology, you told me you would hook up the new dvd player, so if you don't want to come to it, it will come to you. - Liev4life

Noooooooo, I won't agree to a fifth season, I don't care what you threaten to shove anywhere! - Cheddar

Kai:  "No, Xev, for the last time, the dead do NOT do karaoke!!"  - Anubis


 Hummm, it was late, the Becks was flowing... So tell me lady, exactly where am I? - theFrey

Kai: Sorry babe. It's not you, it's me. Really! I haven't had it in two thou... er, its been awhile, OK. Oh, but the dead so DO the cold shoulder. - Raven495

Kai: What? I wasn't good for you too? Hey, what made you think 'lil Twack was gonna be slower than what you've seen? Everything about me is quick: sorry!
- Raven495 

Now why is she treating me so coldly? Oh, yeah. She's dead too. - Cheddar

Hey buddy, have you tried new Pert Plus? - P_T_Bando


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