Kai's Komic Kaptions 53


The walk to the Halifax drunk tank is never fun once the sun is up. - theFrey

Kai: I told you, you have the wrong guy! I did not try to steal tampons!!! - liev4life

Kai is busted by the fashion police for wearing the same thing for 4,000 years. - PeridotEyes

Kai singing: Let me see you 1,2 step, I like it when you 1,2 step! Come on lets dance with the FBI!!!!! - liev4life

The van was quickly evacuated after Kai's body let out a four thousand year old fart! - Macott

No animals where hurt in the production of Lexx. However some thespians where bit and clawed dragging the animals to their marks for filming.- Raven495

Like I told you guys earlier. The dead do not get arrested! - P_T_Bando

MM: *grumbling*:  When I said they'd need a swat team to get me to finish this season...

Michael and the lexx crew practices for the audition of Chicago - liev4life

DID YOU KNOW?!? Fig. 1 [left] ("The little people" often referred to in Oscar thank-you speeches.) These hard core thespians are responsible for bailing the "stars" out of jail/rehab every morning and making sure there stomach/colon is pumped. After hours of make-up and Valium; the actors are "ready for there close-up". Here we see "TLP" dragging the stars of LEXX [1997] to their marks; kicking and screaming all the way.. - Raven495

Kai: The dead do *NOT* can-can. - Erin


  Xev! A little warm water here please. Xev! Kai, tell Xev to quit laughing and unstick me right now! - theFrey

I know I told you to chill out, Kai, but this is ridiculous! - jack5285

Stan: This is my latest creation! I will call him kai-enstein!! Muahhahahahahaha... - liev4life

Here it is, the new and improved Kai-in-the-Box! Call now! - jack5285

Does this refrigerator make me look fat? - PeridotEyes

Zev! Come quick, Kai got stuck in the keggerator again. - P_T_Bando

Most people think that by sealing their undead assassin in a fridge that he will keep longer. This is a mistake. - Acox1217


Does it look like I am comfortable Xenia? You see what you have to do to fit into your costume if you stay out every night drinking. - theFrey

Kai grouses under his breath: Even when I'm trying to chill out this t#### tries to ruin it. -liev4life

Xev still doesn't get the point of chiropractic treatment. - PeridotEyes

Xenia, tell the wardrobe lady I apologize. And then ask her if she can please adjust this collar! - Cheddar

Excuse me, I just need the martini olives. -  P_T_Bando


Where will you be when your diarrhea returns? - theFrey

Kai: Should of used Preparation H. - liev4life

Kai: I will not resist you, Soldier. I am going to quit while I am ahead! - DBullis

Sorry Mike, it's going to take another twenty minutes to sweat off enough of last nights binge to get you into your costume. - Yakkie Jackie

I swear I don't know the location of the secret microfilm. -  P_T_Bando




Post Kaption for Picture 20

It was an emotional session, and while Xev is glad Kai is now in touch with his feelings and needs, she just wishes that he 'needed' to hold on to her for emotional support and not Stan. - theFrey

Kai: *wakes up* huh? where are we? Stan: oh Kai, u forgot your motion sickness pills, puked all over Xev and fainted. Need a bucket buddy?   Kai: the dead do not puke they let out excessive gas Stanley  -liev4life

Kai: Xev, mixing my protoblood with vodka does NOT work getting me in bed. - silversurfer

Kai: 6,000 bottle of queer on the call, 9,000 wottles a weer. lake em up pass me a cup 96,000 uhh... *thump* - liev4life

I wonder if he's gonna have a hangover tomorrow? - whisst

Hey Xev, I think my parasitic twin likes you.- P_T_Bando 

Stan: Sci fi logo is giving Kai the eye! -liev4life


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