Kai's Komic Kaptions 2


Ohhhh, you are so screwed man. " - trillian

"'Join the Brunnen-G Army,' he said. 'You'll be a hero,' he said. 'Travel the Universe and meet beautiful women,' he said. Oo, if I *ever* get my hands on that recruiter, I swear I'm gonna..." - Sarcasmagoria

"Brain has perform illegal operations, will shut down in 5,4,3,2." - emma_peel

"I'll take giant bug ships for $300.00" - Logan55

"Stan's been sneaking stuff into Kai's protoblood, trying to disprove that whole *the dead do not get high* thing. Now Kai's dumb as a sack o' rocks." -  Aurora

"Kai:  Ohh no you don't..not this time.. You KNOW I do not like green eggs and ham." NinaX


"Too late, Michael realizes that he really shouldn't have p*ssed off the lighting crew." - YakkyJackie

"Kai wakes up after a night of Dew and chocolate." - trillian

"FIRE BAD!!!!!!!! Ooo, is that fondue?" - Rytalin

"When I find out who put the Lexx goo down my pants, they're going to be REALLY sorry!" - Doffy

"All work and no play makes Kai a dull boy. All work and no play makes Kai a dull boy. All work and no play..." - Sarcasmagoria

"I knew I shouldn't have drank all those boiler-makers!!!" - "Kelly Barton" 

"QUIET! Can't you see I have a hang-over!!" - Kelly Barton

"Stanley, if you wake me to complain that Lykka is smooth 'round the bend again, I won't be responsible for my ACTIONS!" - Kelly Barton

"Burpppppppppp!" - emma_peel

"Mad Kai was very angry to hear he'd just been voted off the Lexx. Sulking, he stalked off to plot his revenge." - BlackCloud

"On long, lonely voyages through the Dark Zone, Kai can sometimes be coaxed into telling scary assassin stories with a flashlight under his chin." - Aurora

"*The Dead do not photograph well when asked to wear yellow contacts that itch." - NinaX 


"Iím telling you, Mr. Hoffa, the scaffolding is rock solid, here." - progressor

"Erm...I can't think of a caption for this except... THUD" - trillian

"There's people who have been waiting a long time for this moment, so come over here and take your medicine, Miss Aguilera. It won't hurt...much." - Sarcasmagoria

"C'mere, little girl! I have candy!" - PrimaNightwind

"I'll save you, little girl! (Save you for *later*!)" - PrimaNightwind

"You won't believe the size of this button!" - reggemS

"'Welcome to my parlor,' said the spider to the fly. " - Kelly Barton

"'Come my lady, come come, my Lady. You're by butterfly. Sugar! Baby!'  * Kchink! * Crazy Town" - BC

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Donovan. Don't be nervous. Yes, just a little...bit...closer. Behind my back? *laughs* Nothing! Don't be silly; uh, couldn't we get just a bit.... *KTWHACK!* Perfect. Cut!" - BlackCloud 

"Right this way - the dentist will see you now" - Logan55

"Read between the lines." - emma_peel

"Come 'ere Paul,  I want to *chat* with you about this hairdo you've inflicted upon me." - thefrey

"Come on now I won't hurt you." - NinaX


"...And, for even more body and volume, try our new Hair Maximizer attatchment!" - Aleck Bennett

"Here he is, Mr. Dead! *smile at the audience Kai, you won!* " - trillian

"And this will keep my bun in place during those flying leaps off buildings, the Lexx, etc.?" - MicroMary

"Okay, cue song by Irene Cara, cut to the scene on the chair . . ." - Rytalin

"They're trying to read my thoughts I tell you! This keeps the voices in my head far, far away." - Doffy

"I'm not sure this is good for decarbonized hair, are you certain that it is safe?" - PrimaNightwind

"Does this come is assassin black?" - PrimaNightwind

"On MedSat we meet such innnnnnteresting people, with such innnnnteresting hairdos..." - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai thinking:  Bio-feedback? Doesn't one need a little 'bio' to feedback? What part of *dead* don't they understand?" - BC

"Finally, I'm Queen for a Day." - emma_peel

"For a limited time only, you can have this lovely hand-crafted pepper shaker for the low low price of just 19.95! (plus 3.95 S/H) Have your credit card ready and call now, operators are standing by. Not sold in any stores. Satisfaction guaranteed." - Logan55

"Kai, still trying for that World Record, takes precise measurements of the Bun, twice a day." - Aurora

"Dead Guy Power Ranger. " - NinaX


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