Kai's Komic Kaptions 3


"Are you sure I got all the spinach out of my teeth?" - trillian

"Zev: Don't even try to deny it!   Kai: I *did not* use your shampoo....I have my own, thank you very much!" - PrimaNightwind

"Yes, Zev, I trimmed ALL my nostril hairs this morning!" - MicroMary

*singing*... "And I-I will always love you..." - Kelly Barton

"Kai: No, Zev, I am more lovely by far than you   Zev: It is I, Kai, who eclipses you with my blue ethereal beauty!   Kai: But I, Zev, pirouette flawlessly, can you say that! NO! I win, you lose!" -  BC

"Why yes, Zev, as a matter of fact that *is* a banana in my pocket!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai: This is a dream Zev. I am not really alive.   Zev: Who cares? It's MY dream, so we're going past first base before I wake up." - CrankyTemplar

"Why must you always try to steal the scene Zev!"

"Heh, yeah, heat does do strange things to hair." - trillian

"I'm a scorpio and you're a gemini! What's more perfect than that?" - PrimaNightwind

"Michael giggles to himself as he anticipates Xenia's reaction to finding out he's not wearing any knickers under the toga." - Sarcasmagoria

"You're always telling me to do something about my hair. So, what do you think?" - MicroMary

"Okay, I got one. Three assassins go into a bar..." - Logan55

"You're a girlllll! Hehehehehe." -emma_peel

"His first date in *6,000* years, and Kai can't stop blushing and giggling."  - Aurora

"Xev: Hey! Where did you find a curling iron? Hand it over!" - StormBorn

"*blushing wildly* Yahh.. its a new scent I picked up in GirlTown Xev." - NinaX 

"Xev: Kai! You're alive!   *Prince/Kai laughs*   Prince/Kai: I'm not Kai, hahahaha! Uh... did I say that out loud or think that?" - CrankyTemplar

"------ phffffftttt -------  I'm so sorry, Xev. That's the first fart I've had in 6,000 years!" - canuk


"Yeah, Yeah Zev. I love you too." - YakkyJackie

"All right, if I have to, Zev." - trillian

"Zev: You killed His Shadow and saved the Universe, Kai! Here is the reward I promised you!   Kai: I was thinking more along the lines of bankable currencies or protoblood, Zev....." - PrimaNightwind

"PLEASE, ZEV!! I have morning breath!" - MicroMary

"No. Sorry Zev, I don't go all the way on the first date." - Kelly Barton

"I don't like fast women!" - Kelly Barton

"Zev: Mmmmmmm, protoblood tastes like Jello!" - emma_peel

"Kai thinking: 'Sure she loves me now but what about AFTER we go all the way? Will she still respect m... oh, yeh, I forgot, no functional parts. Kiss away, honey, you're primin' the pump but the well is dry!'"  - BlackCloud

"Kai thinking: (sigh) I guess it's *nice* that chicks dig me, but I'm MORE than just a Boy Toy." - Aurora

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Cluster-lizard breath!" - Logan55

"Kai: The dead do not use breathmints." - CrankyTemplar


"If I turn my head like this, maybe I won't be lost in the background."  - trillian

"I'm not going, you can't make me! Don't even think it!" - PrimaNightwind

"One more word out of you about the outfit, Stanley, and I'm SO gonna come over there and kick your ass!" - Sarcasmagoria 

"Geez! Try to make a fashion statement and the copy-cats come out of the woodwork!" - MicroMary

"Hey, are you SURE you didn't leave any colors out of this? I'd hate to think you might have missed one or two. Wouldn't want to be too drab, would we!"" (And, they wonder why I wanted to leave Brunnis II)" - BlackCloud

"He's wearing the colors of all his favorite care bears." - emma_peel

"Kai sings: ""I look like a gummy bear!! bouncing here and there and every where..." - MyDarlingXev

"Kai thinking: Oh for cry`n out loud. Will they ever shut up?" - NinaX

"Kai: You already got me to wear this costume, but I am *NOT* going to sing!" - CrankyTemplar

"I can't believe they turned me down for Cirque de Soleil" - canuk 

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