Kai's Komic Kaptions 12

"Stan and Xev are surprised at how upset Kai was about not being able to see Disney World" - thefrey

"No, the dead cannot wait untill the next rest stop Stanley." - TwilightRhapsody

"Kai thinks: Oh no!  *the ex-lax just kicked in*" - rave

"Kai: I wanted to go in the gator pit!" - emma_peel

"Xev: Truth or Dare?   Stan:  Dare!   Xev: I dare you too wet willie Kia!" - emma_peel

"Brian: What do you mean, 'sit down, I have bad news..' don't tell us the hair is really YOURS?!" -  mayaxiong

"Stan just informed Kai that it is not the moth's control knob he has his hand on!!..." - NB1 

"Xev: What's that smell?  Stan and Xev both give Kai a curious look as he
warns them not to light a match.

"*Kai thinking*: OK, I do want to go to Transylvania. It's full of dead people and I need a vacation!" - StormBorn

"Kai tries hard to act nonchalant, but Xev and Stan both *saw* him shakin' his bon-bon in that bar back there." - Aurora

"Kai tries hard to think up some explanation,  ....would they believe His Shadow was controlling me? Protoblood seizures...?  But he knows he will never hear the end of this. They both saw him in the bar back there - shakin' his bon-bon like Ricky Martin and tossin' back tequila shooters." - Aurora

"*Why* do you want to go to Transylvania again? For the last time, there may be a BrunnenG hairstylist there--I've got to fix this bun before it totally collapses, OK!" - StormBorn

"Look lady. For the last time, Get off my back will ya." - thefrey

"The dead...do not feel so good!.  Aw jeez Kai, I TOLD you not to eat those carrots!"    - TwilightRhapsody

"*CRACK* Kai visits the chiropracter " - rave

"Thats one hell of a parisite on your back." - emma_peel

"Earth Girl: Mmmmmmm! B cup?" -emma_peel

"Michael: Listen, I don't have time to be in your next music video, Bjork..." - mayaxiong

"Annoyed Kai informs Tina he has a brace for her front teeth........" - NB1

"In one of her many furious attempts to arouse Kai, Tina accidentally gets her teeth stuck in his hair." -FlameDrake

"Next on Scooby-Doo, Velma falls in love with the ghost." - emma_peel

"Kai: Look, I just want to watch the superbowl." - Hypatia

"Kai: Making me watch porn will not 'prime the pump'., The dead do not have....oh, forget it. Yo-a-ohh -" - Hypatia

"Interesting...she's making me hotter than Xev ever did. I must be up to 43 degrees Fahrenheit by now."  - StormBorn

"Tina, it is not my fault your forearm just froze to my chest." - StormBorn

"Whoa girl! No sense beating a dead horse. No sense tryin' to ride him either."  Aurora

"What strange cinema customs they have on this planet." - PeridotEyes

"I told you, Tina, I am relaxed. This is as relaxed as the Dead get!" - StormBorn

Kai: "Not now, can't you see I'm playing Nintendo?! This is
my last life!" - DJ KGB

"Texas girls *know* how to tame a rogue male: grab that braid and HOLD ON. 'Yeeeehaw! Yippee Kai Yay!'" - Aurora

"The air traffic congestion on this planet, honestly!" - thefrey

"I see a parking space! Hurry!" - PrimaNightwind

"Having had quite enough of 790's poetry this trip, Kai considers crashing the moth into Mount Etna."  -  TwilightRhapsody

"Kai: The SciFi logo and I are elopping to Vegas!" -  emma_peel

"Hey butthead! You drive like old people f**k!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Crap! I hit another Channel Logo." - emma_peel

"Kai: .....Cause I'm gonna be a cowboy..ba..bee..." - mayaxiong

"Turn left at the mountain they said. Another 20 miles and you can't miss it they said." - Logan55

"WILL YOU KIDS KNOCK IT OFF!   I can't find the exit with you fighting" - Hypatia

"God, this is getting boring! I feel like killing myself! Oh, Damn!!" - NB1

"Sigh...sometimes I wish I was a real boy." - StormBorn

"Another planet, another rescue. *Sigh* Just once I'd like to finish something without getting interrupted by my friends in extreme peril..." - PeridotEyes

"Hey Earth Dude, you look like a guy who has no problems brushing chicks off, what's your secret?" - thefrey

"I would like to get a restraining order against a certain robot head." - TwilightRhapsody

"Staring contest in it's 5th hour." - emma_peel

"Kai: Mr. Rogers, can I have your autograph?" - emma_peel

"Uh, listen, do you know the way to the men's room, apparently, my brace has become entangled in my...uh...costume..." - mayaxiong

"Kai leans over and whispers gently to nerdy guy, 'If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?'" - NB1

"Uh, ok, Mr. Kai, now can you tell me why you left your last job?" - Logan55

"Kai: Very well, I will show you how to do the bun and braid. But I do not think it will help." - Aurora

"You wouldn't know where I could get a rat-tail comb and a can of AquaNet, would you?" - StormBorn

"Kai: Does my bum look big in this?" - Griever

"Hey dead man we need more telly!   Kai: No silly man we need better telly... (taken from an english advert)" - griever

"Kai: Were you Drew Carey in a previous life?" - Princess of Fire

"Kai gets grim satisfaction from knowing that at least *this* service station mechanic will never do unauthorized repairs again." - thefrey

"Damn! I should have sprung for the power windows!" - Greg

"*Snif* he called me a bun head Xev, The dead do not like to be made fun of *sniffle* I am going home!" - TwilightRhapsody

"Hhmmmm...apparently, the dead do not get good parking places either..." - mayaxiong

"A pissed-off Kai prepares to exit moth at McDonald's Drive-through window. They just informed him they are out of french fries....." - NB1

"Kai lands to let the logo out to potty" - lafemmenikita

"Kai is the envy of all the other couriers." - Logan55

"The Dead do not make commitments. I'm outta here, babe." - StormBorn

"Here I am, handsome, heroic, fatally attractive to females.. and I never get any. Hey, Paul, can't I score even once?" - PeridotEyes

"Power steering, easy-to-open windows... no, this is my first sales job. Why?" - dgrequeen

"And I thought Texas was the 'Big Hair State'! Harumph!" - StormBorn

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