Kai's Komic Kaptions 14

Kai, with a faint note of scorn: Wannabe!- Drdel

Kai: Uh yes, my good man, I'll take an apple fritter for Xev, a tuna melt for Stan, and I'll have a 'pineapple surprise'...to go..- mayaxiong

Dracula imitator: I do not drink...wine.  Kai:  I do not drink...anything. - StormBorn

Kai in the finals of the Annual Transylvanian Scare-off Contest.- StormBorn

Tell me, Count, do you ever feel...not so fresh?- Sarcasmagoria

Kai: what do you mean there's a dead cat tied to my head?- scifiend101

I'm not really a dead guy, I just play one on TV.- rockstjarna

The Dead do not Trick or Treat...- Griever

Kai: You wear this hairstyle for 6000 years, then come back and tell me to 'smile'!- BlackDove

Daddy!?!?!?- QueenMagrat

Kai: Hey, Count, pull my finger.- Granamyr


Look Ladies, I'm dead. I'm not enjoying this at all..... um... honest.- theFrey

Goth girl 1 checking Kai for implants.- Logan5

Kai: Well, I, uh... wasn't really in the mood for chocolate just now... Mmmphhh!!!- dgrequeen

Goth Girl: I know you don't have a stomach, but do you have a tongue? Kai: Maybe...what's it worth to you? - mayaxiong

Just checking your temperature.- emma_peel

Lets see him try to keep his codpiece from smokeing now!- emma_peel

Michael thinks: I have a *good* job.- Aurora

The dead can hold many females on their lap...many, many females.- StormBorn

Earth Girls *Are* Easy!- StormBorn

Hmm, looks like the dead think Trudie Styler is pretty hot.- Sarcasmagoria

Michael: 'Any other ladies care for a Brunnen-G lap-dance?'- PeridotEyes

You'd have to be dead not to know where that fingers been......- NB1

Kai's good. He can do with a look, what it takes most men, two hands, several hours and an appendage to accomplish.- theFrey

Drdel looks at Kai: Kai..where are your hands? KAI!??- Drdel

Kai: Heh heh, she ain't gonna know if that's my hand or one of the girls'.- dgrequeen

Unbeknownst to him, Kai has been inducted as an honorary member of the 'Transylvania campfire girls' and now must take them on a field trip.- mayaxiong

Kai: It's the hair, chicks love the bun!- emma_peel

Kai remembers he *liked* this sort of thing when he was alive. Even better than balloons!- Aurora

*Somebody* in this scene should be having a cigarette...- StormBorn

MM: I love this gig. This is *real* acting- PeridotEyes

Mmmmmm-yum, I *love* dead thing sandwich!- Aurora

Bio-mechanical systems associate in his body to perform many functions. Uh huh.- Aurora

Kai : there's enough cod for all!- Griever

Michael: Just think, I almost majored in math!- Aurora

'MMMmmm....what is that scent?  Mmm it is so erotic, ooh God I must have him!   Yes. He is so deliscious!'   *Announcer*: 'Brunnen G by Calvin Kline....ah...Obsession!'- LyeCoatha

Kai: Yeah, this is SO much better than the 'Garden' on Water......- BlackDove

Kai thinking: Concentrate...... You can do it! Pretend you are the Lexx landing! As tall as a tower on Fire! Come on protoblood... don't fail me now!- BlackDove

Hey!   How come Stan and I get stuck with the same grubby duds we've been wearing for four thousand years, but you get a new outfit every week- theFrey

I like the hair Xev.....um... could you fix mine that way? - Drdel

Kai: No! There's nothing in my pocket, Xev! No!... Would you QUIT IT!?!? dgrequeen

No Xev, I'm looking at the logo, not down your dress.

 Kai: You look like the St. Pauli girl  - Hypatia

Kai: Look Xev, I know I said I'd play 'hide and seek' with you, but not 'hide the salami'...as the dead do not have...um..'salami'... - mayaxiong

Do *you* think I'd look more menacing in a cape? - Aurora

That dirndl makes Xev look *much* more like the BrunnenG hotties I used to date. - StormBorn

Yes, Xev, I am suddenly thinking of mountains.... why do you ask? - StormBorn

The Dead do not yodel. - StormBorn

Xev: dude, theres like, a candle growing out of your shoulder, Kai. - scifiend101

Kai: If this bunch of drunks play the Brunnen G song one more time, I swear to god I'm gonna kill'em all!! - Max Payne

Kai:  If you ask me to be the dispenser of fashion sense I will kill the Goths, however... - DalekTek790


Kai prepares to smash the SciFi logo once and for all. - Logan55

Now what was it I was going to do to that Renfield creep when I got out of here? Oh yeah..... Thwrapp! - theFrey

Finally...nobody around! I always wanted to try out the macarena! - Drdel

Okay! Rock/scissors/paper one more time, and then that's it! I gotta go! - dgrequeen

Question on 'Win Ben Stein's Money': How many Divine Assassins does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Kai: Wait...ooooh...I know that one, I know that one...don't tell me...DAMN!! I'm losing to Stan!! - mayaxiong

The first and last time Kai trusts a used-car salesman. - StormBorn

I can't do it. I just can't. It would be SO wrong. Oh hell... Kai: Iron Maiden RUUUULES!! - Sarcasmagoria

stupid! stupid! stupid! First Kill! THEN ask questions! - scifiend101

The dead *do* get constipated..... - Griever

Kai: Beam me up Scotty...oh crap....wrong show... - Griever

Kai: Finally, just you and me scifi logo. Lets Tango! - emma_peel

Kai tries in vain to get Scottie to 'beam him up'. - Griever

Kai curses himself, even dead men think about sex every 3 seconds. - 

Kai's first time at the casino rolling the dice, 'Come on Baby, Daddy wants snake-eyes!!!!' - NB1

Kai: *singing* 'she's livin' la vida loca!!!!' - parasite159

It's Kai's first trip to the casino and he's trying to roll a snake-eyes!! - NB1

Must...pull...spike...out...of...bun... - Max Payne

Let's see: you put your right hand out, you put your...oh, I'll never get it right! - StormBorn

Hmmn...no, I guess this thing isn't a suitable substitute for a cryopod. - StormBorn

Ok guys we'll try it again, but a little more Allegro this time - QueenMagrat

I don't wanna go to bed! - Princess of Fire

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