Kai's Komic Kaptions 20

"McManus, upset over his character's comparison to Spock, decides to just be done with it and adopt the eyebrow, too." - elfie

"Ummmm Paul, are you sure the script change called for me to snuzzle Xenia's wuzzies? - theFrey

"Kai ponders whether the dead do or do not...look" - Talon

"MM finds another Drooler spy cam..." - Griever

"There's only one man on this ship that can leave a white gooey stain like that all over the floor..............." - Jeff66

"42, 57, 23, Hike!  Xev is teaching Kai to play football." - angelmay

"Kai is momentarily distracted while Xev prepares to ralph on his shoes." - dgrequeen

"Kai:  Um....Xev, you forgot to take beano this morning." - angelmay

"Xev, I *know* I have a nice butt...but the dead don't give a....never mind." - Doffy

"Xev:  Kai, your fly is open, and um.. your...pink... undies are showing." - mayaxiong

"Kai looks away while Xev gets sick." - Foxtrick

"Kai: I refuse to look at your cleavage." - Hypatia

"Kai....if we dont find a bathroom soon......" - Deb

"Kai gets a worried look on his face as he realizes Xev is losing her osteoporosis battle....." - NB1

"Kai: Stan, Xev just puked on me." - Emma

"Kai: "Would you please stop looking at my crotch! I've been dead for 6,000 years and all the viagra in the world isn't going to change that." - bookwurm

"Stanley, 790--whichever one of you who gave the Lexx instructions for making alcohol can just erase the formula from it's database *right now*!" - StormBorn



"Xev is shocked! When she told Kai she would like to see him rolling around in her bed, she didn't mean she wanted to see him rolling around in her bed with Stan!" - TheFrey

"Xev:  Kai, I was going through Stan's pockets looking for some loose change and something jumped out and spit at me!!!!" - Jeff66

"No Kaption can explain this" - DalekTek790

"Xev: Come on guys, one more time for the Macarena! Guys? You're not tired already! Geez, what a coupla wussies!" - dgrequeen

"I told you you should have eaten all your salad, Xev. Now we're all doomed by the uneaten carrot!"- angelmay

"Xev, will you quit dancing the twist!! We're about to get rammed by a carrot here!" - angelmay

"Another game of Drunken Twister going horribly wrong on the Lexx." - mayaxiong

"Xev shrieking: Menage a trois! Menage a trois! " - Griever

"Xev: Kai, I think you should stop trying to play Twister. You're just too stiff! Kai: I don't care. I'm not quitting until I beat Stan! Carrot, flick the arrow!" - Princess of Fire

"Stan: Xev! it's not what it looks like really!" - Griever

"Xev: Ha! Ha! I didn't say 'Simon Sez'!!!!" - NB1

"Scifi blured out Xev giveing use the finger." - emma_peel

"Stan: (For the thoudsandth time) Does my butt look big in this?  Xev and Kai: (Clearly cheesed off) NO!" - Emma

Xev: Kai, grab it quick! I can use it as a di*do   Stan: Ewww Gross!" - Emma

"Kai sighs: You are a *bad* robot head. I'm warning you, if you keep up this murderous behavior, I will be forced to turn you into a vibrator for Xev as punishment." - theFrey 

"Boy and his Dog are nothing compared to the Dead and his Robot Head." - theBrother

"Kai searches in vain for the DVD drive." - DalekTek790

"790, I've always wanted to tell you how much I care for you, but we never seem to be alone. You won't tell the others, will you?" - dgrequeen

"Kai: Stan's fallen down the well!   790:  And this affects me how?" - Doffy

"Kai:  Okay, 790, I swear it's a great game.. now.. I'm going to roll you across the floor, and you'll knock down the moth breeders..  790:  Only if you promise to get rid of the Lizard skank first.." - mayaxiong 

"Kai: No, 790, I will NOT lower you to 'groin level.'" - NB1

"Kai and 790 sing 'I got you babe.'" - Foxtrick

"790 singing: I just can't get you outta my head..." - Griever

"What's up with the Director of photography? Is he using 1000 watt in the next room?" - emma_peel

"Kai: 790, I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time....I love you!   790: Ooooohhhhh, heaven." - Emma

"*I'm* dead; *you're* a machine. I keep telling you, there is a difference!" - StormBorn

"Kai assures 790: Don't worry, nothing can ever come between a dead assassin and his adoring robot head." - bookwurm

"BAD robot head!" - PeridotEyes


"Stan thinks the Lexx could *really* use a few more urinals." - theFrey

"Stan:  What, so this ISN'T the line to see 'Monsters Inc?'" - DalekTek790

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go." - angelmay

"Kai: Okay, guys, this is what we call the Man Sandwich dance!" - dgrequeen

"Okay Kai, I will pull the carrot out of Stan's @ass and you pull the carrot out of my @ss. On the count of three." - angelmay

"Salter Street uses it's connections to get the cast first in line at the Unemployment office..." - mayaxiong

"Stan's reaction to being felt up by Prince." - Foxtrick

"Kai thinks: Geeez, this has *got* to be the lamest limbo line I've ever joined!" - elfie

"A happy Prince and stunned Stan in unison: I never knew his brace could do that!" - The Great Osmosis"

"Prince: who's for conga?" - Griever

"Xev has decided to 'pull a Train'........" - NB1

"STAN: Everyone join the train. PRINCE: D.J, how about the Electric?" - emma_peel

"Stan wonders why he ever decided to try line dancing with Prince and Kai." - bookwurm

"Stan can't believe Kai has been two-timing him with Prince." - StormBorn

"Prince: Stan, I promise. You can be the pivot man next time." - StormBorn

"What's wrong Stan? I thought you wanted to know how Xev likes to be kissed?" - theFrey

"Kai:  Xev says you stuff socks in there. Do ya, huh? Do ya?" - dgrequeen

"Stan, I can't hold it in any longer. I love you and want you to be my Fluffdaddy." - angelmay

"MM:  I swear, Brian, if you tell anyone I'm really Sandra Bullock, I'll KILL you..." - mayaxiong

"What's wrong Stan, cat got your tounge? Soon, I will." - Foxtrick

"Kai in a Deep, lusty voice:  C'mon Stan... I just want the key for a *little* while." - elfie

"Stan, I need to have a man to man talk with you...." - Deb

"Kai:  Don't tell Xev, but I've been alive all along...I just can't tell her she's not my type..." - Griever

"Stan is outraged when the Dead Man in Black whose ego is clearly out of control demands to be called 'Mister Kai'!!!" - NB1

"Kai: You have a booger..." - Princess of Fire

"Kai: If you don't, it's Brace City, pal!    Stan: Geez, why is everyone always after my butt!" - StormBorn


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