Kai's Komic Kaptions 21

"Kai: It is your turn to do the laundry, Stanley.  Stan: I am NOT putting my hands on your nasty uniform, Kai. Xev's dress, however, is another matter entirely!" - Primanightwind

"Stan: Who ate the last of the food?!   Kai: The dead to not eat Earth food, Stanley." - PrimaNightwind

"Kai prods Stanley into 'fessing up'..  Stan: 'Oh...hell, ALL RIGHT IT WAS ME, I'm the one that stole Xev's dress while she was in the shower!! But I just wanted to try it on...honest!!'" - mayaxiong

"Stan: Xev, is he still staring at me?" - DalekTek790

"Hello sailor" - Anonymous  

"'Before and After' shots displayed on 'Oprah' after 'Dream Make-over Show'" - NB1

 "Stan: And ANOTHER thing! I'm sick and tired of 'the dead don't do this, the dead don't' ---- he's right behind me, isn't he?" - dgrequeen

"Kai: You will be my Fluffdaddy or else!  Stan: GRRRRRRR, don't mess with me dead man, I'm a security guard! - angelmay

"Kai smirks to himself as the 'kick me' sign he stuck on Stan has worked perfectly..." - Griever

"Stan to Kai: Go ahead.......make my day!!" - angelmay

"Alright, but just this once...and you promise you won't tell Xev, right?" - StormBorn

"Pssst, Michael, stay behind me. I take care of these lusty, drooling women for ya." - Aurora


"Kai is stunned when Prince tells him how many episodes ago the tennis balls were switched out for hockey pucks!" - theFrey

"Prince: Don't pout at me, deadman. It has no effect." - PrimaNightwind

"Prince waits his turn while Kai peers into Pamela Anderson's window with his trusty satellite telescope..." - mayaxiong

"Kai: I wish this plunger thing came with directions!!" - NB1

"Michael bangs head on hockey puck: Only a few more weeks. I can do it! I can!" - dgrequeen

"Nigel ponders the reason Michael isn't having a low protoblood seizure." - PeridotEyes

"Kai to Prince: Get this toilet plunger of my head!" - angelmay

"Michael, you've just got to get over the fact that I have a better profile than you." - StormBorn

"Prince: I told you you wouldn't be able to get past the gate. But did you listen?" - Logan55

"After 6000 years, Kai has finally mastered the art of sleeping with one's eyes open." - Princess of Fire

"Kai: Unngghhh...I don't feel so good... Prince: Hey, you're the one that said you could drink him under the table. Now buck up, sport, I've got ten bucks riding on you!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Nigel tells Michael how loyal sci-fi fans are." - Aurora

"Prince: Don't worry, Kai, Xev loves you!  Kai: No! Let me die!... I mean entirely die..." - Malina


"Just once would it be too much trouble to bring me my proto-blood in a fancy glass with an umbrella in it?!!?" - theFrey

"Kai: I said the pinot noir, not Giga2016!" - PrimaNightwind

"MM grumbling: These craft services people never get anything right! The orange juice was pulpy, the bagels stale....sigh...It's so hard being brilliant with these kinds of distractions..." - mayaxiong

"#@^%ing childproof cap...!" - "DalekTek790

"Kai: Hmm. It occurs to me that my boots haven't been polished for a couple thousand years." - dgrequeen

"Michael muses, Soon I won't have to suck protoblood anymore, come on, end of the season." - PeridotEyes

"Kai: 2000 year old flat coke is not a substitute for proto-blood Stan..." - Griever

"Kai: EWWWWWW, that stuff smells!" - angelmay

"So far, Kai's been successful at concealing the fact that protoblood really gets him high." - StormBorn

"Director: CUT! CUT! Hair - the bun's deflating AGAIN!" - Logan55

"Finally giving in to Xev, Kai reluctantly asks Stan to show him how this pump-thing works." - Aurora

"Kai: No 790,  I'm not sure what that 'growth' is, but I *know* it doesn't involve me!" - theFrey

"Stan: No, 790, I think Kai's is bigger...." - PrimaNightwind

"Michael, Brian, and Xenia stare with concern at the new 'enhanced' undies now available in the costume department.   Michael: Just don't stand behind me in the cafeteria line, if you know what's good for you!" - mayaxiong

"Micheal Jackson's outfits get weirder and werdier!" - emma

"Kai: I tell you, the dead are not ticklish! Unh!.... *giggle* *snort*... STOP THAT!" - dgrequeen

"Kai: Better look now Xev, you won't see this happen too often..." - Griever

"The moth breeder models a new jock strap and Kai is jealous because he can only wear a codpiece." - angelmay

"Kai:  Hmmmm, it looks like the mothbreeder stuffed.  Stan:  Naw, I think it's real, do ya think it's 10 inches?" - angelmay

"The crew agree that 790 will *definitely* win the Halloween Costume Contest in that getup." - StormBorn

"790, if I could get it on with anybody, it certainly wouldn't be a robot-headed moth breeder with a penis implant!" - StormBorn

"Kai: Hmmn...if you come back with washboard abs and a snazzier outfit, I just might consider it." - StormBorn

"Moth breeder: And it REALLY chafes!" - Logan55

"Hey, Frey, how did you get a hold of my Prom Night picture?!" - Sarcasmagoria

"790 models his Zephod outfit for the next Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie." - lafemmenikita

"The dead *are* unpredictable! Who would've guessed that Kai's turn-on would be a two-headed cybernetic tango teacher? " - Aurora

"Stan: You said the dead can't get it up!!!!!!!!!! Explain yourself!! *oh no! his is bigger*" - DarkFire


"Who knew that robots could have bad breath?" - theFrey

"790: Kai...I have this funny feeling everywhere I go...that someone's following me.. can you tell what it is?  Kai:  Um.. no....the dead do not snitch on moth breeders.." - mayaxiong

"How peculiar times two." - DalekTek790

"Bunny! how about some privacy?" - emma

"Mothbreeder: Hmmm, 34 inch waist. Listen, Michael, I'm not going to be able to keep letting this costume out. You gotta cut out the Beck's!" - dgrequeen

"Michael (thinking): This guy looks like he's gonna hit on me. Oh God! HE IS!!! He's gonna hit on me! GAH!!!" - dgrequeen

"Michael thinking: Oh. My. God. There *is* something worse than being hit on my a female fan!"

"Michael to the robot head: Geez, move will you, you are in my light and this is my best side." - angelmay

"Kai gets felt up and can't decide whether he likes it or not." - angelmay

"Kai: Can you turn around? Bunny needs a better view of that implant." - StormBorn

"Kai, moth-breeders are for life, not just for Christmas..." - Griever

"Even McManus isn't a good enough actor to overcome his revulsion at this scene. " - PeridotEyes

"The Ick factor overwhelms." - PeridotEyes

"MM: Okay i'll sign the autograph just get away from me" - darkcrow23

"Kai: Oh, 790, do you ever clean your teeth?!" - Malina

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