McManus Komic Kaptions 22

"Geeze, It was all just a bad dream, I never said stuff like 'The dead don't poo......' and my hair was never in a bouffant...." - thefrey

"An exasperated Michael insists, once again, that he had nothing to do with picking out the crappy curtains for this scene...." - NB1

"Okay, my interview with the new producer is in five minutes.. I've got to remember not to say 'The dead do not audition'." - mayaxiong

"Yet another person who falls asleep while trying to meditate." - StormBorn

"Someday I'll get a really *good* role. Someday...someday I'll play a dead man with great hair!" - StormBorn

"If I can look like if I was frozen in a cryopod? is this good enough? do I get the job?" - tommen

"Did I really eat that whole thing? *groan*" - MadBetty

"Man, that was a long flight to LA. And I've got an interview with William Morris in half an hour... must stay awake... snnnnnnzzzzzzzzz..." - dgrequeen

"...and I swear to you, I'll never complain about the stifling, hot cryopod ever again! Just please, please let me get this part!" - PrimaNightwind

"I know, I feel the same thing on blind dates." - emma_peel

"Thinking to himself: Okay, just close your eyes, when you open them that awful 'We' logo will be gone and the good old Sci-Fi planet will be there like it's always been..." - DalekTek790

"Ready to energize captain..." - Griever

"After playing a dead man for 6 years, Michael may need a refresher course in Facial Expression." - Aurora

"MM: Go to hell everyone... Take me to my cryopod..." - Malina


"..and then you hold your little finger out like this and wa-la! Instant class with a capital 'C'" - theFrey

"Michael tries to impress the pretty girl with his 'shadow puppet' skills...." - NB

"She plays along and agrees that, yes, that really *is* the best place
on the tree for such a special ornament." - Logan55

"I told you already Michael, I don't want to watch you imitate Ralph
Macchio doing the 'crane' stance!!" - mayaxiong

"No, I got here on a *boat*. A boat. You know?" - StormBorn

"Michael: Helloooo! Garçon! If you would be so kind, could we get a couple of white wines here?" - dgrequeen

"The woman in white refuses to believe that Michael's last hair do was that high off the ground...." - Griever

"I'm impressed, a date with the Lady of the Lake. Maybe he can hook me up with Arthur." - emma_peel

"The wheel, it turns, it comes around..." - DalekTek790

"Tinkerbell, play nice! Wendy and I are just friends! 'Psychotic robot heads, murderous fairies, Kai droolers' - Michael seems doomed to playing the unrequited love object of bizarre creatures." - Aurora

"MM: YUUOOHYAAAA! I have a black belt in karate!!" - Malina


"Of course I love you, you're not part cluster lizard, what's not to love." - theFrey

"McManus: A Ha! I see you are armed!!!" - NB1

"Michael: Oh shit, hide me, I see old Kai droolers coming this way!   Girlie: What's a Kai drooler?  'The Year is 2025...'" - mayaxiong

"If you come back to me, I swear I'll get you that boob job." - StormBorn

"Michael: Shh, don't turn around! There's Paul Donovan. I heard he was thinking about a Lexx revival. No, don't look!" - dgrequeen

"I believe this shoulder is infected, but I will have to examine it closer to be certain. No, this is not a cheap excuse to feel you up..." - DalekTek790

"Michael thinking: GODDAMMIT! i thought they'd never find me here! Must think of a way to get rid of them...  Michael (uncomfortably) :" - Griever

"Help me lady, I'm being followed by a pack of drooling necrophiliacs! No, really! I'll explain later, just pleeeeease Hide Me Now!" -Aurora

"MM: Wait here, honey... You, guys, what are you looking at, huh?!" - Malina


"What do you mean you don't find me irresistibly sexy? Are you blind or what??!!??" - theFrey

"Look into my eyes and repeat after me, 'I am a love slave, created to please a man, I know about man's sick need for penetration, I...'  oh, forget it!!  If I buy ya a nice dinner, will ya do it then???" - NB1

"You *will* THUD." - lafemmenikita

"You mean I tried the pout and that didn't work? You mean I've lost my THUD powers now that the BUN IS GONE?!!? ACK!" - mayaxiong

"So I killed the sister you didn't even know for her money -- is that a good reason to turn down someone as all - out gorgeous as me? Just imagine what this mouth can do." - StormBorn

"Come nice, I really need a shag! what?! if I put my wig on? hm...oh well...ok, ok!" - tommen

"What d'ya mean, you're late! How late is 'late'?!?" - dgrequeen

"What, *me* put on a silly wig and a hookrug costume for a part? No! Tchuh! What?" - dgrequeen

"Michael: What do you mean you prefer men with LONGER hair?!!!!" - Griever

"MM thinking: Don't blink, can't let her win, don't blink." - emma_peel

"Michael: What do you mean the dead do not drool?!" - Griever

"MM very worried: Did you just say your wearing my underwear?!" - Griever

"Michael to agent: No ****ing way!! Im not doing wearing the Kai outfit again! And don't you dare get me into another series of the 'L' word... (shudders)." - Griever

"Frey gives Michael his very own Kai Klone." - Aurora

"Did I call you beautiful? No?... Damn, I was right!" - Malina


"Okay. Who the hell thought that ugly sunglasses on a string was a *good* wardrobe idea?!!??" - theFrey

"Wait till she notices her favorite sunglasses are missing; that'll teach the bitch not to hide the hair dye on me again!!!!" - NB1

"Thinking to himself:  Oh yes, they're looking at me all right. I'll just keep staring off in another direction and pretend not to notice..." - lafemmenikita

"Michael in his latter days as an actor, trying desperately to win that George Hamilton look-alike contest, but loses on account of the Irish tan." - mayaxiong

"Is that a carrot? That's not a carrot, is it? I'm sure that's a carrot..." - StormBorn

"On this week's episode of Mike-vivor, Michael judges the Droolers to see who can get through the shark-infested waters to him the fastest." - StormBorn

"Michael sings to himself: I'm too sexy for my... uh... sunglasses!" - dgrequeen

"I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can I can see my dreams." - emma_peel

"Michael McManus, on location at the Eye of Orion, tries out for the part of Doctor Who." - DalekTek790

"MM poses as a blind man on a nudist beach in his new role in 'Oblivious Man'..." - Great Osmosis

"MM thinking: So now I've got dweeby sunglasses and 'newscaster' hair. Dammit, I KNEW all that complaining I did about the bun and braid would make wardrobe karma come back and bite me in the butt!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Xenia and Brain will never find me here (evil laugh)" - darkcrow23

"Hey, wait a minute... Who's that handsome guy with gorgeous legs?" - Malina


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