Kai's Komic Kaptions 23


"This is it! I don't care what you say Kai, No more kegger parties for Xev!" - theFrey

"Brian whispering: It's working, just keep playing dead/dead, Michael thinks that cafeteria lunch will kill him if he eats it, now." - mayaxiong

"Stan finds a more attractive disembodied head to replace 790." - DalekTek790

"Kai, stop worrying about the damn upholstery.!  Xev is dead, not drunk!" - canuk

"Stan: Oh no, he's getting out of the squad car.  He's coming over! OK, Kai, *you're* the one that suggested mixing scotch and NyQuil, so *you're* the one that can explain this!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Driving Miss Dead One" - Pandora

"She hears no evil." - GotHope

"Stan: Ain't that just like our Xev, Kai? I asked her for a little head and she gives me hers...." - NB1

"Stan: Xev, Kai is busy at the moment - he is driving the moth. That means that I'm the only one who can give you mouth to mouth... Do you REALLY want this?" - Malina

"Kai nervously: Stanley... haha... what is she doing?" - Malina

"Even when she is dead, Xev tries to cop a feel...." - QueenMagrat

"Kai looks in horror as Xev's head falls into Stanley's lap and not his." - darkcrow23



"Brian and Xenia watch during break as Michael practices for his next gig as 'King of the Sugar Plum Faries.'" - theFrey

"Xenia and Brian watch helplessly as Michael's 'scientific' experiment with peyote unravels." - mayaxiong

"Supreme Bio-Vizier of the Dance." - DalekTek790

"Kai: Start up za bubble makin' machine! Und a vun, und a two...   Stan: Fercryin' out loud, Kai, for the last freakin' time, YOU ARE NOT LAWRENCE WELK!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Stan: When did Kai take up tai chi?  Xev: *shrugs*" - Pandora

"Michael: The wheel, it turns -- Oh, hell, that was another episode! What's my line again?" - dgrequeen

"Go team! Ra Ra Raaa!" - GotHope

"Stan and Xev look on in horror as Viagra gives Kai the wrong kind of woodie." - PeridotEyes

"Kai: No, no, no!!! Strings, you're playing the wrong tune!! Trombones, give me more sense!! This is a song of ancient Brunnen-G Warriors!!   Stanley: Xev, I swear, if Kai asks me to sing this stupid song, I WILL break his freaking cryopod!!!" - Malina

"Michael has just seen himself in the mirror for the first time..." - Malina

"Stan and Xev see how disturbing Kai's inner child is" - darkcrow23

"Kai is preparing to make his first 'Black Forrest Cake'...." - NB1

"Stan and Xev argue about whom should tell Kai he's not The Karate Kid" - darkcrow23

"McManus is practicing for his Barbara Walter's interview and the most likely question: Mr. McManus, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be????" - NB1



"Parrot: Look, hippy, I know a dead assassin when I see one and I'm looking at one right now. This assassin is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to the beach. This is a late assassin. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. It should be pushing up daisies in Garden City. It's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. THIS IS AN EX-ASSASSIN!" - DalekTek790  - Winner of the 5th Kai Kaption Kontest

"Tell ya what buddy, I'll give you one of these in exchange for that moth thing. Kai thinks to himself: Just how stupid do you think the dead are you old fart?" - theFrey

"This old geezer can't possibly be serious if he thinks I'm going to part with my lovely bun for a nest for that silly bird.    Oberon: I'll give you $20.00...  Kai: Not a chance in hell.." - mayaxiong

"Kind sir, please take this bird. It is a magical bird to be sure and wishes to have it's nest on your head." - canuk

"No, it's not dead! It's just, just, um, pining for the fjords!" - Logan55

"Oberon is impressed with the Dark Man's ability to 'keep his eye on the birdie.'" - Pandora

"Kai: Yeah, cute trick, buddy. Now gimme back my damn brace!" - dgrequeen 

"Give me my money or I poo on all your cars!" - GotHope

"Kai: Is this eatable?" - Malina

"Kai wow!!! Can you teach the dead to do that" - darkcrow23

"The dead no not wish to flip you the bird." - darkcrow23

"An ignorant Oberon flips Kai 'the bird', the first instance in the two Universes of 'Obe Rage'...." - NB1



"Kai thinks that perhaps Xev is not the only one to have an over indulgence problem during wild parties." - theFrey

"If I lean just a little more over....ah.. now when I let go the spit, it'll land right in Stanley's ear..." - mayaxiong

"This picture was taken shortly before Kai decided to see for himself if the 'putting the sleeping guy's hand in a bowl of warm water' trick really works." - Sarcasmagoria

"The living are such lushes, geez!" - Pandora

"I can see straight through to the other side." - GotHope

"Kai To Himself: And here is another of the many ways in which Stanley can be stupid." - PeridotEyes

"MM looks on despairingly as even Brian *thuds*..." - Griever

"Kai: YO-HAY-RAAAAAAH... Stanley, am I singing too loudly?" - Malina

"Kai: Stanley, I said I thought I had an INFECTION, not an ERECTION..." - NB1



 "Xev are you sure visiting this Enterprise thing is a good idea? I'm not too sure about their dress code." - theFrey

"Michael wondering how the hell he missed the part in his contract that made him take part in the Victoria's Secret fashion show.....  And she gets a better outfit, too!!" - mayaxiong

"Paul Donovan decided to see what he could do with a little pixie dust and a copy of  'Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover.' The results turned out better than expected." - Sarcasmagoria

"I'll never complain that Xenia gets more costume changes EVER again. This dress is so unflattering!" - Pandora

"Xev: I hate to say it, Kai, but you look preggers in that dress. Oh, wait. I do too!" - dgrequeen

"MM thinking: Just another reason *not* to do any more Lexx..." - Griever

"Zev, I have something to tell you... I'm gonna have a baby!" - Malina

"Psst, Xev what was the name of that guy in Paris.   Xev and Kai together: Jean-luc" - darkcrow23

"An agitated Xev sees flashing spots before her eyes as Kai delivers the shocking news,  ...He's a Dead Cross-dresser!!!" - NB1

"Kai:  Xev he said to think happy thoughts, not strange and unusual ones!." - darkcrow23

"Kai: Actually I remember having a fondness for dresses...." - Griever

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