Kai's Komic Kaptions 30

"Aw Cripes! My d*mn OnStar isn't working again! I'll bet that stupid operator is bonking that Batman creep again" - theFrey

"Damned rental moths, something's always broken" - Wild Woman

"Kai falls asleep at the wheel of the moth after one too many proto-blood kegger parties..." - mayaxiong

"Kai: Wait, this isn't a space map at all. It's a diagram of subplots and story arcs in 'Babylon 5.' No wonder I was so lost." - DalekTek790

"Blasted SciFi gerbils, I always lose the signal here." - PeridotEyes

"MM: Ah this celebrity security device should work against those nasty gerbils and droolers." - darkcrow23

"How come I can't get FM on this radio? Blasted rental Moth." - Wild Woman

"Xev on the transmitter: We have a big surprise for you Kai, Tina's here on the Lexx waiting for you!! Kai??? Kai??? Kai, are you there????" - NB1



"Who said the dead do not pout? Sure looks like the beginning of one to me." - theFrey

"This rental has no pickup" - PeridotEyes

"Michael reads the instructions for filing for unemployment... Gah, who'd have thought it would lead to this..." - mayaxiong

"Maybe I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque..." - Flamegrape

"MM realizes his thud powers are gone" - darkcrow23

"Kai ponders whether or not to tell Xev and Stan he's not dead just joking around" - darkcrow23

"Although Kai contains the memories of the thousands of people HDS killed, he still has a hard time driving a stick shift." - Wild Woman

"Kai: The dead do not ask for directions...the dead *will* not ask for directions...ah s**t. I'm lost...
" - Griever 



"Oh MY God! That player is soooo good looking! I just can't take my eyes off of him." - theFrey

"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you" - PeridotEyes

"Kai even drools for himself!" - PeridotEyes

"Xev Queen, please tell the Scifi logo I'm not talking to him right now." - LastOfTheBrunnenG

"Damn, I'm good!" - PeridotEyes

"Kai: Xev, you really should think about investing in some underwear..." - Griever

"King-Kai: You really think they're buying this 'other-zone' crap?" - LexxLurker

"MM watches helplessly as the others go to lunch and forget he's stuck
in the floor of the chess board.. 'Hey, wait, could someone light a ciggie and put it in my mouth? 
I don't have any hands!'" - mayaxiong

"Michael: Hey Brian, is that you? I got in another fight with the set-dresser; Could you help me out from here?" - DalekTek790

"You'll come back and dig me up later, won't you?" - Flamegrape

"MM: No, Brian, it would NOT be funny if you peed on me right now!!" - NB

"I'm so board. hahaha get it! boarded. Complete silence and sound of crickets for that dead joke." - GotHope

"Kai Player offscreen: ack the 'pout' is working on *me* now" - darkcrow

"Is it just me or does he look like he's up to his neck in bubble bath?" - PeridotEyes

"AHHHH!!!! Where did those bags under my eyes come from??? Quick, someone fix those lights!!" - canuk1



"King me Kai." - theFrey

"At least there are no Droolers here, so quit your bitching, McManus" - Wild Woman

"I don't care whose idea this was, this chair doesn't fit me!" - PeridotEyes

"Kai: I'm SO kicking your ass" - PeridotEyes

"Prince: Care for a game of twister?" - PeridotEyes

"Prince: So this is your butterfly collection, impressive!" - LexxLurker

"Prince: Lovely rotisserie you have there Kai, but I don't think the chicken's quite done yet." - mayaxiong

"Kai: How come when you're dungeon master I can never find a way *out* of the maze?" - DalekTek790

"You sunk my battleship." - DalekTek790

"I own Park place with a hotel on it. Pay up!" - Flamegrape

"McManus: Nigel, do you think Paul will be upset when he discovers the drawer from his filing cabinet is missing??" - NB1

"Kai: I believe I had a queen before I went off to shoo away the droolers. Prince: No, no. The board is how you left it." - DalekTek790

"MM: This Fussball table sucks..." - Griever

"Kai: You lose that round Prince, now you have to take something off....." - NB1

"It was this or stay for the UnCon, quitcher bitchin, MaManus." - Wild Woman

"Michael and Nigel cash in their LEXX cred for starring role's in David Lynch's remake of 'Searching for Bobby Fischer.' - Sarcasmagoria



"There isn't enough Kai character on the Little Blue Planet to keep Michael from beaming! Tonight they disassemble this d*mn set! Hooray!" - theFrey

"He's so happy it's hard to be sad at the end of Lexx." - PeridotEyes

"Only five more to go, yippee!" - PeridotEyes

"MM: Oh yeah this is real funny guys,...just leave me here on the last day of filming like this why dont'cha....guys?...? hey come back here!...oh s**t....help? somebody?..." - Griever

"Xev: Kai have you seen Vlad-Bishop, she disappeared under the board a few minutes ago?" - LexxLurker

"Kai thinking:If they only knew that I could get it up the whole time...heh heh" - mayaxiong

"Heh heh. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition." - DalekTek790

"They have no idea I'm not wearing any pants!" - Flamegrape

"Paul: Has anyone seen the female extras??? What do you mean they're under the chessboard set?? What are they doing there?????" - NB1

"For someone's head that just got chopped of from the guillotine, he's quite happy." - GotHope

"King Kai thinking: Hehe we are soo losing but I'm loving it" - darlcrow23

"King Kai is the only one who knows he gets to board Xev before the end" - Wild Woman

"Tourist: I remember the time when all you had to do was leave your hand and footprints in the cement at Gruman's Chinese Theater...Boy, things sure have changed..." - NB1

"MM: Left a bit...no right...ahhhh that's the spot...  PD: Michael is there someone under there?  MM: (sh*t) er no...no-one..nope...not at all..." - Griever  

"MM thinks happy thoughts: Nearly free of the hair...nearly" - Griever


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