Kai's Komic Kaptions 36


Well.... ummm... Of course. Just as soon as I get an new agent, I'll be sure to let everybody know. - theFrey   

I'm really glad it's over. I'm *really* glad it's over. I'm really *glad* it's over. Aren't I? - dgrequeen

Hmmmm, another message from a fan...perhaps just this once.... - Maya x

Kai:  Yes, SciFi logo, we had some laughs. We had some tears. But like the young robin must leave the nest, our parting must be. Alas. - Sarcasmagoria

No, I *don't* recall the last time I brushed my teeth, why do you ask? - PeridotEyes

Kai has something just on the tip of his tongue. Wish it was me. - PeridotEyes

Ooo! Now I remember why the dead do not eat. - dgrequeen

MM: Thats my last pay packet?  PD: Yup you may not see another one for quite some time... - Griever

MM thinking: What was that damn line? - lafemmenikita

Whose line is it, anyway? - Wild Woman

Kai thinking: Man iI wish Stan whould get a better deodernt pe u - darkcrow23

Mmmmm! Someone just left a perfectly good Marble cake here. (Kai looks in both directions.) - emma_peel

Okay. Bags packed, windows closed and locked, heating off, rent paid, keys... Did I remember to check the stove? - Wordsmith

MM thinking: Hmmm, David Duchovny, Jimmy Smits, Clooney...and I can't even remember that NYPD Blue guy's name anymore! Crap, I wonder if it's not too late for another quick meeting? - BC

I think...I *think* I'm finally getting off this ship and away from these freaks! - StormBorn

Uhmmm...my name's...Kai...I think...Yeah! That's it!  My name is Kai!   *mutters*  Darn protoblood failure! - Shauna Goff

I can't believe i ate the whole thing! - lexx-o-rific

Heeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty kitty... - idiotboy

Man, that protoblood is getting a bit stale! - TwilightRhapsody

I don't look like him. I don't act like him. Yet everyone insists on comparing me to this Spock person. Curious. - M2KOOL

Whew! That's the last time I get drunk before I come here again. What? Last Day? Oh,... right.... heh heh. Oops! - Arydion

Try as you may, Ve have Vays of making you talk! - M2KOOL

Stan to Kai: Every guy has these problems from time to time. - P_T_Bando 




  Stan is very puzzled. He has never seen anyone so mesmerized by his own image. - theFrey

Brian thinking: Oh, God, he's not reconsidering coming back for another season, is he? - dgrequeen

Kai sighs, thinking: I knew I should have killed him that first day. Whine, whine, whine. This has been the longest 4000 years of my death! - BlackCloud

Offscreen voice: Thank you. Bachelor number two - what is *YOUR* perfect date? - Logan55

Michael gazes in awe at the line of people wishing him well outside the building on the final day of shooting.... - Maya x

Stan:  Wow, is he really...?   Kai: Yes, Stan, Nate Fisher is going for the brain surgery.  Kai and Stan make sure to catch the season finale of 'Six Feet Under' before blowing up the Earth. - Sarcasmagoria

C'mon, Mikey, you can get through this one, then it's over. - PeridotEyes

Huh, Brian? Sorry, I was thinking of the stage. - PeridotEyes

In a weak attempt at winning Xev's heart, Stan spends several hours under a professional hair-drier, trying to duplicate that oh-so-sexy bun. Unfortunately, he forgets to take off his hat. - Jack

Pssst...Hey, Mikey, your roots are showing! - PeridotEyes

Kai! Get me off this crazy thing! - anthony

Stan:  C'mon Kai! I don't wanna watch 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' again! Change the channel will ya?? - lafemmenikita

Michael isn't in the moment because he's thinking about haircuts. - Wild Woman

Stan's reaction when Kai announces he is actually Lyeka in drag! - movieman

Don't look at me. I didn't do it honest. - darkcrow23

Stan: This is the most comfortable urinal I've ever been on! - emma_peel

Kai thinking: Oh god... Stan is looking at me with that face again....I should just ignore it, since he knows he isn't getting any from me. - SARAHGDAWG

Stan: Kai? I really think you should put your pants back on. Those Bermuda shorts just aren't you. - TwilightRhapsody

Pout all you want, Dead Man, but *I* am the Captain here and that's all there is to it!-  M2KOOL

Kai, you are the weakest link, Goodbye! - M2KOOL

Kai I'm the captain. How come you get a directors chair and I have to stand here? - P_T_Bando



What do you mean Xenia? How can you even suggest I was not the *perfect* co-worker. - theFrey

McManus notices with dismay the PRADA label inside of Xenia's outfit. - lizard

 Michael: At least you could say you enjoyed our time together.  Xenia: Uh... yeah, Michael, I did. (Not) - dgrequeen

Xenia cannot believe it's the end, although Michael offers her his costume, too. - PeridotEyes

Xev: You tease me for 4000 years and NOW you want some? Forget it deadman! - BlackCloud

C'mon logo you can do it! Climb the ladder! That's it! GOOOOOOOOOD logo! - Logan55

MM realizes that Xenia really is upset that the show is ending, could it possibly be that he was wrong the whole time? - Maya x

Xenia is sick of Mikey's bitching. - Wild Woman

Xev exasperated: For the thousandth time, NO I did NOT put the hockey pucks on the bridge spines!! - lafemmenikita

Xenia can't keep a straight face in this scene. What we can't see is that Michael has a bunch of flowers sticking out of his fly. - PeridotEyes

Xev can't control her reaction as she finally learns the truth: Kai is really Sondra Bullock in drag. - Wild Woman

Xev:  Phew what smells.   Kai under his breath: Not me. - darkcrow23

Moth Man and Belly Button Girl share a special Hallmark moment. - emma_peel

If you'd like, we could say farewell with a big musical number. - StormBorn

Kai realizes that perhaps a blue glitter glow-in-the-dark dildo was not the perfect birthday gift... - StormBorn

Michael in a teasing voice: Come on Xenia... I thought you said you knew your lines?!   Xenia: Lex, he's obthering me again! - Nika

How could you? using up all the shampoo like that! You are NOT the only one with hair on this bug Kai! *HUFF* - TwilightRhapsody

Kai: It's alright Xev, it happens!    Xev:  No, it's not alright Kai, and it never happens to me! - M2KOOL

OK, OK, I get it already! 'The Dead Do Not Feel Cold!' Well, I do! So, crank up the heat a bit, alright?! - M2KOOL

Xev: I'm fat!   Kai: No your not.   Xev: Yes I am! - P_T_Bando



Nigel comforts Michael. There, there Michael, I'm sure you'll get the hang of fan management someday. - theFrey

Kai, you are my son! Use the Farce, Kai! You must use The Farce! - M2KOOL 

Kai: I assure you, Prince. The Vulcan neck pinch does *not* work. - lafemmenikita

Michael: I have to confess, Nigel... I've been strangely drawn to you throughout this shoot.

Nigel thinking: If I pat him on the shoulder, he won't notice when I stick this 'kick me' sign on his back. - dgrequeen

The Dead do not like backseat drivers. - PeridotEyes

Mom, he's touching me again! - Wild Woman

Prince: Are we there yet?   Kai: No.   Prince:  Are we there yet?  Kai: No.   Prince: Are we there yet?  Kai: No, and touch me again and I'll turn this ship right around. - BlackCloud

Nigel: You must learn to accept it, it is part of who you are.  MM: Really, and my theater friends won't look down on me?  Nigel: No, they won't ..  MM: Well....okay...Thanks to all that watched the show..  -  Maya x

That red and yellow light is missing something. Ya, I think purple.  - emma_peel

Michael: And the fans! They keep posting snarky comments about me on this 'Frey' website, and...   Nigel: Take it easy, bro. I'm here for ya. -  ;-) sp0rk

Kai: What do you mean, you want to 'massage my love-bun'? - Jack

MM: Some people don't get it, its look but don't touch pal! - Griever

Prince: Tag, you're it!   Kai: Aw, crap. - anthony

Mom! He's touching me again! - PeridotEyes

Paul! HE'S TOUCHING ME AGAIN! - PeridotEyes

Kai:  Ahh great now I'm alive again now Xev will want me more.   Prince: Don't look at me I'm just doing my job. - darkcrow23

I TOLD you to keep your hands to yourself, DON'T make me come back there! - PeridotEyes

I believe the back seat is too small for that purpose. - StormBorn

What the-? Arnold Vosloo? Man, are you in the wrong film- hey, I may be dead, but do these look like bandages to you?? - Gizmo LittleWing

Prince, we have to stop meeting like this. - TwilightRhapsody

I'm sorry too, Captain Piccard, but I don't think you'll find your ship *this* time! - M2KOOL

Prince: You know, Head-n-Shoulders will take care of tis problem. - P_T_Bando



Oh hi. Yes, I enjoyed doing it. Un huh, it was great fun. Of course I miss it. Yes, nice meeting you too. Bye. - theFrey. 

MM practices for his next gig as the queen mum of Canada, 'Hulloooo!' - BlackCloud

Read between the lines Stanley - movieman

Via con dios Kai Kaptions - LexxLurker

Happy trails to yoooooo.... until we meet agaaaaaaaaaaain! - dgrequeen

So long, and thanks for all the fish! - PeridotEyes

Hi, Mom. - PeridotEyes

It's been surreal! - Wild Woman

Why I oughta...! - BlackCloud

When the magazines could not get MM for further interviews, they believed it was part of his aloof mystique. What they did not know was Donovan had super-glued the actor's mouth and hands shut. - BlackCloud

It's so Lexx like to say good bye with the middle finger. I'm going to miss it (emma flips her finger at the screen) BYE! - emma_peel

All right, last chance. This time I *will* succeed in swatting that Sci-Fi logo. - Wordsmith

It was fun. Let's keep in touch. - PeridotEyes

I am so getting a haircut! - PeridotEyes

MM: Good bye everyone, *mutters under breath* and don't you dare think about following me...  - Griever

One day, Stanley, one day. POW! Right in the kisser! - anthony

Bye, Mom. - Wild Woman

All right, I'm alive, and I can DIE! Yippee! - Wild Woman

Kai says farewell with the Boy Scout salute. - Wild Woman

Kai cleverly avoids the single-finger salute he learned on Earth. - Wild Woman

MM thinks: I am nearly done with this mess o'macrame and this mass o'hair. - PeridotEyes

Kai: Good luck guys.  Kai to himself: I am getting the heck out of here. - drarkcrow23

Perhaps I'll look back on this experience one day and realize what nice people the fans really were, in the meantime, thanks for the memories - Maya X

Kai: AHHH sh*t I have to sing again soon. -Courtney

I've been wanting to make this face for 6000 years... - StormBorn

Kai: damm moths!!!!!!!!! always buzzin around ya face!! - yo_way_yo

Darned pests! who would think that the dead would need Off? - TwilightRhapsody

Just an Assassin my @ss! I'll show you! - M2KOOL


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