Kai's Komic Kaptions 37

And then, our hero flew his moth into the asteroid, swaying and dodging.... - theFrey

Yes he seems to have ran out of Proto blood. -emma_peel

Yeah,..this is what can happen to you if you if you cut your hair,..I've never yet met a man without a bun, who didn't lose some of his strength!! - Stanelle

MM singing: Hush little baby, don't day a word, daddy's gonna buy you a big, scary tiger... and if that big, scary tiger don't bite... uhmmm...*speaking* I dunno what will...  Phileas: Those are not the words, you moron! - Nika

Dammit, Phileas, I can't help him! I'm a dead assassin, not a doctor! -BlackCloud

McManus visits the 'Actors with Bad Wigs' hospital - darkcrow23

See here on his arm? Someone implanted some sort of weapon mechanism! I'll be Damned if I ever let that happen to Me! - M2KOOL

We need to put him in cryostasis, now! - P_T_Bando


Why is that big bug thing following us? Why ask me? I'm sure I don't know. - theFrey

MM: Be honest now. Do these trousers make my butt look big? - dgrequeen

Couldn't this wait until I'm off the urinal!? - emma_peel

MM: What do you mean by 'women would really dig me if I wore a black beehive wig'?    MP: erm..nothing - Weyrldy

I would kindly like to ask you to refrain from staring at my buttocks! I have no idea who this 'J-Lo' person is, nor do I care for any comparisons, thank you very much! - Fractle Rift

Yeah? Well, next you will be telling me that I resemble that *dead guy* on LEXX, who sleeps in a *freezer* and can't even get it on with a *love slave*! - Emily Hensel

Why yes, I *have* been working out, Phileas. 'Bums of Steel 1, 2, and 3' for Cinématographe. It's all the rage! Go ahead, you can bounce a farthing off those - BC

Look, if this hairstyle worked for the Fab Four, it'll damn well work for me! - Gizmo LittleWing

Dost thou like my buttocks? - darkcrow23

I really have a split in my pants? Well why are you looking??!!!!! - lolo

Frankly Doctor, I could care less about your sexual leanings. Please, just remove this Carrot from my Bum!!! - M2KOOL

Do you have another quarter? I want to ride the pony again. - P_T_Bando



Ooooo.... Pushing Harry Potter out of the way, MMM twack gazes into the Mirror of Erised  and sees brilliant green lights spelling out the word,  'Broadway'. - theFrey

Michael emotes, blissfully unaware that the makeup artist has painted him green. - dgrequeen

Ooooo, so blue and shiny. - BlackCloud

Michael has just been introduced to Chess Master 5000 on windows. - emma_peel

I see dead people! - Logan55

*Sarcastically*  Oh wonderful! *ANOTHER* one for the list!  *repeats over to himself* The dead do NOT float! The dead do NOT float! The dead ... - Fractle Rift

On that other show,...I'm *dead white*. On this show,..I'm *glowing green*.  Will I have to be on Days of Our Lives to be my natural color? - Emily Hensel

Micheal McManus stars in Behind the Green Light. - darkcrow23

Cooool. With the sideburns and frilly collar I *do* look like Tom Jones. - aurora

McManus stars in Behind the Green Light - darkcrow23

Oooh copper really DOES burn green... Now for something else... (MM gets in touch with his inner pyromaniac.) - His-Divine-Assassin

Offstage a bad Marlon Brando imitation goes on: ...You are just a messenger, a delivery boy, here to collect on the bill. Oh the Horror. ....the Horror ....the Horror! - M2KOOL




You know, I just can't get over how much prettier you are than Stan. - theFrey

Bruce Campbell and Michael McManus star in 'Evil Dead 4: The Wheel Doth Turn'. - DalekTek790

Give us a kiss then, eh, mate? - dgrequeen

Jules thinks: Ye gads, this is definitely violating my personal space bubble; and phew! I think the next thing I am I going to invent is Tic Tacs! - BlackCloud

Call me Deadman one more time, and I will show you exactly what 'Divine Assassin' means. - Weyrldy

That's right my friend, if you don't talk, we'll force you watch the complete works of David Hasselhoff! - Fractle Rift

Errrrrrm! I think that you are suffering from Divine Assassine Breath.... May I recommend a mouth wash..... and breath freshener? - Emily Hensel

Oooo, strokably soft- tell me, do you use Face Wax 2000 (TM)? - Gizmo LittleWing

Now let's play 'Guess what I had for lunch' - Lunachick

MM: My mind to your mind. BC: Saaaam he's touching me. - darkcrow

Now, Now, Don't be scared....I assure you it was an accident, that guy backed into my knife 43 times......... - NB1

Leave me? How do you think she'll react when she finds out the truth, my sweet? All this time, she has been buying that 'the Dead don't do this' and 'the Dead don't do that' crap! Come out Now, and she'll rip your head clean off! - M2KOOL

MM: You see that, kid? That's the future of your acting career being played out before your eyes. Can you say 'Lethal Passions IV' co-starring Shannon Tweed? Yeah, straight-to-video, Sparky! - Annoymous

Mikey! Not now, people are staring. - P_T_Bando

Oh, come now, brother! The surgeon JUST SAID he's separated THOUSANDS of twins conjoined at the head with pliers! I'm not worried, why should you be? Now, quit your pathetic shuddering or he'll miss! - sci4kai


Is this what you are looking for Mr. Clinton? Ken Starr sent me to get it for him, apparently he like cigars too. - theFrey

MM: You A**!!! You're supposed to squirt the ketchup on the hotdog, not on my face!!! *thinks* why am i in a ballpark commercial? - greeneyes

The freshmaker. - DalekTek790

Evil is just evil, but a good cigar... - dgrequeen

Hulloooooo! The doctor is serving YOU! Now, who was here for the suppository? Step up, don't be shy. - BlackCloud

MM, having had enough of the Kai references, pulls out his Divine Exploding Cigar. - Weyrldy

Oh, I just *LOVE* my job! They don't call me Captain Proctology for nothing, you know! - Fractle Rift

Happiness is a cigar called.... - Gizmo

MM: Ok, who said I'd never make it as a great actor?? - Griever

Try my new cigars they're sooo good maaan. - crow

O.k., o.k., I give up.....here's the sperm sample!!!!! - NB1

MM: Boy. Are you like me tired of bad cigar breath but still like to smoke? Then do like I did get new Minty Cigars. They'll leave your breath clean and put ketchup on your face. - darkcrow23

Brian from the other room: I could swear I put a hotdog in the microwave!! Now, where did it go?! - His-Divine-Assassin

MM decides to audition for the Tom Green show...  MM: Daddy would you like some.. SAUSAGE? - Griever

Yes, as you see, it wasn't only my emotions held back by the Cod Piece! Now I'm free! FREE, I SAY! - M2KOOL

This is my other weapon. - P_T_Bando




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