Kai's Komic Kaptions 46


Kai listens intently as the Sci-fi Logo dishes on Bonnie Hammer's disgusting personal habits.  - theFrey

The dead do not like animated station identification logos -  Splarka

Kai to himself:  If that sci-fi logo sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" just ONE more time....THWACK! - Sassy Assassin

I will win the staring contest this time. - Brunnen Rob
Can you please pan back? I can't see my hair. - Gary H



Kai ponders... Or does he faintly smirk?  Oh does it really matter? What a profile, what composition.  :D - theFrey

If they only knew I just cut one. - Brunnen Rob

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. - SassyAssassin





Xev laughs gleefully, she long ago learned not to play 'Punch - Bug' with an ex-divine assassin -  theFrey

Stop telling me about your hot date with Kai. Oh the images -- they won't leave my head. - Brunnen Rob

Tag, you're "it"....you know, this game would be more challenging if we waited until AFTER we land.... - Sassy Assassin

We warned you about those burritos, Stan, but would you listen?  Noooooo.....   - Sassy Assassin

They tried hard to ignore her when Xev channelled the spirit of Bjork - KirkeOBain

Constipation or the realization that a steady gig is indeed ending? Who can say. - theFrey

Hummm, spilled hot coffee, or the ice cold soda that he doused it with.... Michael is not sure which was worse. - theFrey

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to take that Laxative before we shot this scene? - Michele C

Whew -- one more line done. Come on last episode. - Brunnen Rob

If I could go back in time and do it all again.....I would have worn boxers on the day I died.....and avoided the 6,000 year  wedgie that this thong has become! - Sassy Assassin

Kai: Xev don't grab me THERE!

hmmm codpiece shrinkage methinks.... - Griever

I should have used Preparation H. 4,000 year old hemorrhoids are a b!@#h! -Toad Lady


Michael: Whoooo Hoooo! Will you get a look at the @ss and legs on that broa... Paul:  Michael! A little concentration please, we want to finish this shot today, not next week!  - theFrey

Kai: I ain't gonna let you leave 'til you sing the blues. - Kerri

Kai: " I have killed mothers with their babies. I have killed great philosophers. Proud young warriors and revolutionaries I have killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak, and the beautiful...But it's been awhile since I slaughtered a whole room full of petty music critics and no-talent hacks. So, who's
first?    Paula Abdul: Simon! - Julie W. 

The producers of Star Search quickly scrap their plans to add a 'Divine Elvis Impersonator' catagory to compete with American Idol's ratings. - Julie W.

Kai: Would you like to hear my Celtic randition of `Yo Way Yo' from the Light Universe? Great, here it is. - Jhevz

Kai sings softly: Feelings nothing more than Feelings. How I wish I had some Feelings.... (With all do respect to the song Feelings)  - Darkcrow

Kai:  The dead do not play it again Sam - darkcrow

Simon from American Idol, I must kill you now, orders from His Divine Shadow. - Michele C.

I'd like to dedicate this next song to that adorable man in the red jump suit -- Secret Lover. - Brunnen Rob

No, the dead do not take requests...especially not from heckling SciFi logos! - Kittytrek

With his tremendous experience as a Divine Assassin, Kai realizes that "Killing Me Softly With His Song" is NOT just a catchy title. - Sassy Assassin

'Come on Irene'... oh crap I forgot the words. Tee, hee, maybe I'll hum instead. Mmm, mmm. Crowd Hollers: 'Get of the stage dead bloke!' - Will T

I'll sing anything, even 'God save the King' but I just won't sing any Bob Dillan - E L


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