Kai's Komic Kaptions 47


Kai you are a pathetic loser, you and your vertically challenged bun. Haven't you noticed how it has diminished since you left his Divine Shadow? You couldn't make the grade then, and you have gone down hill since. I spit upon you AND your hairdresser! - theFrey

You have no chance against me, Kai.  My hairdresser is clearly superior to yours! - Hawaii Kai

Cone head! who are you calling cone head. At least I've not got a dead black cat on my head - Jane

For heaven's sake Kai! How many times do I have to tell you? When the weather's dry and sunny, I step forward. When it's cold and rainy, YOU step forward and when the big hand is at the top, we BOTH step forward and say 'cuckoo'. - Nursewhen

UURRGHH! I wish you'd lay off the cabbage, beans and curried sardines in the morning! - Nursewhen

Vlad: Ok now Kai, i'm Marge and your Homer Simpson. In this scene you see some donuts and start to drool over them. - Michele C.

I spit on your friend the Sci-fi logo -- what do you think of that? - Brunnen Rob

Kai was about to find out why Vlad was the reigning champion of "hide and seek." - Kittytrek

Vlad:  Little does he know that I will use the ultimate weapon, the weapon that has the power to destroy men of  any kind, in both universes.....I will CRY! - Sassy Assassin

Vlad Geez, Kai!  Shower much?  The Dead do have BO, y'know!  - Purple Unicorn

Kai:  What were you expecting, a rose garden?  I HAVE been dead for over 6,000 years, y'know! - Sassy Assassin
Kai: Where is that Damn Pinhead? - Fractle Rift

Kai: Ok Vlad, where stuck in this room with HDS, The Beans, and the Sci-fi logo. Together we have only two twacks. Who do we kill? Vlad: Let's kill the Sci-fi logo, TWICE! - Raven495

Tonight on "Sci-fi Hunter"... Kai: Kreikey! Don't move Vlad; these Sci-fi logos are sensitive to movement. (to camera)These little pests are toxic and (like it's fans) like to be alone in dark rooms and never really mate.

Tonight on "The Dead Dating Game!" Vlad: I'm just a regular girl, I want people to be my slaves and I enjoy sucking men dry. What are you like contestant one? Kai: Well, my turn offs are droolers and sci-fi logos. My turn ons are.... well their are none. - Raven495

Vlad realizes Kai has lost that fresh from the freezer smell. -- Toad Lady


MMM Twack is upset, any morning you wake up on the floor of the set, you just know the rest of the day will bite. - theFrey

I swear as God is my witness, I will never play Kai again. - Brunnen Rob

MM:  OMG, the last thing I remember is that I started drinking when we were filming 'Paint Cans'......Paul!  Where the %$#@ AM I? - Sassy Assassin

Kai:I do not care if I do not have my own agenda. I will go kill jack Daniels! - Leslie O.

Kai:Are carrots really suppose to hurt that way? Xev: Another carrot drone?! Kai: Oh god that's sooooo wrong!!!!!! - Leslie O. 

LEXX:STANNNN!The dead man tried to see the back of his head again. He got stuck! Stannnnnn!   Stan: I'm in the shower looking at Xev I mean for my hat! - Leslie O. 

Kai: Xev do we really need to do it on the floor?   Xev: No I'm just getting this damn pants off you? (Kai's secret/ super glue) - Leslie O.

Geez, Vlad, you have to DO something about that PMS! -  Sassy Assassin

Kai: The...Worms crawl in, The worms crawl out.....! - Fractle Rift

MM slightly slurring: Where's my Beckh dammit! I'm not getting of thish floor til i get shome...*collapse*...zzzzzzz.... - Griever



'Hey! great job Stan, you can't even see where Xev dented it! - theFrey

Kai: Stan you actually bought this old moth at a used moth dealer? - Michele C.

Oh moth, I have so longed to touch you there. - Brunnen Rob

Man-O-Man!!! Arfter installing the graphic EQ, I added the power booster and some sound cannons!!! YOU  HAVE GOT TO HEAR ZEPPELIN ON THIS THING!!!! - Fractle Rift


Brian is amazed, he never realized what a lovely sultry green eyes Michael had. - theFrey

Stan, we're running out of time. You and me -- my cyropod. Now. Forget the jumpsuit but wear the hat. - Brunnen Rob

Kai:  My mind to your mind.....Hey, wait a minute!  I am NOT Spock!  Who wrote this drivel? - Sassy Assassin

Stan: Now, Kai, I'm really not your type.   Kai: Just stay right there; this won't hurt a bit. - Jhevz

Kai: Oh Th-tanley.... surely you've noticed how I've longed for you?   Stan: Um..errr No, no I haven't.... AND STOP CALLING ME SHIRLEY! - Fractle Rift

Kai: Stanley, I have been waiting for this for thousands of years. Stanley: NO WAY MAN!! Stan the man goes in though the front door or Stan doesn't go in at all.-- Toad Lady


MMM Twack glares at the smug leather clad bimbette...... 'How dare you suck up the last can of aqua-net this morning!' - theFrey

Kai was determined that he would win the 'I can outstare you' contest. - Jane

I didn't try to kill you. It was the Sci-fi logo. Don't blame me.  Okay I admit that you are prettier than me. Can I go now? - Brunnen Rob

Ok.  10 o'clock, your place. I'll bring the wine. - Sassy Assassin

Kai: Yes, ...they are nice, but that's not what I asked you. - Are they REAL?! - Fractle Rift

Kai: This cryopod ain't big enough for the both of us...  - Griever


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