Kai's Komic Kaptions 49


"So what you are recommending is that if I want to attract Xev, I need to let my hair grow and take lots of cold showers... Now are those showers to help me ignore her until she comes across, or give me that cool clammy skin that necro-attracted chicks just dig? - theFrey

Stan:  I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your sci-fi logo down! - Sassy Assassin

Stan: Kai, I know being dead isn't your fault and all, but don't you think you could at least take a bath? Phew, you stink!    Kai: The dead do not bathe. - Petreak

Stan: Whoa Kai you have been holding it for awhile.   Kai: Yes Stan but now it seems I can't stop going. -  Michele C

Kai: " A little more lip, Stanley....look, if you want me to teach you how to pout effectively, you're going to have to try a LOT harder....." - Sassy Assassin

Kai: Ya know, a little Gold Bond might help. - Gary H

...And my mother used to come into my room and borrow all my hair pins. So every morning I would have to run around the house trying scrounge up enough hair pins to get ready for school.  - theFrey

Kai:  So you're saying, Doc, that it all goes back to my childhood?  'Cause Mommy didn't have time for me, and Daddy was never home? - Sassy Assassin

Kai: Look I see a cryopod, and  ooh lookey a pony! Do Dead Assassins like ponies?   Vlad: Sure they do sweetie don't you remember you 3rd Deadness party. We had  balloons, a reanimated pony and HDS gave you that new grown-up brace you are using now.    Kai: Yes, I remember. Can I have another party?   Vlad: Well, you and your friends pretty much wiped out that universe; but if you keep your cryopod clean, we will think about it. - Mandara K

Vlad: C'mon Kai, you said seven, not three - Gary H


For someone who sings the same song all the time, Kai has very little patience with the ommm song. - theFrey

Kai muttering: The dead do not feel annoyance, the dead do not feel annoyance.....to %$#@ with that;  this guy is ANNOYING! - Sassy Assassin

Druid:  Wow who just farted?  Kai: I'm not going to say it was me, even though it was.  - Michele C

  Sure, dude, you were great in that Linkin Park video; now, will you PLEASE stop following me around? - -Sassy Assassin

Kai thinking: ok, who should I kill first.. this guy or the logo? hummm.... this guy. TWACK. (silence....) Much better. -Toad Lady

The dead do not join the klan - Gary H



The Dead do not like being made fun of in Komic Kaptions. Twack! - theFrey

Go ahead. Make my millenium! - Sassy Assassin

Stern elementary teacher: Mr. McManus, what is that in your hand.  Bring it to me please.  Chocolate?! ! Did you bring enough for the whole class? - Insipida

GUESS what I've got in my hand!  Ooops!  You lose! - Sassy Assassin

Kai demonstrates the new dance craze, 'Assassins Tango'...unfortunately, all of his potential partners ran screaming from the room.... - Sassy Assassin  

Kai: Go on.... Insult the hair now! mwahahaha... - Griever 

Kai: Three guesses. What am I? - Gary H




"But, but, Kai! I was playing 'Nurse and Paitent' with that cute blonde.... can't we catch the next shuttle?!? - theFrey

Kai:I'm sorry I can't Stanley. Stanley: Why?   Kai:It is not my job to draw liquid coke. Call the hot blonde - Leslie O.

Y'know something?  I don't really want to KNOW what's going on here! - Sassy Assassin

Stan: That's IT???? Just 'Wham, Bam, Thank you Stan'????????? - Logan 55

I'm sorry Kai.. it's not you! It's ME!!! - Dee :)

Kai realizes Guinan's hat look is definately not for him! - Traci W.

Kai: Stanley, I told you. The dead do no squeeze and please. -Toadlady

Stan: Kai wait. I'll be gentle - Gary H


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