Kai's Komic Kaptions 6

"Kai awakens to the horrible realization that he *does* drool in his sleep!" - theFrey

"Ah, there's nothing like lizardly affection to give you that special afterglow..." - StormBorn

"I know...that taste...oh, yuck!" - StormBorn

"The dead do NOT drool!" - Lexxychic

"Kai: (mumbling) From this day on, no more tequila." - XevZev 

"Oh my God!! Did I really do that last night?!?!" - dgrequeen

"Brunnen-G keggers were legendary..."  - Sarcasmagoria - Winning Kaption Session 2

"Don't you think it's a bit *too* much lipgloss?" - StormBorn

"Stan bet Kai $20 he couldn't eat the box of bakeing soda thats been in the frigerator since 1961." - emma_peel

"What? What did you say? What's on me? Get it off! GET IT OFF!" - Nika

"Uhhhhhhh, I knew I shouldnt've drank that double fudge brownie frappucino at starbucks." - Identity6

"Note to self: Instant Zen is NOT synonymous with 'Instant Karma'  Oooo, I can SEE my words and I'm not speaking...am I?" - BC

"We've secretly replaced Kai's USUAL Protoblood with Folger's Crystals... Let's see what happens..." - Zevchan

"One more night out with Stan and I'll have to join A A.." -mayaxiong

"Kai to cluster lizard: The dead do not swallow." - Lizard


"Kai really knows how to turn a girls head." - theFrey

"Kai suddenly remembers that he used to be a real lady killer when he was alive." - StormBorn

"He he he--that line works everytime!" - StormBorn


"Heeeeeere's Johnny!" - BioVizerKard

"Kai: Let's say we get you outta those tight clothes and have a little fun, eh?" - XevZev

"Kai: And then we're gonna give you a Brunnen-G hairdo!  Kanana: ""Nooooooo!!!!" - StansJennix

" No,no,no! It's JERUME Brunnen-Geee,not VARooooM Brunnen-Gee.Now,again,from the top,with feeling!" - canuk

"Kai: Kitchy kitchy koo!!!!!" - dgrequeen

"Suzie learned the hard way that it's a bad idea to date Marilyn Manson's roadies." - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai suddenly remembers how to 'goose' somebody" - StormBorn

"Why do I always get the crazy ones?" - PhantomWolf

"Kai: Hey baby!   Kanana: Eww, Oh god! Your teeth, that pointy nose those yellow eyes! What did you do with my Grandmother!!" - LyeCoatha

"Hey baby, if I was in charge of the alphabet I would put U and I together." - Identity6

"MadKai *silkily*: Why, hello Kanana. I've got the fava beans and a nice chianti, all you need to supply is the liver!" - BlackCloud

" Hi there, girlie.. my brace and I want to ea...ummm MEET you...!!" - mayaxiong"

"It's only meee!" - Xev of the Lexx


"Oh, yeh, who needs Viagra when you've got mi-grow-scopic nanite technology, baby?! Uh-huh, it'll just keep growing and growing and..." - BC

"Xev, be a dear and go get our Frisbee." - canuk

"Xev: *growls* Kai!   Kai: I..can't...HEAR YOU...." - Lexxychic

"Kai looks proud, and Xev amazed, as Kai beats Stanley in a game of 'Match-em'  :) " - BioVizerKard

"Xev: You farted!   Kai:  uhh, noo..uh uh...that wasn't me...the dead do not fart." - StansJennix

"Xev: Kai, you and Stanley did WHAT?????" - dgrequeen

"It's a plane! No, it's a bird! No, It's Stan's underwear stuck on a flag pole!" - emma_peel

"Xev: Hey!!! Did you just pinch my ass? Kai: Harumph! As the dead do no have 'grabby hands', I would say not." - Pandora00

"Kai: And from this angle I look just like Clark Kent  Xev: OMG I think Kai has lost it." - PhantomWolf

"Xev looks over at Kai who is standing in a pose, legs apart arms folded, chin raised high...Xev watches in awe as Kai rips off his clothes and reveals a superhero outfit underneath" - LyeCoatha

"Kai: You AAAH the Weakest Link... Goodbye!" - Zevchan

"The back of Kai's uniform is ripped, revealing to a shocked Xev, A BLACK BRA STRAP!!!" - mayaxiong


"Whaddaya mean? This *is* my Halloween costume!" - StormBorn

"Kai, Kai, Kai of the Jungle, watch out for that--aaarrrrggh!" - StormBorn

"Xev, if you do not return to me my brush right NOW, I shall hang you by this cord and use you as a pinata!" - XevZev

"I got my hair dred at Ozz Fest." - emma_peel

"Oooh, look at what the humidity did to my hair !!!" - PhantomWolf

"Look at what the humidity did to my hair!!!" - PhantomWolf

"Great,I show up a couple minutes late for make-up and this is what they do to me!" - canuk

"I'm thinking of a new career as an Alice Cooper imitator ... what do ya think?" - Awesome Aud

"Ok, WHO mixed my Pantene Pro V with cluster Lizard goo?" - Identity6

"The world may have survived the SAG/AFTRA strike but how will the actors and performers survive the Makeup and Hairstylists Union strike, now in its 20th week?" - BC

"That scary movie proved too much for Kai..." - Xev of the Lexx 

"Aahhh...everyt'ing's Iriee...I'll just light up dis spliff...and t'ink about Jah!!....hmmm...jammin'....." - mayaxiong

"Ahh Ahh Eee Eee Tookie Tookie!!" - Max Payne

"Headhunter Kai readying for the kill..." - Astartae


"After six thousand and eight years, Kai finds it increasingly difficult to get up in the morning." - theFrey

"Kai repeats, trying to convince himself:  'I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.'  **groan**" - BlackCloud

"Kai thinking: A few thousand years and you think you know people. It's my birthday and those bastards didn't get me a cake or a gift or even a balloon! Nothing!!!......and I really like balloons!" - canuk

"And after I moved in with those Dwarves and ate that apple that old woman gave me, everything went blank!" - BioVizerKard

 "Kai thinking to himself:  Why isn't this Viagra working?" - XevZev

"Damn! Are they ever going to quit that, how do they expect me to get any sleep? Geez! Just like a couple of rabbits!!" - dgrequeen

"If you stare at the celling long enough you see a face." - emma_peel

"During quiet times like this, I like to just lie back and contemplate: 'where the Hell are my PANTS?" - Sarcasmagoria

"Does Stan love me as I love him? If only I could tell him how I feel...Sigh." - rave

"What fascinating air molecules ... I can watch brownian motion in action all day ..." - Awesome Aud

"Hmmmm, that was a lovely dinner Xev prepared last night.. very tasty... HEY...WAIT, I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT...!! THAT MEANS...OH NOOOOOOO!!!" - mayaxiong

"No Prince, I am NOT Snow White, and the dead do NOT live happily ever after." - Aurora

"Why do I ALWAYS have to p*ss at 3AM??" - Max Payne

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