Kai's Komic Kaptions 7

"For crying out loud Zev, can't you just leave me alone! The dead do not play strip wrestling!" - theFrey

"Kai: No, I *do not* require mouth to mouth resuscitation! Zev: Oh, yes you do! Kai: No, I do not! Zev:(holding him down)Oh, YES, you DO! I *insist*!" - PrimaNightwind

"Kai with a strained voice: Zev would you please remove your knee from my codpice" - Majsan

"Bun is too heavy...crushing my skull ahhh!" - emma_peel

"No, Zev, it won't function even if you do get on top." - StormBorn

"Must...keep...hair...out of bilgewater!" - StormBorn

"Kai, I've never expected anything in return before, but I saved your butt and damn it, you're gonna give up the booty this time!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Zev: Yes, Kai, yes? What are you trying to say to me?  Kai *sobs*: Z-Zev, G-G-G-Get...breath...mint...*gasp..* - BlackCloud"

Zev...The dead do not need CPR...and your doing it completely wrong anyway, you ignorant slut." - KardTrick

"Uh... Zev, I know this is an awkward moment, but I forgot something.." - mayaxiong

"Kai: No Zev, NO!   Zev: Just ONE PEEK! I have to know what's under the codpiece!" - Aurora

"Zev: "Does *this* hurt?  Kai: The dead...(wince) do not...(gasp) feel pain." - Xev of the Lexx

"Zev helps Kai practice for the All-League Limbo contest." - Logan55

"O.k, o.k.! I take it back! It's not the BIGGEST zit I've ever seen!" - Gaia22


"As a brunen-g,  Kai was of course familiar with bad hair days, but this one was shaping up to be a dozzy."  - thefrey

"Kai: Divine Shadow, you are not wearing any underwear!" - PrimaNightwind

"Great, ten minutes into the show and I've just got my ass kicked but good! Who the hell wrote this script?! Someone get my agent on the phone! (ow! and my chiropractor!)" - BC

"It was at this moment that a truth about Kai was revealed.He did snort raspberry jam in his last days." - canuk

"He's dead, Jim ... errr wait ... wrong show" - Awesome Aud

"Is that a knife or are you just happy to see me?" - StormBorn

"I'm going to die from a nosebleed?! Oh, I see...never mind!" - StormBorn

"Michael thinking to himself: Another film screw-up? I've been lying here on this cold floor for twenty minutes...and my makeup is starting to run.. can't these guys do anything right?" - mayaxiong"

"Would somebody PLEASE fix that leak in the roof!" - Gaia22


"Xev, are you sure you want to leave the moth here? What exactly is a towaway zone?" - thefrey

"Xev: I don't think we're in a hostile environment, Kai.  Kai: No, but we ARE trying up traffic for ten blocks. It will not take them *long* to get that way!" - PrimaNightwind

"No matter how sexily Xev draped herself across it or how coolly Kai gangsta leaned it, they could not make the moth look like anything but a suped up AMC Pacer." - BlackCloud

"Kai is totally pissed off that Xev beat him out for the spokes model job for the sporty new MothXL 2002." - canuck

"(in thought bubbles) Kai: I am soooo cool  Xev: I am soooo hot!" - Awesome Aud

"The Adventures of Moth man and his sidekick Belly Button Girl. Stay tuned next week. Same Moth time, same Moth station." - emma_peel

"Calm down, Xev, it's just a Calvin Klein ad" - StormBorn

"Xev: Wow, that's the tenth person in the last half hour that's waved at us.   Kai: Yes, it seems that extending the middle finger of one's hand is the standard form of greeting on this planet." - Sarcasmagoria

"I can't understand for the life of me why every new season you get a new hairdo and updated outfit, or new makeup or something.. and I'm stuck with the same old ratty rug and hotter-than-hell costume.. who the hell is your agent anyway..?" - mayaxiong


"Kai is a bit puzzled. How exactly can a thumb be a transportation device."  - thefrey

"I fail to see how he could have pleased you, even if I had let him live, Xev. I swear, it was no bigger than this! " - PrimaNightwind

"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes!" - BlackCloud

"Though Kai was fascinated at this, his first proto-booger, Stan just yelled for him to 'Quit starin' at it, wipe it on your sleeve and c'mon!'" - BC

"Thumb wrestling by yourself is hard!" - emma_peel

"Kai resorts to hitchiking to get away from Xev" - rave

"Did I have a double-jointed thumb when I was alive?" - StormBorn

"Kai *thinking to self*: What's Stan talking about? My thumb isn't up my butt." - canuk

"The gardeners of the planet say I have a green thumb...but, it is not green. I do not understand."  - KardTrick

"For some reason I can't get my hand to open back up.. I just used it for a little while, to spare my right hand.. but... it.. just.. won't open...oh no.. I've got hair on my palm.. STAN, YOU WERE RIGHT!!" - mayaxiong


"See Stan. You're not the only one who can look good in red!" - theBrother

"Paaaaaul, talk to him!, I swear if Brain laughs at this outfit one more time,  I'm going home!" - theFrey

"Kai: No, really, His Shadow is coming! Just look up there! His ship is approaching! Elder(offscreen): Of course he is, Kai. (sotto voc) Get the net ready, men, he looks like a runner!" - PrimaNightwind

"Moth Man to the rescue!" - emma_peel

"Further evidence that the Brunnen-G race were decended from Rainbow Brite" - rave

"No. NO! Versace Atelier is NOT acceptable costume substitution for a Brunnen-G Warrior! WARRIOR! Aurgh, PAUL! (keey-ryst, I can't work this way) And, where the hell are my cigarettes??"" **muffled snickers heard off-camera** ""That's it! I'll be in my dressing room!" - BC

"Kai singing to the tune Matchmaker, matchmaker: Hairdresser, hairdresser, my name is Kai! Please come this way, we're ready to dye!" - canuk

"Now I want all of you in this tour group to follow me. On the right you'll see.... " - Logan55

"Look at this great outfit I found in Girltown!.. I look like a what? I DO NOT! OKAY! I'm tired of wearing BLACK! WHAT'S WRONG WITH A LITTLE COLOR??!. * mumbles...* And they haven't even seen my nice feather boa, it matches so nicely..." - mayaxiong

"You see this? Yeah, this scratch right here.. how am I supposed to work under these conditions?! PROPS! WE NEED SOMEBODY FROM PROPS NOW!" - Gaia22

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