Kai's Komic Kaptions 25

"Talk to the hand dead man! I don't want to hear another 'the dead do not' from you tonight!" - theFrey

"769 masters the art of heavy petting" - darkcrow23

"..and when you wake up you won't remember anything about any Cluster-slut or Security-Malfunction pretending to be Captain. You will be mine, all mine! Buahaha!" - PrimaNightwind

"Madam Cleo sees you have no future....so get it on with the robot head as quickly as you can!" - PrimaNightwind

"Let me introduce you to Rosy Palm...she's been dying to meet you!" - Doffy

"Kai: Yes, that's a very good Vulcan hand sign. Now can I get back to cryo-sleep?" - DalekTek790

"and 24 Hail Mary's. Go forth and sin no more." - Insipida

"Mothbreeder: Oh my GOD! there's a HUGE tick sucking on yer face! lemme swipe it... quick!" - scifiend

"Kai still isn't interested in head." - PeridotEyes

"Mothbreeder: Okay, this one's called Eau de Moth. What d'ya think? Too musky?" - dgrequeen

"Mothbreeder: Wait..wait..wait!! My appendage is slipping out of my 
costume!!  Paul: CUT!! Wardrobe!! Get that salami back in it's holster!   MM: Um....can I borrow that for the weekend?" - mayaxiong

"Kai: I see a kick in your future and not the good sexual kind." - darkcrow23

"Stop in the nighborhood, before you break my heart!" - GotHope

"Kai: The dead do not--heeeey, nice package!" - Sarcasmagoria

"769: Kaiiii, don't look down there yet, I have a BIG surprise for you...!!! Now, my frozen ice-pop, what's long, round on the top and rhymes with Venus???? Guess my icy love muffin, Guess!!!!!" - NB1

"Look mister, I don't mind the weird outfits but a 'personal' massage without the gloves will cost you an extra $20." - Lizard

"Kai: I wonder what *Stan* would look like in that outfit?" - StormBorn

"Now that I've got my own body, Kai, suddenly I don't want yours anymore. Is there a mirror on this ship? I want to go stare at myself for a long, long time..." - StormBorn

"Which part do I use the brace on first? Hmmn, decisions, decisions." - StormBorn


"Ummm Nigel, You do know I'm the star of this show right? Have I ever mentioned that while Kai may not be fully functional, this particular prop is? Wanna see?" - theFrey

"Ohhhhh Xev I have a preasent for you. " - darkcrow23

"My name is Inigio Montoya...you killed my father...." - PrimaNIghtwind

"I was being nice with the last probe. This time, it will be a little more serious..." - PrimaNightwind

"Kai: Look, I'm dead, I do not have sex, I do not have a future, I do not eat, sleep, drink, get aroused, care if your lives are in peril or get drawn into obviously dodgy situations. But I do have one nerve left.... and boy are you getting on it!" - Griever

"I have killed bad carrots...er wait...that was last week..." - Doffy

"Kai: Okay let me get this straight. There's a fan named thefrey on little blue planet who has pictures of us, but mostly me.    Stan: Yeah.   Kai: Then you say they are posted online and others make up a funny Kaptions, making fun of us, but again mostly me?   Stan Smirks: yeah.   Kai: So you are smirking at people making fun of me? Twack!"  - darkcrow23

"Kai: Okay, Xev, we're going to settle this argument once and for all. Lexx, is this an insect or an arachnid?" - DalekTek790

"Doc, I sprouted this growth on my arm. Is there anything you can do for it?" - dgrequeen

"I have killed...now who was it...good thing this is the last season." - PeridotEyes

"I have killed...screw it, you're dead meat, Prince." - PeridotEyes

"MM: Dammit Brian, I told you the next time you took my parking place
there'd be trouble!!" - mayaxiong

"Kai: Welcome back to HSN. Next on our list is this handy wrist thingy." - LexxLurker

"Kai:  And were no longer going to talk about that little incident last week with me on the LEXX privy, are we? ARE WE???!!!" - Sarcasmagoria

"This is Kai's version of 'flippin 'somebody the bird'..."  - NB1

"Kai: You will pay for laughing at the hair" - DarkClusterLzrdXev

"The brace wants to kill someone! Who's gonna volunteer?" - StormBorn


"Michael has to admit that he has never seen whiter whites." - theFrey

"And there's the kick" - darkcrow23

"Bunny tried to get a rise out of the dead man, but the mothbreeder responds instead!" - PrimaNightwind

"Kai is unimpressed at Bunny's version of the can-can as she's wearing underpanties..." - PrimaNightwind

"Did I mention?? I give good head....HI YA!!!" - Doffy

"So Kai, what do you think? Should I try out for Billy Blank's new Tai Bo video?" - Arania

"Cut! For the last time, Michael, Kai looks at the robot head as Bunny kicks it off, NOT Bunny's underwear. Okay, let's try this shot again..." - DalekTek790

"And THIS is how Divine Bunnies do it, Kai!" - PeridotEyes

"Bunny: Look, I've got a run in my pantyhose! See?" - dgrequeen

"Michael wonders where he'll ever get another job with perks like this..." - mayaxiong

"Kai: About 2 feet down and 6 inches to your right. Try again grasshopper." - LexxLurker

"Kai:  Bunny, may I suggest a bikini wax?  Bunny:  Not now, Kai, I'm busy!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Bunny thinks that this moth breeder has been carrying around an enormous chip on his shoulder for much too long!!" "NB1

"No, the Dead do not care how limber you are." - StormBorn

"Kai wonders: Is that the new Victoria's Secret line, or is it Versace? I've just GOT to ask!" - scifiend

"The dead do like legs long sexy ones at that" - darkcrow23



"Kai practices his poses for his up coming photo layout for Assassin Monthly." - theFrey

"After Lexx Micheal Mcmanus practices for professinal wrestling." - darkcrow23

"Since Kai has long ago run out of space for notches on his brace...he rubs the insect tech device and assures it of a job well done." - PrimaNightwind

"Kai checks yet again. Nope, still no pulse." -PrimaNightwind

"Kai thinks: It's been a while since I had an itchy brace finger" - PeridotEyes

"John Wayne, anyone?" - PeridotEyes

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." - dgrequeen

"Kai reattaches his hand after letting Xev use it for the evening..." - mayaxiong

"Kai: Sorry all, my wrist is too sore, 790 is one sick puppy." - LexxLurker

"Whenever I look at this image I only see the Duke." - PeridotEyes

"Kai is the last of the Brunnen G and Duke of the Undead. " - PeridotEyes

"Kai: Say hello to my little friend!!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Prince told Kai he must get a grip on himself...." - NB1

"Kai exhibits a peculiar response to the 'Brace Yourself' sign." - PeridotEyes

"John Wayne in outer space. McManus is an acting genius to discover his motivation in The Duke." - PeridotEyes



"I've had just about enough of you making me look bad with the fans. Put 'em up!" - theFrey

"Stan did you use my herbal shampoo" - darkcrow23

"Forget waiting. I'll kill you all now because of your incessant whining!" - PrimaNightwind

"For the last time - all of you - I am going to bed ALONE." - PrimaNightwind

"I vant to be alone!" - PeridotEyes

"Kai: Well, Stan, I *would* kill him, but you're standing in the way, you silly git!" - dgrequeen

"The Dead do not do threesomes. - PeridotEyes

"Kai in his later days as the doorman of the Crazy Horse Saloon, 'Sorry, Stan, you're not a member, get lost...' Stan:  Not even for old time's sake?  Kai: Don't make me get ugly..." - mayaxiong

"Kai: Guess what's in my hand. NO REALLY GUESS!" - LexxLurker

"Ha Ha I'm cool and you're not" - darkcrow23

"Kai to Stan: 1, 2, 3, Rock!! That covers your paper!! I win!!!!" - NB1

"Give it up, Stan. You're just *never* going to look this cool!" - StormBorn

"You wish to do *what* with my forelock, Stan?" - StormBorn

"No, it does not tickle, Stan, ...why do you ask?" - StormBorn

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