Kai's Komic Kaptions 33

"Hey Michael look! The UsCon Lexx Vegas people are here!" - theFrey

"Stan knows what number he's gonna play!" - connyveidt

"Kai is not impressed by Stan's Jack Nicholson impression." - DalekTek790

"Stan: Come'on you saw how the bobble head was looking at you. One little smack come on, you know you want to." - LexxLurker

"After a smack noise from the back seat. Kai: Do not make me stop the car and discipline you two." - GotHope

"The Dead are not 'high rollers'." - StormBorn

"Stan to Kai: Ripped off, no sex, nearly whacked, chased by a crazy mummy those day-glo girls called the Tooth Fairy... *this* was your idea of a good time!?" - Jade

"Stan: Finally, a place on Earth I like!    Kai: I smell mummy.     Stan: Girls! Fun! Good times!     Kai: Do you smell mummy, Stan?     Stan: Yessir, I think this could be the place.     Kai thinking: I'm sure I smell mummy.. " - StormBorn

"Stanley is ticked off because Kai insists on riding in the front seat of the cab...Come on, Kai, let me up front, I want to play with the little toggle-toy    Kai:The Dead do not ride shotgun..." - mayaxiong

"Stan: YOW! Lookit that lady over there Kai! Whatta babe!     Kai: The dead do not 'cruise for chicks.'" - scifiend

"Thoroughly fed up by their childish behavior, Kai refrains from speaking to Stan the Man, and Mr. Bobble-Head." - scifiend

"Stan: Um, Kai, who's your 'little friend' there?" - MicroMary 

"Kai: Stan please tell the bobble head I'm not talking to it until it apologizes for calling me 
bunhead" - darkcrow23

"Kai thinking:  Hmm, if I can ditch Stan and Xev, this town looks like a great place to party! Woohoo! Sure beats the bug!" - dgrequeen

"Kai and Stan hope to win the UnCon costume contest with the amazing two-headed men." - Wild Woman

"Stan: Kai, listen, I just picked this *lady* up from the street corner and you're not gonna believe what she's doing up here!!!!!" - NB1

"The thrill of bobble head is gone." - Wild Woman

"Coming to a theatre near you: The Man With Two Heads 2002!" -ottokell

"Don't even joke about it!! You know I can't 'get a life'!!" - CleoDonnenG



"Michael, it's a Sadgeezer Moderator, she wants to talk to you about an interview." - theFrey

"I have killed the evil, the good and the intelligent, but it's been a while since I slaughtered someone who actually likes infomercials." -connyveidt

"Kai: I wouldn't eat it if I were you." - DalekTek790

"Kai: You heard me Stan. Kiss my @ss." - LexxLurker

"No, Stanley, I do not care *what* you have heard about Divine Assassins, there are *some* toys that are not meant to be attached." - Jade

"In video production we call this soap oprea angle." - GotHope

"No, Stan, I won't do it for a Hershey bar. Maybe if you throw in a pair of nylons..." - StormBorn

"Waaaiiit a minute! Looks like the Dead have something they're not telling us, eh, Kai?" - StormBorn

"You don't need those tarts, Stan. You have...me." - StormBorn

"Stanley still wrapped up in his Security guard mode.. 'Hey Kai, where
you going with that chocolate?'     Kai: Damn, he caught me again...gotta get quieter shoes..." - mayaxiong

"The dead do not care about room service Egyptian style, Stanley." - Micromary

"Stan: C'mon Kai you had to get probed sometime" - darkcrow23

" Stan.. I... I have a confession. I'm pregnant with Victor's baby!" - canuk

"Stan: What? You're in ... 'gulp...' *LOVE* with me?!?     Kai: I'm sorry, Stan. I just couldn't hold it in anymore." -dgrequeen

"Kai, it's for you.....it's your Mummy...." - NB1

"I vant to be...alone!" - ottokell

"Stan: Sorry Kai Room Service doesn't serve proto-blood after 11 PM" - Lunachick



"*sniffle* Stanley never lets me stay when the fun starts. Watch the Door Kai, go kill a bad guy Kai... it's just *not* fair!" - theFrey

"Kai: Yes, room service, do you have that protoblood yet? No, laundry detergent will not suffice." - connyveidt

"Kai: The dead do not exit stage right" - LexxLurker

"Banging your head against a door doesn't have the same effect when you're wearing a bouffant." - StormBorn

"I am sorry, Xev, but I *have* told you before: the dead do not 'get it on, bang a gong.'""" "Jade

"Kai: Aw come on Xev, I'm sorry I said your butt looked fat in that thong bikini....Xev? Xev are you there..? Hello? 
Xev: Sleep in the lobby, Mr. Smarty Pants...  Kai: Sigh.... - mayaxiong

"I think this is the *surprise* the bellhop said to expect when he walked away empty handed. EEWWWWWW!" - Micromary

"Stan: beat your head against the door all you want Kai I'm not giving you the remote control" - darkcrow23

"I'm not mad, Stan. I'm just very, very hurt." - canuk

"Open this door! Stan! Xev! I know you're in there! LEMME IN!!!" - dgrequeen

"They *WILL* thud for me." - Arania

"My wig's falling off! Doesn't anybody give a damn?" - StormBorn

"Kai in a slightly emotional voice: But I wanted the remote!" - Griever

"Voice from the other side of the door: Room Service!    Kai: I did'nt order any Room Service.  Voice: Uh, Candygram!   Kai: Candygram?   Voice: Uh, Land Shark!" - NB1

"Always remember to wear your pants before locking yourself out of your room." - ottokell

"C'mon, Stan, you've been in there for-freakin'-ever! I really gotta go. Stan? Stan?!?!  Kai realizes that the dead *do* poo after all." -sp0rk

"97...98...99...100! I'm coming, ready or not!" - Gizmo



"Oo lovely ladies... Why don't you let Manly Stanley help you out, Kai isn't interested in anything that will mess up his hair. - theFrey

"I know you like the dead guy, but can he do this neat live long and prosper hand thing? That's right Kai, I didn't think so!" - connyveidt

"Brian: That's it, Michael, next year we go to *separate* fan conventions." - DalekTek790

"Kai the pimp: I told ya, you want my ladies you fork over the cash first." - LexxLurker

"Stan:  Oh, no no no, Kai. You can only keep them if they follow you home. This isn't home, now, is it?     Kai thinking: It could be." - StormBorn

"Hold that pose! Now, a little more smolder, Kai. Arch your backs, girls. Hold it--hold it--perfect!" - StormBorn

"The party's only for wig addicts, Stan." - StormBorn

"What do you think, Stan? Would I look better wearing the pink one or the purple one?" - StormBorn

"Brian: Pleeeeze Mikey, just a little nibble, I swear I won't eat much. MM:  Buzz off, this might be the last time I get groped by extras on the show..." - mayaxiong

"MM thinks: Actually, now that i think about it, this job has kinda got its perks." - scifiend

"Kai: GO AWAY, STAN! We don't want to share!" - Micromary

"MM: Do you mind were kinda busy" - darkcrow

"Stan, there is an old Canadian saying, as true today as ever...make like a tree and leaf!" - canuk

"Kai: No way, Stan! Get your *own* candy-haired women!" - dgrequeen

"'What a hoot it is being dead." - PeridotEyes 

"It's amazing the lengths some people will go to just to choose a new M & M color......" - NB1 

"'Pink' is now entertaining in Vegas along with her very talented sister, 'Purple'....." - NB1

"Just exactly where is the hand of that pink-haired B*TCH?" - PeridotEyes

"Stan: Now, let me get this straight. You were walking by the Super Glue factory in the Red Light district, when the building exploded..." - ottokell

"What do you mean they're hookers?" - Thodin



"Hello? No, Mr. McManus isn't taking any calls right now,  Unhuh, got it. Well Mr. D., just between you and me, I don't think he totally trusts you, last time it was a bouffant hairdo, this time you're talking short jackets, pointy shoes and *tights*" - theFrey

"Hmm, maybe the dead should exchange their bun for a cool skullcap....." - connyveidt

"Hmmn...the rap version of 'Yo-Aye-oh' didn't seem to go over with the crowd." - StormBorn

"Samuel L. Jackson and Michael McManus star in 'Pulp Sci-Fi.'   Kai: Everybody be cool, this is a cleansing! Any of you ****s move and I'll assassinate every last one of you mother-****ers! May His merciful ****ing Shadow fall upon you!" - DalekTek790

"Kai has finally learned the Jedi Mind Trick to make his enemies punch themselves." - LexxLurker

"No hat can be as big as that bun." - GotHope

"Kai wakes up in shock and realizes that once again the proto-keggers have left him taking the wrong bus home...." - mayaxiong

"MISTER McManus: Dammit! I told PD *IF* I ever did cons it would be *without* the costume. Now, how do I lose this handler and get out of here?" - Micromary

"Funny,I don't remember Elvis wearing an outfit like that." - canuk

"Michael thinking: Why do they always ask *me* to help them with their lines?" - dgrequeen

"Weary of fans, Mr. McManus decides to invest in security..." -Griever

"I wonder if he'll notice that I stole his cell phone..." - ottokell


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