Kai's Komic Kaptions 9

"Wipe that smirk off your face Xev, you know Stan still thinks I can't get it up..." - Mayaxiong - Winning Kaption Session 3

"Kai grits his teeth hard. Brunnen-G warriors do not whine about other peoples driving." - theFrey

"Xev 'stopped short' and grabbed herself a handful o' codpiece." - Aurora

"Kai: Wipe that smirk off your face, Xev! I could have beat a speeding ticket if I wore a cluster lizard dress."  - canuk

"Xev: Go ahead, Kai. Tell me 'The Dead do not smell farts!'" - Max Payne

"Kai *yawn*: Are we there yet? - PeridotEyes

"Kai: 'Another day, another Moth crash...'" - PeridotEyes

"Kai (thinking): Where the hell did she get her driver's license? Cluster-Mart?" - dgrequeen

"I know she only insists on driving so she can fondle the joystick." - StormBorn

"'Xev...'   'Yes Kai?'   'That is *NOT* the joystick.'   'It can be if you use it right.'" - XevZev

"Kai: Back it up Geek Boy! The Dead need their space"  - theFrey

"Earth guy:  Wanna go to the sci-fi convention on Friday? I go as Seven of 9" - canuk

" Gee...they grow them husky here on this planet, don't they, big boy..." - mayaxiong

"I remember. I used to Book and give swirles to Geeks like you!" - emma_peel

"No, I do NOT need a sidekick. Now stop following me!" - Aurora

"Geek guy: 'I will love you forever.'" - Logan55

"No, thank you. The dead do not eat cheesy poofs." - StormBorn

"Kai readies his brace and looks back over his shoulder. 'Usually you have to awaken me improperly, but in your case, I could make an exception.'" primanw

"Moth Man finds is match. Patsy Boy!" - emma_peel

"Kai: Did you just touch my ass?" - dgrequeen

"No *looks at shirt* Patsy, you may NOT play with my hair." - XevZev

"What part of dead don't you broads understand? - theFrey

"Just what I need, ANOTHER one drooling on my boots! *exit, stage left*" - PeridotEyes

"Moth Man saves the day again. Now for a reward!" - emma_peel

"Kai thinks: What fresh hell is this?" - theFrey

"Earth babe: Don't take this the wrong way sir, but you smell like you've been stored in an old lady's closet" - canuk

" Uh, yeah, the change is in my pocket, no, not that one...right there, that's the one......uh..thank you..." - mayaxiong

"Though he had been lusted over by lizard women, reincarnated girls and countless other oddities, nothing could prepare Kai for the attentions of Velma from the Scooby Doo Gang." - Sarcasmagoria

"*Looking into Kai's ear*  My god, I can see straight through to the other side!" - PrimaNightWind

"I've just got to know.. mousse or gel?" - Lyekka

"Earth Girl:  I know where the old geek in the wheelchair hides his stash!  Kai: Oh, yeah?" - dgrequeen

"Kai thinking : Did she just grab my crotch? She did, she just grabbed my crotch!  Earth girl thinking : Wow, that's HARD! I wonder if aliens are easy?" - StormBorn"Kai:

"Now would be a good time to remove your hand from my....equipment." - XevZev

"The first thing that Imperial Assassins learn, is that a scary stance helps set the mood for the bloodshed and mayhem to follow." - theFrey

"You put your left arm in, you take your left arm out, you put your left arm in, and you shake it all about..*Kai performs the hokey-pokey*" - rave

"The dead should not do the wiggly-Jiggly." - emma_peel

"Hey,dude,weren't you on the first season of Babylon 5?" - canuk

"I hate standing in line for the cafeteria..... Hey Brian, throw me a sandwich...no.. over HERE!" - mayaxiong"Kai: 

I kill you now, Divine Shadow.... *scree* THWACK! Oh, sorry. You looked like someone I used to know...." - PrimaNightWind

"I've seen Baptist that dance better then this." -emma_peel

"Kai (going on and on): So, see, then we were on this one planet, and I musta killed, oh, maybe fifty or sixty dudes...  Earth Girl: God, not ANOTHER endless story!  Earth Boy: I'm outta here!" - dgrequeen

"Between takes, Michael brushes up on his moves for his return to the stage - as an Elvis impersonator." - Aurora

"Ready......Set......GO!!!!" - Max Payne

"Earth Girl: That has got to be the WORST Kung Fu stance I've ever seen." - XevZev

 "For someone with no emotion, the Dead seem to spend a lot of time looking p*ssed" - theFrey

"Is that a cop in the rear view mirror? Crap....hey, I'm still in COSTUME! Brian, keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking.. and STOP LAUGHING..!! " - mayaxiong

"What's wrong with this planet? No one's even noticed my hair! Or the tattoo--what about the tattoo, damn it!" - StormBorn

"If you can see the actors noise buggers, you're to close!" - emma_peel

"Are you crazy Xev? I may be dead, but I'm still a man, we will *not* stop and ask directions." - theFrey

"The dead do not 'do lunch', collect Air Miles or throw shrimp on the barbie.  This planet is so weird." - canuk

"So *that's* what the phrase 'flashing truckers' means! Good LORD, Xev, have some dignity!" - Sarcasmagoria

"Kai: I said that I would remain with you, so long as my protoblood lasted. I did not say *as your sex-toy*!" - Primanw

"Kai looks in a mirror for the first time........." - Max Payne

"Kai: are you saying....it's not my....baby ?" - Leviathan

"I got a bad feeling about this, Luke." - Lyekka

"Well, dammit, you'd be pissed too if you had to walk around for 6,000 years with this #*%^$* hair hanging in YOUR face!" - dgrequeen

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